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What does 0.01 mean?
Does it mean 1mm or 1 micrometer
We know there's a minimum temperature (absolute zero), but is there a theoretical maximum temperature?
Can a dog on a Tread Mill be used to power your Computer?
Best answer: i dont think so but you can try it and see
Was Eintsein the first to produce E= MC^2 equation?
Best answer: No. Heaviside and others had predated Einstein's concept that mass and energy are equivalent. The exact equivalencies of the earlier concepts were a bit different from e = mc^2, but they were similar. Check this out: "Thomson’s slightly complicated result depended on the object’s charge, radius and...
Can work (W=Fd) be negative?
Is there such a thing as a perfect circle or a perfect sphere in existance?
Best answer: Yes, watch the spongebob episode where he goes to art class
What is the definition of a FORCE in physics?
Best answer: The definition I always use is; a force is that which accelerates a mass.
!!!!Speed of sound!!!?
Best answer: d = 2.25(1480-343) = 2558.25 m
If gravitys not a force, why do we still calculate it as one in basic physics?
I understand Einstein’s idea of gravity more than Newton’s, and it seems like most physicists today do as well. So is the only reason we still define gravity as a force in basic physics classes is because we still have to mathematically account for it? Note: Please excuse if I sound ignorant on the idea of...
What is WORK in physics, I have hard time understanding?
Best answer: Work and energy are not the same though they are very closely related. The words work and energy are often used interchangeably, but this is technically wrong. Think of work as *energy transferred to an object because of a force on the object*. This energy-transfer requires a displacement (or a component of...
Would a large amount of force be able to stop a beam of energy?
Best answer: First, there is no such thing as a beam of energy. Energy is simply a capability to do work or cause a change. Now we might have a very powerful beam of laser light, for example, and it might have a lot of energy because it could blast things work. So a proper question would be is there anything that...
Would a person be seriously injured if they were struck by an object weighing 1.44 pounds falling from a height of 35 feet?
What is the rest mass of a photon traveling through water?
Let v be the speed of this photon, and c the speed of light in vacuum. Because v>0, the photon has some energy E>0. But the photon is traveling through water so v<c. From special relativity we know that E=m0*γ*c², with: m0=photon rest mass γ=1/sqrt(1-(v/c)²) Because v<c, γ>0. But E>0, then...
What are all the energy sources?
Best answer: Fossil fuel: gas, oil, coal

renewables: biomass, wind, solar, hydro, geo-heat, wind, tide, wave action

nuclear: fission reactors, fusion reactors (future), radioisotope generators.

chemical: batteries
Is time travel possible?
Do you think we will ever be able to do this?
A uniform metre rule is supported at its centre. it is balanced by two weights A and B. If the weights of A and B are 50N and 40N.?
what is the distance of weight B from the support ? ( distance of weight A and the Pivot are 20cm ) help me, this question doesnt give any diagram!
Does the past and future exist simultaneously with the present?
Best answer: According to relativity theory, simultaneity of events are not absolute in the sense that there is a present moment that all observers agree on. Observers in relative motion do not agree on past, present and future. This is sometimes called Einstein's block universe (research it) In simplified terms, someone...
How is color an extrinsic property when it doesn't depend on the quantity of the substance?
Why and when does the heat from the sun feel so sickly just before the weather gets cold (usually later on in the year)?
Why doesn’t the sun pull other objects than water?
Best answer: The Sun's gravity pulls on everything. It's just that rocks and buildings are heavier and less likely to move the way that water does.
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