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Do I look quite fat in this picture, please be honest?
Best answer: Not really.
Extremely Uncomfortable Situation During Victoria s Secret Bra Fitting?
Best answer: Honestly, I think she was just doing her job, which was to convince you to buy a bra. She complimented your eyes in an effort to make you want her product. Its just salesmanship tactics, but she might have went to far.
Is white/platinum hair on teen girls attractive?
When you get a bikini wax do they wax the lips?
Does moisturising really help stop ageing?
Best answer: Absolutely it will, it will slow it down and keep your skin looking younger for longer

Your skin is a living breathing entity
it needs feeding to keep it supple
How to shave pupic hair?
A lot of white Americans say that Obama has caused a lot of racial divide. How?
Best answer: Yes msybe he is not fair
What are these lines?
Im a 15 year old male and i have these darkish red lines kinda halfway between my knee and private area close to the private area. What are these?
Is my shoe size big?
I am 15 year old and 5'9.5 tall. I wear a size 12,5. Is that big?
How can I fix dryness on my face?
I constantly have dry flakes on my forehead/inbetween my eyebrows and also on the sides of my nose that goes near my cheeks, I moisturize with coconut oil every night and morning before I put my makeup on, and don't use a lot of facial produces such as cleansers or anything that will exfoliate because I feel...
Best answer: I would go to a professional and ask if its okay especially if there was some weird bump but alot of blood is probably normal i just have a little stud and have been told your nose is one of the most bloodiest piercings you can get. Mine just bled a little though and I have my belly button pierced too and it...
Is there a website in the US where people can buy second hand clothing items?
I m looking for the Sequined Bomber Jacket from the JCPenney Ashley Nell Tipton line but it s out of stock. Hope I can buy a preloved one online...
Is this a good choice for my first bikini?
Finally getting a bikini after 22 years of hiding in a one piece. Is this a good choice? The one I'm looking at looks like this but it's purple. Style suggestions welcome!
Does anyone know where to get prom dresses from?
dresses that no one would get that kind of thing thanks xx
Which is better for after washing face?
Best answer: Mario Badescu's facial spray isn't a toner, so I'd recommend you to use a toner first. However, preferably an alcohol free one. I have oily combo skin and the La Roche Posay Serozinc Spray Toner is my fave, feels refreshing and good for sensitive skin but it IS still a toner and not just hydrating...
My parents wont let me get makeup!!?
My parents are strict, but Im nearly fourteen and going on my first real date and they wont let me use makeup. Ive managed to sneak a bit from my older sister, but thats only mascara. Any tips on how I could make my own or something? cuz Im all out of ideas.
I m dark gal from my birth I want to get fair skin including ma body suggest me a good treatment n the cost?
Rate my face out of ten?
Please rate my face out of ten honestly.... anything 6 or over will be fine with me.... its just that i feel so ugly but i wanna if other think the same
I Hate My Hair?
Best answer: It sounds like your hair is dry. Think of it this way. When you wash it it looks dry but when you don't it's oily. This is because your hair needs more moisture. When it's not getting the moisture it needs your skin will make its own oills to make up for it. So your skin on your head starts producing...
I ordered a belt and it said shipped but it was suppose to be here January.13,2017 and it didn't show up. Do anyone know about this.:(?
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