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In the UK, is consumer credit card debt a thing as much as in the USA?
Best answer: For the future: "Look dear, here's a coupon that says buy one thing we don't really need and we get the next one at 50%!" Yes, but if we don't use it we save 100%. Learn this.
Women which one will you choose? An ugly alpha male with no money or a good looking beta male with lots of money?
1. Mark Zuckerberg :- A good looking beta male. A nice guy and one of the richest man on the planet. Net worth over US$ 60 Billion 2. Johny aka The Animal :- A real man with balls made of steel. Looks good too very masculine isn't he? A well known white alpha male according to police records. Net worth : US$...
How come the jobs that are easy and don't require much work are dominated by women?
jobs like teaching, nursing, barista, food server, bank teller etc not saying there are only women in these jobs and there are no women in jobs that require more work but it is interesting that they are dominated by women
Why is it socially acceptable for women to talk down to men, laugh and joke about them, use them, treat them as useless sperm donors, etc.?
Why do i struggle to emphasize with rape/sexual assault victims?
like i dont feel sorry for them, i dont know why, even though i know its wrong. When i hear someone got raped it doesnt trigger any response in my brain. I dont feel sad for them at all. I just feel like "here we go again" like i always hear people say "rapists scar people for life, they should be...
Is it true people dislike other people entirely because they think the other person is ugly looking?
Best answer: Yep. Sad but true. Some people will judge a person just on how they look, and it's really sad because they didn't even take the effort to get to know that person.
Why do men look at woman's private parts all the time? Don't men realize how disrespectful and annoying it is?
I wish men were like woman. Woman almost never look at men's private parts.
What causes liberal males to be so effeminate and emasculated?
Isn’t it condescending when feminists say women need special advantages in order to succeed?
Feminists say men and women are equal, but when feminists say women need programs advantaging them to create a level playing field, aren’t they saying women are less capable?
I'm 20, and I have done so many wrong, cringy, embarrassing, and awkward things, how can I not worry about them or get over them?
They always haunt me, and many people have negatively judged me and my personality for them. How can I make things right?
Why do you all get so angry over misogyny but don’t care about misandry?
Is “women’s rights” a feminist euphemism for female privilege?
Best answer: It has always meant "Rights without responsibility". Which would indeed go under the name 'privilege'.
What causes a romantic obsession?
When someone becomes obsessed with another person, romantically speaking?
Did I miss the opportunity do create a good life... Don’t lie and tell me what I want to hear (Life or death)?
I’ve spent my youth struggling with PTSD from sexual abuse! I’m 33... I would give myself a 7 in looks and I have no children. I’m broke with a college degree and I live at home! I’m finally healed from the ptsd... my thing is.... is my life ruined. I don’t have a job/career. I feel like I missed out! I want...
When did feminist researchers discover masculinity is toxic?
Why cant men understand why we like rich men?
why do men feel so disgusted by women that want to marry rich men and have nice big houses and fancy cars.
Women will you marry me if I look like Brad Pitt but act like a woman?
Lets say there is another guy who is fat and ugly. He is all about confidence and manliness. A real man in all sense but ugly. which one will you choose Brad Pitt act like woman or fat and ugly real man? (Just imagine this scenario I am an ugly person in real life :-))
Can someone convince me that all woman aren't terrible people?
Why do men try to make us feel guilty for not being attracted to short men?
i understand its something you cant change, and i completely agree that men should be allowed to not be attracted to fat women either since you can always lose weight but i just dont get why men dont understand that we cant help we are attracted to taller men. they call us "shallow" but its literally in...
What’s the difference between equal opportunity employment and affirmative action?
Best answer: "What’s the difference between equal opportunity employment and affirmative action?" Equal Opportunity means just what it says. Everyone has an equal opportunity to apply and compete for a position. Affirmative Action on the other hand, is just a fancy way of saying "job quotas". And for the...
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