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Is the octopus a product of intelligent design?
Why do people think if they get a sex change that they are no longer what they were born as.?
DNA cannot be changed no matter what you do if you are born a woman it says your a woman YOUR a woman...and same goes if your a dude....DNA cannot be changed so changing your sex is pointless
Is it a scientific fact that life begins at conception?
Is it even possible for a human to live forever?
I heard scientists are figuring out how to make a human not age, but I think we will all eventually die even if there was some type of age reversing thing right?? I can't imagine my body lasting for even 1 million years, and forever is never ending!
Is it ok to teach evolution to children even though it has not been unequivocally proven?
Is it possible to create a living tyrannosaurus by remaining DNA in their fossils?
Wouldn't it completely debunk the theory of evolution by showing a picture of video of a ghost?
Or an interaction with a ghost, or a group of friends using an ouija board and having something else form words on the board? I mean, if someone saw any of these and were convinced it were real, wouldn't that debunk the theory of evolution since evolution or the big bang never once talk about spirits?
When talking to a woman, all i can think about is breasts, booty and vagina, does anybody else do this? Do i have a sex problem?
It s literally all i can think about.... and i get random erections when out in public, its very embarrising, and i am sexually active, i thought if i had sex this erection problem would go away, but it doesnt, maybe im just really horny?
What does observation mean in biology?
State one reason why identical twins should have fewer genetic differences than fraternal twins?
Is there life on Europa?
Best answer: Currently we are unaware if there is life on Europa, however many believe that Europa is a prime location for possible life, and many space programs such as NASA have plans for future exploration of the moon.
Can two O positive parents have a baby with AB negative?
Are organisms just highly refined ecosystems?
Best answer: No. in an ecosystem, there are predators, prey and competitors. Within an organism, cells don't prey on other cells except when an individual has auto-immune disease. Cells within a body cooperate and they have division of labor. It is rare for individuals of the same species to cooperate, because they usually...
Physically/chemically speaking, how does my cat's brain go from "humans give food to "Meow at humans when hungry and bowl is empty"?
and "walk downstairs and towards bowl when humans approach"? Also do you believe in free will or do you believe we are all dominoes moving along at the hands of the laws of science?
Explain why the genetic material in an offspring produced by sexual material that is not identical to the genetic material of either parent?
Is it possible for someone to have two biological fathers?
If a woman had more then one sexual partner, and had unprotected sex with all men, would it be possible for the concived child to have more than one biological father?
If you have wings to a human. Scientifically how large would the wings need to be before they can take flight?
Best answer: You can look at the hang gliders that people use to get a good idea how big the wings are needed to glide. Active flight is another matter, because it requires muscles to move the wing. Muscles are heavy and they require a lot of oxygen to turn glucose into kinetic energy to move those muscles. Adding muscles of...
Would it be possible to keep a brain alive on its own? Like, if you were able to feed it nutrients, blood, and oxygen through an IV system?
Best answer: Others have suggested it may be possible to keep the cells alive but not for the brain to fully function. I doubt, however, that we could keep the brain cells alive, especially the neurones. Even if it were possible to keep more than the glial cells alive you would not have a fully functioning brain, and even if...
How will humans as a species go extinct?
Are women better and more evolved than men?
Best answer: Simply, NO. If this were true, then the ratio of women to men would be higher rather than the 50 to 50 ratio we see, as fixed by God in creation to this date.
Any attempt to change this ratio by carrying out female infanticide/abortions is a punishable crime.
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