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What English accent should I learn? , American or British?
Is the French language a drain on the Canadian economy? Is it pointless in Canada?
It's only spoken and taken seriously in Quebec. Nobody elsewhere in Canada cares for it, let alone speaks a French word. Only American tourists to Montreal or Quebec feel the need to practice it. In Ottawa, nobody speaks French even those with French ancestry. English is the language of Canada, and Chinese...
Is Arabic a race?
Whats the hardest language for Americans to speak?
Best answer: The same as for any English speaker who knows only English: Any Chinese language; Japanese; Korean; Arabic. Per the American Foreign Service Institute, those are level V (most difficult) languages. Each one requires 2200 hours of study to reach competency. Level IV requires only 1100 hours and level I only 600...
Should I learn Spanish or German?
Why does the United States speak English?
Is speaking spanish in front of non Spanish speaking people disrespectful?
spanish is my first language. my little sister and i were talking to each other. in Spanish. my step mom got mad, took my sisters ipad away and yelled at her. Last week she wanted to speak with me privately. she literally went on a 20 minute lecture on how she feels left out, and how disrespectful it is to speak a...
Whats the English translation please of...."Ii ne Faut pas faire du bruit,La Sophie est dormee deja. Vos etes un ours.?
Should I take Spanish or Chinese next year?
I’m in high school and I didn’t take a language class this year, but I will next. My school has French as well but I’m not interested in it. People tell me Spanish since it’s useful in the US. But I kinda want to learn Chinese because it’s required for a future job I want to do. Suggestions?
Do Americans know Spanish is a European language?
Best answer: I'd say 99.9% do, however there are always dummies out there who don't know ditty-squat
Which langue is diffcult to learn for foreigners , japanese or chinese ?
What's the best foreign language (already know english) to learn?
How can I meet French people who are willing to converse with me in English, since I am trying to improve my knowledge of French?
I think I can meet French people who are willing to converse in English by joining English language classes in Paris; since I can think of no other legitimate way to meet people with such a mentality; French who are predisposed to speak English in their own country. Also, I have heard that there are many...
Language: if you work in a restaurant or a shop, and a customer comes, what you should say first ?
"Do you have any famous places in America?" Is this correct English? It sounds a little strange.?
Someone asked me if this is correct English. It sounds strange a little strange, but I don't know why.
Is English an analytic language or a synthetic language?
Which is more common? I want to become a pilot. I want to be a pilot. Is there any differences?
Whats the ugliest accent in the world.i say the chinese?
Are you bilingual if you know a little bit of another language?
I’m only fluent in one language and I know a tiny bit of another language, I’d estimate my vocabulary in my secondary language to have about 200 words max( I can’t hold a conversation). I see, on the internet, most dictionaries and linguists define bilingual as “fluent in two languages or “able to speak two...
Why can a human baby easily learn a language?
but no matter how much you have talked to a dog even since it was a baby puppy, it(or him/her)still can’t speak the language you talk to it(or him/her)
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