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I'm useless and would be better off dead?
I can't do anything right and am going to commit suicide tomorrow. No one will care and I won't care either
Did black women have it easier than black men in the slavery days?
Best answer: Ofcourse they did That is truly horrendously inhumanly outrageously abusively nastily crudely ignorantly barbarically bluntly arbitrary biased cruel discriminatory unfairly. Black women gets the easy light fluffy work whilst we do the hard work building america, black women just needs to clean the house, do some...
How to write about a believable serial killer?
What personality traits etc. come to mind when thinking about serial killers? Any anwer appreciated :)
Why succeed in life, when you are going to die anyways?
Convince me, why should a person work so hard to achieve what they want when everybody dies anyways losing everything you ever accomplished in life? I understand that if I want to succeed in my dreams I need to work super hard, but this thought is always in the back of my mind and demotivates me greatly.
What should happen to men who hit women?
Should there be a punishment if you hit a woman in any circumstance? or should they be allowed to?
Are Feminists a Cancer to Society?
What is exactly feminism?? Why do people think feminist hate men? Do they?
I consider myself a feminist as I actively support women rights and equality but never under estimated men or hated them except for men/people who commit crime against women. Your opinion on what's really feminism is or feminists are?????
Are men who bash women secretly gay?
Best answer: You are 50% right.. There are in fact TWO reasons why men in this section so viscously hate on women.. 1) They have been rejected by women their whole life (most are secret virgins).. Naturally being rejected by a woman can be a humiliating, painful experience. Men more so than women hold grudges and over the...
Do feminists think that it is sexist to catcall?
I saw this video of a social experiment and this girl walked around to see how many people would catcall her. Some people said rude stuff, but some of them just said things like "good morning" and "have a nice day". Is that really a catcall and is that sexist? The people in the video were also...
Is it sexist to think that women are equal to men?
Best answer: No, it is not sexist to believe that women are equal to men and should be allowed the same rights under the law and protections from harm. However, feminism is no longer about that. Few equity feminists are still alive and their voices are drowned out by the radical feminists who have replaced them. Third wave...
Feminist women, you say that there aren't enough women in STEM, CEO positions or politics. Are you...?
Best answer: Not a feminist but I am a programmer I studied and majored in computer sciences in college and studied science with a minor in psychology women don't turn away from STEM because of sexist attitudes beliefs and thinking or discouragment that is an excuse and total bull They don't pursue it because of the...
Is gay shaming against misogynists is an attempt by women to divert people from the truth?
Best answer: History says women used shaming tactics 1000 years ago. I think it has something to do with them being weak and unable to confront men in any other manner.
Women how does it feel knowing your value drops significantly once you reach 25?
Best answer: Men's Favorite Ages Are 20, 21, 22, and 23:
Can men live without women?
Best answer: Why not? I am doing fine living alone.
Why do women like Rich Men?
Best answer: Cause they're Whores.

The part about wanting "Security" is a BIG FAT LIE
Why do or don't you support feminism?
Ever wonder why rapes are at all time highs?
society is breaking down and nobody cares.
Why are women allowed out of the kitchen?
Why if a man sleeps with a drunk woman it's rape, but if a day chick takes advantage of a drunk guy it isn't?
I've woke up several times next to a woman I wouldn't give the time of day to sober. I think the law is very beneficial to the woman. You see women getting slaps on the wrist for drowning their children and everything. If you're drunk and you sleep with someone, its NOT RAPE.
Questions about bullying?
I'm going to perform a speech touching on this subject by the next week and I want to do some research. I don't feel like just googling it all through because the amount of articles out there is really overwhelming. 1. Does bullying have to be aggressive? Most sites say so, but then there's a couple or...
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