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Were you ever bitten by a turtle?
Do you still drink orange juice?
Is it ok to wear this jacket?
I am a guy and I cross dress sometimes. I also wear girls clothes. And I really like this jacket. I still have guys clothes too. I am straight. And not gay. What do you think?
Am I ugly?
Best answer: you are beautiful
Is this woman pretty?
How young is too young for manicure and pedicure ?
I m a 14 year old girl and me and my mom were going to the salon to get our toe nails and finger nails done , I was wondering how young is too young to get my first pedicure ? And is 14 a suitable age ? Will the people over there judge me for being young ? Thanks in advance xx
Do you think she looks sexy?
Which subway stop for Stonehenge in London, England?
Best answer: Stonehenge is not in London, but near Salisbury in the county of Wiltshire. Salisbury has a good rail service but 5 hours is not enough time to travel there and have time at Stonehenge
Why can't I ever go out in public with my hair done?
I'm older than 13. the last time I went out with m hair done in any way was when I was 10ish. I can't go to school or anywhere with a ponytail, or my hair messy, or curled, or in a bun, or pretty much anything except it being straightened. Why am I like this? why can't I be a normal person?
Can a guy wear leggings like this?
Best answer: Firstly, the last I heard, being gay involved having sexual feelings for someone of the same gender. Zero to do with clothing choice. If people think 1 article of clothing makes somebody homosexual, then they are ignorantly deluded. All they are doing is stereotyping based on a preconceived idea that you must being...
What is the average number of bras girls own/ recomended amount?
i have about 25 bras and was wandering how many peopke actually own. as im told i have to many
Hello everyone I was wondering girls opinion on sagging pants moderately? Here is an example of what I mean.?
Will this hairstyle work?
I have silky hair and I've had the same hairstyle for years and I'm looking to change it, I found this style I like but I'm not sure if the texture of my hair will work, any help?
My ex wife aged terribly?
I can't believe it. She looks 60 and she's barely 40. She used to be so beautiful in the past. What happened?
I just drank a whole bottle of nail polish (help)?
Liberals are you willing to kill those who disagree with you?
You have already proved the willingness to lie, hurt, destroy property, slander and libel to get your just how far are you willing to go to shut the right up?
Are my eye pretty or 💩?
I am the only one in my family is brown I feel left out
How old does she look?
Should I wear a bra?
I m 13 and I wear a crop top everyday including when I go to school. Lately I ve noticed that my nipples have been starting to show through my shirt and I m getting really embarrassed. My friends have started to notice and have let me know that they are showing. Now I keep covering my chest and I feel like I m...
Agree or disagree: purple hued nail polishes are sort of tacky?
Who is the sexiest girl in your city?
Best answer: Megan Wise.....Miss Ohio

She happens to be ginger too which is my type.

OMG, this woman is beautiful. What could a guy ever do to be with a smart, gorgeous woman like her?
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