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Why do feminists hate men?
Cons; When you look around your towns , what do you see that tells you that we have a thriving economy?
Why do so many feminists and liberals deny the problem of Muslim immigrants raping European women?
Are you a feminist?
Why/why not?
Are all mgtows gay?
I'm a woman working at Mcdonalds, why aren't I getting paid the same as Bill Gates?
this is sexist!!!!!!
Trying to change my life but I just can't get myself to do it?
Fat, Depressed, Use electronics too much bought a gym pass but I never use it too lazy to do anything. No jobs will hire and im just upset I don't know what to do.
Do women take advantage of the fact?
That men have high sex drive
Were languages first created by men or women?
Who is paying women less by gender?
I want their name and phone number so I can call them and demand an explanation
Porn made me hate sex. Anyone else feel the same?
Talent vs Hard Work? Which one wins in the end?
Guy stalking me???
So basically I was at my house and I decided to look at the snap map and it showed my friend was only a road away from me when his house is much farther away so I was like wow he’s near me today and I checked a few minutes later and it said I was WITH him! Which means he’s extremely close and I’m at my house so I...
Trump promised to reduce the debt. Instead he is raising the deficit to the highest in 7 years. Thoughts?
Do most women like naked women and lesbian porn?
Best answer: Hi Tessera most women are straight
Should i break up with my girlfriend she has stubby toes?
i have a foot fetish and for the first time the other night i saw her feet in some heels and i was like wtf is them things she's like what i said those lil hobbits hangin off of your feet.. hell naw i'm out. went back home. stubby, thick toes are nasty to me.
Why do parents overwork if they don't need the extra money or job experience?
Does feminism stop rape?
Best answer: Yes feminism does stop rape. Wanna know how? Because talking about it will make your wiener soft.
Do animals dream?
Best answer: Yes studies show that animals have visions they they do not comprehend, or so they say, and that they do dream
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