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I’m a youth football coach, should I register to vote? If I do it’ll sign me for jury duty and I can’t miss practice?
Why does Trump care about the NFL so much?
What position did Trump play when he played professional football?
Are Real Madrid FINISHED?
Should Islam be the only legal religion in the US?
As a refugee, I am sick and tired of escaping anti-Muslim countries to come to countries that promote Christianity. Christianity is the greatest threat to humanity and needs to be banned
KDB injured and out until December, how are you celebrating the good news?
Do you think Alexa Bliss is jealous that Ronda Rousey is more popular than her on WWE RAW ?
Best answer: She's probably more jealous of all the business opportunities, commercials, endorsements and mainstream media coverage that Ronda Rousey gets and they barely know Alexa Bliss name at all. You don't see Alexa Bliss having to go shoot movies, Rousey does.
Which Premier League clubs will qualify for the Champions League this year?
I personally think the title race will be between Man City and Liverpool, both have great squads. I feel like Chelsea will come third, they played well under Sarri’s new playing style and have brought in a couple good players too. I think either one of United, Tottenham and Arsenal could finish fourth, but if I...
Who won the Super Bowl?
Who was the best footballer from The Netherlands of all time?
Can you collect ammo casings at gun ranges?
I love to collect casing and sell them to reloadeds. I was wondering if gun ranges allow you to come in and pick up all the casings dropped by previous shooters. I know that it would depend on the gun range, but in general?
Do you agree with the best Man United team selected by Scholes from players he played with?
Schmeichel; Neville, Ferdinand, Stam, Irwin; Beckham, Keane, Giggs; Rooney, Van Nistelrooy, Ronaldo
South Florida Cops Down On Dolphins?
Best answer: I support their right to boycott games if they want to.
After only one game who saw the improvements to Arsenal?
What channel is steelers vs green bay on tonight?
What are your thoughts on Everton FC?
Why can't politics be removed from sports - - by NOT playing the "National Anthem" at every game?
Will the lakers with the championship ?
Guns don't kill people — feminists do?
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