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Why do some people pretend that Donald Trump isn't sexist?
Best answer: Because we live in a misogyny world where sexism is normalized.
Are transgender people mentally ill? You are not a woman but a man who mutilated his body. You should be treated as such.?
Best answer: YES, they are sick people..they are what is wrong with the world or going wrong with the world. They represent one of the signs of the ending times. There will come a time where men will dress like women, act like women and women will claim to be men, dress like men and marry women, etc. The time has come. These...
Is "how many men have you slept with?" a great first question to ask a woman?
Best answer: You're a man. You can ask her whatever you want. If she doesnt like it, she can hit the road. She's not anyone important anyways. Women come a nickel a dozen.
Is the point of feminism to promote sexism and prevent gender equality?
Best answer: Yes. Simply, but accurately said.
Which has won more policies advantaging their gender over the other, feminism or MRAs?
What exactly is a sh!t test?
Why do rape victims call themselves survivors?
Why do women think they're better than men when men have invented the modern world?
Best answer: women are extremely egotistical narcissists.
Are the one-sided advantages for women provided under Obamacare purposeful or simply an oversight?
Asked in response to a feminist answer claiming all the advantages for women that don’t apply to men were simply an oversight
Why do feminists say men have the privilege of not having to fear for their personal safety?
What are some examples of male privilege in the U.S.?
Not just differences between men and women, but actual privileges.
Are we seeing a boy who cried wolf reaction due to unfounded #MeToo accusations?
Does the prevelance of unfounded accusations and accusations over things like a man complimenting a woman’s jewelry hurt the cause of real, serrious cases?
Can one be a feminist without having a victim mentality?
Best answer: Male feminists?
What's the most evil thing you've ever done?
What do you do if a woman starts hitting you?
Why do people say lot's of women are golddiggers?
It's confusing as to how women are considered gold diggers, when men leech off their girlfriends more often and more effectively than women do.
Men: Has the #MeToo movement shifted your attitudes towards women?
Why is discrimination against women worse than discrimination against anyone for reasons they can’t control about themselves?
The fundamental principle behind feminism is that people should not be treated negatively due to something they cannot control. Women can’t become men, so treating women negatively for being women is wrong. In order to be consistent, feminists need to apply this reasoning to their beliefs about other types of...
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