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George, I know Biology excellently Care to debate me ??
Do I See You Or Just a Copy of you in my mind's artificial simulation of the world?
Best answer: Excellent question. Because of how the eye works, nobody can be said to "see" anything. We see projections of the world.
If a man freezes his sperm and becomes a woman with women parts, can they impregnate themselves with their own sperm?
How do you pronounce the name of the enzyme 'protease'?
Lion Vs cougar?
Best answer: Lions are bigger. They should win.

However, if you look around North America, you will find plenty of wild cougars and no wild lions. At some point around 12,900 years ago, the lions lost.
Can i create a religion to our god Trump and call it Trumpism ?
Wanna create it to worship our master lord and god, donald j. trump Would it have many followers ?
How great of a botanist could George Washington Carver have been if he was a creationist?
I'm not taking anything away from George Washington Carver. I mean to get a degree in botany for a member of an oppressed race was quite achievement. That said, somebody who dedicated his life to one of the branches of biology to reject evolution would be almost akin to him rejecting cell theory. And I...
Is telling the truth about genetics and I.Q racist?
What exact date did the ape-human mom (common ancestor) give birth to a human male or female, or did it give birth to apes first?
Why aren't most women humans?
They don't get horny towards hot guys. That's a big sign that women are from another planet.
If I were to be hung and left for many many years, would my body eventually decompose enough that I would fall out of the noose?
Best answer: It wouldn't take years. The weight of your body would pull at your neck, and when it had rotted enough your body would detach and fall to the ground (a couple of weeks)
Where is the evidence that humans were formed from primordial soup & how did this create the DNA of all different creatures?
What will happen to me in this situation?
Best answer: No ... you only go to jail for noogies. Dude, the detail of what you break is not relevant. Relevant is who started the physical fight, who escalated it, who could have disengaged, your ages, physical sizes .. facts and circumstances matter in a court of law. If you're three times his size and he started it...
Why would changes in the environment have caused changes in the horses’ predators?
Should biologists classify humans as parasites?
How does our brain know that something is beautiful and something is ugly? Is it genetic and is this how we evolved?
What is dna?
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