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What are some of the most feminist cities men should avoid?
And what are some more normal, less feminist cities recommended for men?
Can women be sexist?
Can I trick a guy into getting me pregnant by giving him oral and then using a turkey baster in the bathroom?
Will this work?
Why are White women blamed for being race traitors?
They are blamed by the alt right who are against interracial relationships. But White men are bigger race traitors and they don't want to mention that. White male Asian female relationships are the most common interracial relationship. It's more common than White female Black male relationships, which...
Do dislike when people tell about their dreams they had while sleeping?
Best answer: "Do dislike?" Do I dislike? Do you dislike?

People don't tell me about their dreams. I guess we're too busy working.
When was the last time that you photo-bombed someone's picture-taking?
What do you think about more young men getting vasectomies so they can’t be tricked into getting a woman pregnant or paternity fraud?
What are your views on abortion?
Best answer: I think abortion should be mandatory for anyone who procreates under the age of eighteen, regardless of the age of consent. If both progenitors are unemployed, mandatory abortion. If one progenitor has reproduced with two or more other people, mandatory abortion. Abortions due to medical problems should be...
Is it true that sperm jacking is not only legal but the woman who sperm jacks can be awarded child support?
Sperm jacking: Stealing a man’s sperm, typically to become pregnant without his consent.
Why do people treat me like s*it?
Im 19 f. Every person I know gets tired of me or talks about me behind my back. People in street give me dirty looks or laugh at me, even when they're in a car. I'm tired because I've struggled with this since I was 9 years old. I feel sad about this because I feel like I am not gonna be a normal...
Is the n word bad?
Do chicks like it when you compliment them on their sweet rack?
Best answer: I followed your lead and told her. But she responded by asking me why I am aroused by coat racks, and she gave me a pitying look, and a business card from a psychiatrist who rents an office in her building. I am mortified. This turned out almost as embarrassing as the time you told us to wear Speedos to the...
What’s wrong with being feminist? And why are you for and not for feminism? *Read details*?
I get how some people can abuse this such as downgrading men over this. But isn’t almost natural that a women or even a man (to relate) not to seem on the bottom or less capable. I wouldn’t call myself with being a feminist even though I do agree with some things, but I mean I don’t have a word for what I believe...
Porn is a disease for so man men today, is it because men are very weak in the mind?
Do you honestly believe you've never said something derogatory towards a race, religion or opposite sex in your entire life?
Why are Millennials contracting and spreading STDs faster than any generation in the past 50 years?
There’s more information, more free condoms, etc. than ever before.
Is it expected that women shave their pubic hair?
I know the whole "Your body, your choice" spiel, but I want to know what's generally expected from potential partners.
Is it cause-effect that single men on average die earlier than married men?
Best answer: OR perhaps healthier men are more likely to get married. Same statistics occur. The current feminist driven agenda to show that marriage is advantageous to men simply states their conclusion as to why with no evidence. Causation and correlation are not the same thing. My example of causation and...
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