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Why do people say radio frequencies travel at light speed?
They don’t travel at all, when you push to talk its instantly, no traveling
Is it true that when you are wealthy and bored that yo masturbate a lot and like to hunt exotic animals on tiny plots of land?
Best answer: No, when you are wealthy you don't need to masturbate because you have access to the thing that masturbation simulates. Also, if a wealthy man gets bored then they will start on a new project (because that is how they got wealthy to begin with).
If we live in one universe , how come the 4-forces of Nature cannot be unified into one force? can you unify the 4 forces of nature ?
Do you agree or disagree with this statement.?
Best answer: No it's completely false. Smoking is one reason for coughing. Coughing has many reasons to happen and only one of them is smoking. Therefore, claiming that someone smokes because they cough is total bullshit.
Can anyone understand my math/sphere question? (please read details below)?
Best answer: You are mixing up pure mathematics and physics. Stick to one or the other and the answer is obvious in each case.
How does Electricity work ? do you know ?
Should i major in physics or math?
Can I use a hadron collider to microwave my pizza rolls?
Best answer: This would be similar to trying to heat it by firing bullets from an automatic weapon at it. The remnants may well be hot. However as the energy per bullet is so high they mostly pass straight through the pizza destroying the structure of it. Like buying the pizza from "Greasy Joe's" It wouldn't...
Do you feel that all perception is an illusion? If so do each of us live in parallel universes?
Why does my car slow down without me changing the pressure of how much I press on the acceleration when it encounters a big puddle of water?
Best answer: There are many different ways to lose energy. Sliding friction is only one of those. The majority of the power of the engine is used to push air out of the way. The air was stationary so it had no energy. When the car passes the air is given sideways and forwards velocity so it NOW has kinetic energy. Therefore you...
What is the acceleration of a race car that moves at constant velocity of 30m/s?
When I throw something, it flies several feet to the left or the right; I also can't calculate space when parking. Are these issues related?
Best answer: I read a science fiction novel years and years ago where some kids who'd grown up on different planets, or in space, came to earth and found they couldn't play baseball at all. To catch a baseball you have to calculate a 1g trajectory and predict, instantly, where the ball is going to come down. These...
What would the effect of anti gravity be on the principle of least action??
Physics - How do you know when to use the positive or negative square root in projectile motion problems?
Hi, I'm trying to understand when to use the positive or negative square root in projectile motion problems. I derived the equation for time in projectile motion, but I'm not sure the reasoning behind using the positive square root.
What direction must charged particles approach the Earth in order to be unaffected by the Earth's magnetic field?
Plutonium-240 decays into uranium-236 by emitting which particle? A positron An alpha particle A beta particle A gamma ray?
Is the theory of relativity incompatible with string theory?
Best answer: If one tested theory is incompatible with another proposal ( and I cannot use the term "theory" when talking about strings) then the proposal would have to be rejected from its inception. Newton's gravitational theory was based on the work of Kepler, that was based on the work of Tycho...
Physics Help?
An ice cube is placed in a glass of water and is floating. The cube is 4.2 cm on each side and has a mass of 2.1 g. a) What is the buoyant force on the ice? b) What is the volume of the ice under water? c) What is the height of the ice under water? If you can show how do it that would help as well thanks!
At what height, h, above the floor will the ball come to rest?
Are kinetic and sonic energies vibrations?
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