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Is a hot object heavier than the cold one?
According to gravity, why won’t electrons drop into the atomic nucleus inside an atom?
Best answer: This is similar to the earth orbiting the sun. In both situations the centripetal force is equal to the net force. I will use earth and the sun. Fc = m * v^2 ÷ r Fg = G * M * m ÷ r^2 m * v^2 ÷ r = G * M * m ÷ r^2 v^2 = G * M ÷ r v = √G * M ÷ r The mass of the sun is 1.991 * 10^30 kg. The distance from the earth...
I have a space station creating artificial gravity via linear acceleration. how would you use momentum to find the stations fuel consumption?
Best answer: To maintain 1G of gravity, you have to accelerate at that rate. if the mass of the craft is m, then you need to apply a force F = ma where a = 10 m/s² if you continue that for t seconds, d = ½at² d = ½10•t² = 5t² meters traveled work = energy needed = Fd = ma(5t²) = 10m(5t²) = 50mt² that tells you the energy...
A car traveling 34 mi/h accelerates uniformly for 6.3 s, covering 557 ft in this time. What was its acceleration? Answer in ft/s .?
I've been given 'power' for homework after olms law. How much about power should I get to learn for homework?
Hi, I am attending college and doing electrical installation level 1. We have just done olms law which was very very easy. He just drew an empty triangle on the board with 'power' next to it. Then said take a photo of that and then use google to do it at home basically. Surely he must be expecting us to...
Question on Motion?
Best answer: The ball was initially in the hand and finally in the hand.
since displacement is the distance moved from its initial position, the displacement is zero.
Is there a way to determine when an object s temperature is falling most rapidly according to Newton s Law of Cooling?
If light has no mass, how does it have energy?
An airplane starts from rest and reaches a takeoff velocity of 60.0 m/s due north in 4.0 s. How far has it traveled before takeoff?
A metal cube 8cm^3 has a density of 6600 kg/m^3 find its mass when it is totally submerged in water?
Will the explosion of nuclear weapons produce gamma rays?
Best answer: Absolutely. The entire spectrum of electromagnetic waves are produced within the explosion.
Heat, light, x rays, gamma rays.
This is the short term cause of damage.
Arriving well before any blast. The heating and subsequent expansion through absorbing all of this energy ultimately causes the blast somewhat later.
Does current depend upon area of cross section?
I=V/R and R is inversely proportional to area of crosssection so if area of cross section increases then R must decrease and current must increase keeping V constant But my book says that for a conductor current is constant
On what basis did Einstein in his 2nd postulate of Special relativity determine that the speed of light has no relativity to its source?
Best answer: He did not determine this from observation or experiment. He merely hypothesized that the speed of light was constant for all observers and worked out the consequences. The consequences explained many observed phenomenae and have continued to be useful and accurate in explained new observations as they are made....
How large of a pot of water could you boil?
Hard question to word. Like could you boil a huge pot of water the size of a house? Is there a limit to how big you could do it? If you could I d imagine it d be pretty dangerous :p
On a shopping trip, marge drove 3 km at 60 km/h, 5 km at 120km/h, and 3 km at 40 km/h. Her average speed for the whole trip was?
Is there anything in existence that we cannot see, hear, smell or touch?
A running mountain lion can make a leap 10.0 m long, reaching a maximum height of 3.0 m.?
Best answer: When the lion is at the maximum height, its vertical velocity is 0 m/s. Let’s use the following equation to determine the initial vertical velocity. vf^2 = vi^2 + 2 * g * d 0 = vi^2 + 2 * -9.8 * 3 vi = √58.8 This is approximately 7.7 m/s. This happens during one half of the total time. Let’s use the following...
Does sound exist if no one hears it ?
I had a lengthy discussion with a friend. I told him sound exists even if we do not hear it. He said sound can only exist if we can sense it. Who is correct ?
Compare from greatest to least the accelerations of these skydivers?
Best answer: g is approximated to 10 m/sec^2 a) 1000-N man with 800N of air drag mass m = 1000/10 = 100 kg acceleration a = (weight-drag)/mass = (1000-800)/100 = 2.0 m/sec^2 b) 800-N woman with 700N OF air drag mass m = 800/10 = 80 kg acceleration a = (weight-drag)/mass = (800-700)/80 = 1.25 m/sec^2 c)700-N woman with 600N...
Has the equation E= MC^2 been incomplete since mass is not equal to energy & Energy consist of multiple fields?
Best answer: No the equation is NOT incomplete. Mass and energy ARE interchangeable, BUT the process is inefficient because of entropy. Energy also equals the Plank constant times frequency with NO term for MASS at all. THAT equation is also NOT incomplete. The speed of light IS NOT CONSTANT. This is a FALSE assumption...
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