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Gravity can be eliminated.?
Explain why a comet speeds up as it gets closer?
I saw a question that said to do this with a) momentum b) energy c) kinematics and Newton's Laws I can do this with momentum and energy, but I only see one force that always points in to the center of the earth (or mass that it is approaching). The force only tells us about acceleration, not vel. How would...
How would I calculate this correctly?
You just bought yourself a new air compressor and a portable storage tank to go with it. You fill it to the recommended 120 psi on May 3rd. The temperature when you filled it was 21 °C. What is the pressure on August 15th, when the temperature is 88°F?
Could you imagine that there is nothing, and that all that there is, could never happen?
If a mouse would never construct a mousetrap, then why did man create the atomic bomb?
Best answer: We ain't mice
The inertia of a body tends to cause the body to?
Isn’t the most likely culprit for gravity some form of electromagnetism?
Best answer: No. Gravity and electromagnetism are two completely different fundamental forces.
If time travel was possible, how would it be (read details to understand)?
Best answer: As you said. superluminal travel is impossible. But some theories say wormholes could be used for time travel. If so, you could meet and shake hands with your younger self. This could lead to paradoxes and contradictions. What if you killed your younger self before he entered the time machine? There is no possible...
What would happen to nuclear waste if it orbited a black hole close to the speed of light and then was brought back to earth?
People are worried about nuclear waste and it’s slow radioactive decay
Can an object of a very large mass that is moving at a very slow speed hurt you?
momentum = mass x velocity a bullet has very small mass, but has very high velocity, so it balances out and has a high momentum, and when it hits you, it hurts a car has a reasonable mass, and a reasonable velocity, so it has a high momentum as well, and when it hits you, it hurts but say i had like an extremely...
Some students were able to fill water up higher than the brim of a graduated cylinder. What term desribes this behavior?
The closer an object is to the ground is lower gravitational energy or higher gravitational energy?
Car is moving 28.5 m/s, it slows to 15.0 m/s in 2.37 s, then drives at a constant speed for 8.25 s. How far does the car travel?
Need Physics Help on Collision Question?
Best answer: Momentum is always conserved. Initial momentum = 0.45 * 5.4 = 2.43 kg * m/s The following sentence came from the website above. In an elastic collision, the relative velocity after the collision is the opposite of the relative velocity before the collision. In this...
What is relativity?
Which direction do electrons flow in a car battery?
Do they flow from the positive to negative. Or from negative into the ground to the positive
A coin placed on the cover of a book just begins to move when the cover makes an angle of 388 with the horizontal.?
What is the coefficient of static friction?
Why do I see giant God-shaped holes when I look at the equations attempting to tie together general relativity with quantum mechanics?
What the...?
If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?
Why won’t we drop into the center of the earth because of the gravity?
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