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Can I get herpes from a basketball?
The sweat and saliva maybe on a basketball, football, or even the court if id fall. Is there any diseases i can get from just touching the basket ball and then like biting my nails or just wiping my face?
What if a man wants to be in WNBA??
Best answer: Lol. I don’t think anyone’s ever asked that.
Is it weird to have cheerleaders at a women's basketball game?
Can a person on more than one sports teams let’s say a person owned the NBA and NFL???
The best player sneakers after Jordan's are?
Why do girl/women want to play in boys/men sports?
Best answer: Daddy issues, lots-and-lots of daddy issues.
Out of 100, where would you rank a prime Joakim Noah?
Best answer: I'd have him at about a 75. He wasn't a "scorer" but he had a solid basketball IQ, he was a very good rebounder and a decent rim protector who had the unique ability (for a big, especially) to facilitate the offense from the high post because he was an above average passer with a reliable but...
Did the Lakers cheated to win championships in the early 2000s?
Is Russel Westbrook a cancer to the Thunder in your opinion?
Best answer: To be honest, yes he is. Stat padding and triple doubles don't mean anything if it doesn't help his team win. He steals rebounds from bigs, and takes the most shots out of any other player in the NBA. He's inefficient and can't play well in a team setting. There's a reason why Harden and Oladipo...
Who will win the nba finals 2019?
Who is the better player? LeBron James or Michael Jordan?
Best answer: Michael Jordan Was Absolutely The Best.
Do lakers have a legitimate shot at beating the warriors ?
Best answer: Not this year, but they should make the playoffs
Who will win the NBA MVP title in 2019 session?
Best trash talker ever?
Best answer: Larry Bird according to everyone that played him.

Worst trash talker was Antonio Cromartie. He'd talk a lot of shít and still get owned. He's a horrible example for his liter of children.
Who's better Steve Nash or Steph Curry?
Best answer: Steve Nash is better than Curry at almost everything except there about equal on D and Curry is a slightly better shooter but Nash's playmaking was something else and the reason he doesn’t average the points Curry does is because he chooses to be a playmaker instead
Is Gordon Hayward still feeling the effects of his injury in this pre-season?
Best answer: He still scared I bet
Who better lebron or MJ?
Is it racist for a white person to dress up as LeBron James for Halloween?
I have a Halloween party coming up where the host has stated that guests don’t need to wear ‘spooky’ outfits. You can dress up as whoever you want. I love basketball and have a LeBron jersey so I was thinking of buying the official shorts and a shooting sleeve and going as LeBron. I’m white. I obviously won’t be...
How in the world is Magic Johnson still alive, he has AIDS and AIDS means dead, please answer and no negative replies!?
Who Should the warriors start at center?
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