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Longer hair?
i want to grow my hair longer i dont know how to though my hair goes in the middle of my shoulder i have curly hair but i straighten it every friday/saturday i wash my hair on friday also i let my hair air dry let me know if you have any tips or tricks
If someone complements another person on their makeup does that mean they think they are pretty?
Because my friend got lots of compliments on her eye makeup, and she was wondering does that mean they think she is pretty?
Will a tattoo artist take a hand drawn tattoo idea I made myself?
Best answer: They should. This is what you should do, email, text, or give them a copy of the image you drew and ask them if they can make it. Then ask to see their portfolio of all the pictures or tattoos their done just to make sure they actually know how to draw. You should be able to ask them to draw what you drew on...
Do you dress like this when going to the store?
Which is better for me to become. A miss universe or a Victoria Secret supermodel ? And what are the pros and cons of these jobs ?
How can i repair my hair?
in the past two years i have bleached my hair once and i have dyed my hair twice. i am trying to get my hair to its natural state or strong at least.
Does anyone know any secrets to growing long, healthy hair faster?
Best answer: I'm sure my hair has grown with Argan rain Sham poo, it even has because I'm natural and my hair is always up but it has gotten a lot thicker & it sm ells great !
Curly hair or straight hair?
Gold wrist watch too big?
Bought this gold watch, it's too big when I put together the clamps or whatever. I bought it from amazon, so I can't take it back to them to do anything about it. What can I do?
Do girls like guys with glasses?
I just got a pair of prescription glasses for the first time and I am embarrassed to wear them
Why Asian, particularly Filipinos are using a lot of skin whitening products like whitening soap and lotions?
Do I look quite fat in this picture, please be honest?
Best answer: Not really.
Extremely Uncomfortable Situation During Victoria s Secret Bra Fitting?
Best answer: Honestly, I think she was just doing her job, which was to convince you to buy a bra. She complimented your eyes in an effort to make you want her product. Its just salesmanship tactics, but she might have went to far.
Is white/platinum hair on teen girls attractive?
When you get a bikini wax do they wax the lips?
Does moisturising really help stop ageing?
Best answer: Absolutely it will, it will slow it down and keep your skin looking younger for longer

Your skin is a living breathing entity
it needs feeding to keep it supple
How to shave pupic hair?
A lot of white Americans say that Obama has caused a lot of racial divide. How?
Best answer: Yes msybe he is not fair
What are these lines?
Im a 15 year old male and i have these darkish red lines kinda halfway between my knee and private area close to the private area. What are these?
Is my shoe size big?
I am 15 year old and 5'9.5 tall. I wear a size 12,5. Is that big?
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