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Evolutionist claim verbally that non-life can give life.How can a thing can give a thing to another thing that it did not possess,ridiculous?
Why do humans kill each other?
Best answer: I feel like it's an evolutionary thing. Waaay back in the day, humans had to constantly fight and kill predators to survive as well as hunt and kill prey so they could eat. As time went on and we evolved and progressed to the point we're at now, the need to fight and hunt for survival is gone. But I think...
What is evolution? Doesn't that mean continuous change? Do we have new people, plants, animals, etc?
Best answer: Evolution was Charles Darwin's way of keeping God and The Bible out of the scientific picture. Whenever The Bible threatens Charles Darwin's theory they just add more 0's to their timeline to keep from admitting that God did it.
Can people breathe co2?
How would human life evolve on Mars?
And they survived there with the help of advanced technology and re-populated the Earth and we didn't have contact with them for a good 1 million years and then we finally decided to travel to Mars. How differently would the human species have evolved to a life on Mars? Would the changes be so drastic that we...
Is there any way to eat and drink the exact amount that you need and never have to used the bathroom ?
Best answer: No. The human body converts food into fuel by (over-simply stated) burning (oxidizing) that food. The matter - the elements that make up the food - do not disappear when digested. The nutritious elements are utilized by the body but eventually excreted (typically in different form). The non-nutritious elements are...
What is the least amount of people to recreate humanity in space?
You know, because 2 is not enough due to genetic diversity.
If the brain runs the body, then how is the chicken walking and flapping around after being decapitated in the Guinean Voodoo ceremony?
If society was wrong about humans and monogamy then what else?
Best answer: Mating systems are not preserved in fossils, and mating system (monogamy, polyandry, polygyny, promiscuity etc.) are adaptive. That means it can change. Most primates, including lesser apes like the gibbon, are monogamous. Of course even monogamous species will cheat. Yet our closest relatives have different mating...
Where do you think man kind is heading in evolution?
Best answer: organisms adapt to a changing environment. Right now the environment seems to be changing towards higher temperatures. If the trend continues humans would need to adapt to survive. Ways to adapt to a hotter environment includes darkening of the skin, less body hair, longer arms and legs, and perhaps less clothing...
Do you agree that the theory of evolution is not fact? Theories are not facts, they are models that attempt to make sense of the facts.?
Evolution — the belief that all species developed by chance by random incremental mutation from the first living cell acted on by natural selection — is taught as fact. But scientific evidence does not support either of these assertions. The only evidence for chance origin of life is that amino acids can be...
Has biology as a science been hijakced by political correctness?
Best answer: No PC is a US thing or at least culturally oriented in a few other places. Science is international. Chromosomes or biochemical compounds behave the same wherever the microscope is located. However, it is possible that for political or religious reasons some countries attempt to influence, not the biology itself...
Why have sex?
Why do people have sex? Is it really necessary? Why can't we just do bacteria things and split in half, with no body fluids necessary. Why do sex?
Are genetic mutations ALWAYS random?
Best answer: Yes, genetic mutations can be caused by environmental factors. Read the article linked below for an explanation of the various types of gene mutations and how they occur.
How can I improve my genetics?
Best answer: you can't improve your genetics

Nobody knows how epigenetics work. We just know that environmental factors (such as famines) influence later generations (such as having lighter-weight babies)
Evolution and Natural Selection?
Best answer: Because many species are declining because of human activity, including over hunting, pollution, habitat destruction, and climate change due to burning of fossil fuel. Such activities are not part of natural selection in the past. Therefore we need to stop doing these things where necessary in order to prevent loss...
Why do most biologists always think that race and ethnicity are meaningless concepts?
Best answer: Meaningless concepts? Not really, you overstate your case. Human races are social constructs because we are an extremely homogeneous species sharing mostly identical genes. But we also have big brains that are easily duped into pigheadedness. Other species have been divided into races and subspecies, but those...
Why is alcohol bad for the human body?
Alcoholic beverages are made mostly from fermented grains, and fruits/vegetables correct me if I'm wrong? Why then is the alcohol from the fermentation of natural foods, considered an addictive substance or "drug"?
If chemists get turned-on by the periodic table, what arouses a biologist?
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