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There's one thing about evolution I still don't understand?
Best answer: Monkeys should be able to talk just like us – so why don’t they? “No one can say now that there’s a vocal anatomy problem with monkey speech,” says Asif Ghazanfar at Princeton University, and co-leader of the...
Is everyone made of atoms?
Best answer: Yes, everyone is composed of atoms. All matter is composed of atoms.
Is our stomach really empty when we get up in the morning?
Many people say that we should drink 4 glasses of water on getting up in the morning when our stomach is "empty". Is our stomach really empty when we get up in the morning. Isn't last night food still there?
Is it true that morticians jerk off dead guys to get rid of their erection?
Best answer: This is one of those stories that you tell someone who doesn't know any better. I had a housemate once who told us that whenever there was a bad thunderstorm and she was too scared to sleep, her parents had always told her not to worry, because tornadoes never happened at night. So during her first year away...
Can someone please help me?
a brick is to house as a cell is to? A) organ system B) an organ C) a tissue D) an organism
In about of fraternal twin pairs, one twin is a boy and another is a girl?
Is it true that a daughter's intelligence passed from her dad?
I mean if you are a dad and your daughter will have the same IQ or brain as yours. I read this somewhere before. is this true?
Why is water so important to us as a human to live?
I mean might be a simple question, but why is water so much important to us then food when it comes to survival? I read that a human could live up 3 to 4 weeks without food, but can only go 72 hours without water. What makes it so important to our human bodies? Thanks!
Gay or not gay.?
Do you believe that all p Gay people are born gay or all gay people turn gay. Or are you where on the middle.
If a dad is heterozygous for extra toes and homozygous for extra fingers, what would the child’s chance of having extra toes?
I believe the internet is having an evolutionary effect on human DNA. Do you?
Should invasive species be deported?
Note: No immigrant/Trump jokes allowed, please. This is about animals, not people. Anyone who does post an answer of that nature is clearly being rude and will have his/her answer removed. For example, should the Burmese Pythons in Florida be deported back to southeast Asia?
Can EMF radiation cause cancer?
For example are people such as electricians at a high risk for developing some kind of cancer being constantly exposed and working with electricity and electrical equipment such as high powered generators? are there any adverse effects caused by EMFs? Just doing a bit of personal research and was curious is all.
What is the exact human population on earth?
No rounding it up, an exact number is what I need.
Are cells that excrete waste products only found in the excretory system?
Is the brain still working even the human body is dead?
What will happen if human population decreased?
Best answer: The human population will continue to increase until the death rate due to disease, war, and natural problems like global warming, pollution and sea water rise is greater than the ability of man to populate and maintain the population.
Did dinosaurs have complex brains?
Best answer: Yes.
So what if we don't ever wash our hands?
Best answer: You should wash your hands especially after going to the toilet. It is true that there are bacteria everywhere. There are about 15,000 more bacteria on you than there are humans alive. However, the majority of bacteria do not cause human disease most of the time. When you go to the toilet your hands are likely to...
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