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Harden or Kobe?
Best answer: This is actually closer than some may think, Harden is one of the most efficient guards ever. Though, Kobe was an elite defender and Harden is far from that.
Who was better, Tim Duncan, or Shaq?
My parents told me to quit my basketball team to focus on my academics what should I do ?
Who's your favorite Warriors Player between Steph Curry and Kevin Durant?
Is Kevin Durant the greatest scorer ever?
Best answer: No. Jordan, Kareem, Wilt, LeBron, Baylor all better
Who was a better Forward in thier prime Kevin Garnett or Larry Bird?
Republicans: Do you think Trump was wrong in insulting Lebron James on Twitter?
Do you support Lebron or our president?
What do you think about Donald’s Trumps comments on Lebron James?
Best answer: Typically Trump. Not racist, just typical. Someone takes a shot at him, he takes a shot back. That's what I call the counterpuncher's mentality.
Which NBA legend besides MJ do you consider the most influential in terms of the game or outside sports?
Best answer: Yao Ming. He's the reason why basketball is so popular in China
Do black people realize basketball and football were invented by white people (James Naismith and Walter Camp)?
Should Lebron shut up and dribble?
Best answer: Of all the players in pro sports, he has earned the most to be heard. He has followed and honored EVERY contract he has ever sign and played by the rules. Do Agree with him on everything? Absofuggin'lutely not. I don't have to agree with anything you say for you to have a voice.
Will Lebron play better defense this upcoming season?
Best answer: Lebron's DPOY days are long over. Right now, he's all about maximizing his efficiency - pacing himself and expending energy only when he needs to. The reason why he walks the ball up the court and coasts on defense. He didn't guard Durant in the Finals because then he wouldn't have energy to run...
Is this still the Post-Bryant era for the Lakers?
Best answer: techincally yes, but it may also be the start of the lebron james laker era
Do you think that Larry and Magic would be stars in todays NBA?
Jammed finger in basketball?
Best answer: It hurts like hell but you gotta pop it. Pull on it until you hear it crack. Then it heals in about a day. If you leave it then it could take several.
My son has a basketball obession, what should i do?
He s in the 4th grade and after school he comes home at around 3 and doesn t come inside until the suns down. He s been doing this for awhile, should i let him continue or take action?
Is Lebron James overrated?
Note: As things exist right now. 1. He gets more praise and has more clout than Kevin Durant but is not better than Kevin Durant. 2. He's out of his prime. His performance with the Cavilers before going to the La Lakers is proof of that.
What is that job called, where say an NBA player got injured and you are the one that is going to be taking a look at his injury?
Was Dr J better than Larry Bird?
I know they got into a fight back in the day
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