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Are there any races you dislike?
Horse Racing: Who will WIN (TOP 3) in the 2017 RISEN STAR STAKES @ Fair Grounds?
The Road to the Triple Crown Risen Star S. Fair Grounds / Sat.Feb.25,2017 1 1/16 Miles / Open / 3 Year Olds / Grade 2 Stakes / Purse: $400,000 Surface: Dirt / Race 11 / Post:6:00 PM Est. / TV: TVG PP / Horse / Jockey / Wgt / Trainer / ML Odds 1-Girvin B. Hernandez, Jr. 116 Lbs J. Sharp 6-1 2-Untrapped R....
If Heaven has a gate and extreme vetting, why shouldn't America?
Is it okay for children to smoke crack?
Best answer: And you call this pathetic, insipid garbage trolling?! I've seen more sophisticated efforts staining the bottom of zoo cages.
HORSE RACING:What are your Top 3 Selections for THE FAIR GROUNDS HANDICAP @ Fair Grounds Race Course?
Fair Grounds H. Fair Grounds / Sat. Feb.25,2017 1 1/8 Miles | Open / 4 Year Olds And Up | G3 STAKES | Purse: $125,000 Surface:Turf/ Race 10 / Post:5:33 Est. / TV: TVG Post / Horse / Jockey / Trainer / ML Odds 1-Bullards Alley M. Pedroza 116 Lbs T. Glyshaw 12-1 2-Greengrassofyoming R. Albarado 118 Lbs M....
TOTTENHAM 2-2 GENT (2-3) - Tottenham can't even win in the Europa League LOL?
What a pathetic loser team LOL. I wonder what their shitty excuse will be. Probably "because it was at Wembley" LOL.
HORSE RACING: What are your Top 3 Selections for THE MINESHAFT HANDICAP @ Fair Grounds Race Course?
Mineshaft H. Fair Grounds / Sat.Feb.25,2017 1 1/16 Miles / Open / 4 Year Olds And Up / Grade 3 Stakes / Purse: $125,000 Surface: Dirt / Race 8 / Post:4:39 PM Est. / TV: TVG PP / Horse / Jockey / Wgt / Trainer / ML Odds 1-Rise Up M. Murrill 116 Lbs T. Amoss 10-2 2-Eagle B. Hernandez, Jr. 118 Lbs N. Howard 5/2...
Would you ski down the hill with a blind fold on or play cricket with a blind fold on?
Best answer: As someone of whom played against the Australia under 21 national blind team each year.

I admire their talent, I loved playing against them.

Great bunch of guys and smart

No rusty Holden owners
Can I wear john Cena t shirt in public?
I am 23 I am a huge fan of Cena and wwe
Rangers.. Can we get any worse?
Best answer: Chin up bonny Maggie With you supporting Rangers they will come good next season , I have never told you , but I think you are the best thing about SFS ,you are a phenomenon Maggie You are wrong Dan , I have always held Maggie in high regard Julie ,why are you so jealous of Maggie , as for cyber sex , I think you...
Should the Australia team brought a microwave and bake beans like the leg spinner?
Best answer: A bit of rancid curry exiting Renshaw's backside. He is still better than those Marsh duds.
Have you fallen before while riding your Bike?
I fell one time when I first got my Clip pedals, couldn't get them out on time!!
What is your opinion about the new rule where walks are automatically given to the batter?
I think it is a totally STOOOPID rule!
Premier League Predictions (Week 26)?
Best answer: Chelsea 2-2 Swansea.
Crystal Palace 1-1Middlesborough.
Everton 2-1 Sunderland
Hull City 2-1 Burnley.
West Bromwich 2-1 Bournemouth.
Watford 2-3 West Ham
Tottenham 3-0 Stoke City
Leicester City 1-2 Liverpool.
Southampton 1-2 Arsenal.
Man City 2-2 Man United.
A clear indication of Cricket Australia's head in the sand for years. So,, why has SOK been overlooked for so long ?
Best answer: Team favourites have been the problem IMO.We know both Ponting & Clarke displayed favouritism toward certain players over others more capable but it would appear Smith has no such problem if he has any input into selections.
Angels or Dodgers ? Which team is better ?
I believe Carmelo Anthony is the most overrated player in nba history?
He literally brings nothing to a team... One on one yeah he's pretty good and I don't want Knicks fans saying " he could beat you in basketball" well no **** he's a professional basketball player.. But he's slow old and all he can do is take a bunch of jumpers and make some of them... How...
If I read enough karate books can I open my own school and have people pay me for my wisdom?
Best answer: A lot of answers are addressing your question as if you want to open a reputable school. In that instance, they are correct - no, you can't. On the flip side of that, anybody can open a martial arts school so long as they have the financial backing and capital to get it up and running. There is no official...
Why do Catholic Churches hire Mexicans to shovel snow?
How bad is the pitch in India?
Best answer: India will have to finish this early to have any chance i dont think 260 is enough
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