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Do you think shes sexy, why or why not?
Do you have any tattoos?
What color should I paint my boyfriend's nails?
Best answer: i'd do black, navy blue, or emerald green. something dark and not too feminine. if you paint them a more masculine color, he might even like the idea of painted nails and ask you to paint them again.
I like womans feet in pantyhose. is that normal?
Who's the prettiest here? ๐Ÿ’›?
What is a good amount of makeup for a 17 year old to wear?
Why boys stare at me when i wear shorts?
Ok i agree i wear it to get attention and to look sexy but soms boys look at me like dogs, i want good attention but they shouldn't look longer than 5 seconds specially ugly ones as i become uncomfortable then. Please can you explain why all these boys are perverts? Why they can't control themselves??
Should i get a tattoo of my favorite band?
I'm 17. I've been wanting this tattoo for close to a year now, and I've liked the band for almost 2. All i want is their logo, no name or anything. There numerous articles online saying why it's a bad idea but idk, i want other opinions because they always say it COULD be a good idea, in one way or...
How do I get my boyfriend to wash his hair?
My boyfriend is great and his hygiene is generally pretty good except for the fact that he doesn't wash his hair enough. He has naturally oily skin and very straight hair, so I get how it would get greasy fast, but he lets it go for at least a couple of days after it starts to get greasy before he washes it,...
Who's uglier?
Best answer: I personally like the brunette but the blonde isn't ugly just not good enough for my taste.
Do i have to take the hat off for the college ID photo (front baldness with long hair) i wear hats all the time?
i mean it doesn't make any sense , so they make them shave their beards , if i have a short hair with no beard and they took a picture of me, and then i didn't shave for a month , i'll have a longer hair and a beard , so my look will be different than the id , the hat is the same as a short hair or a...
Where would you place me 1 to 10?
Best answer: It's really hard to judge by a picture. I know it sounds cliche, but you can't judge a person by their appearance. I've met people before whom I thought were gorgeous, until I talked to them. Then, if they were mean or selfish, they didn't look as beautiful. In the same way, I've met...
Should I ?
Best answer: The assumption is that inch and a half means on top with the back/sides tapered, which is ivy league/short regular length on top. If there are no issues with having your ears free of hair, a regular haircut will more fully suit than the present long style. If your hairline is fairly average, an ivy league or crew...
Should I get my infant sons' ears pierced?
Best answer: It is your decision if you want to have your sons ears pierced and there is nothing wrong with having them pierced. I also think that you are making the right decision by wanting to get both of his ears pierced rather than just the one. I love to see a baby boy with pierced ears and I hope it becomes as popular as...
Girls: Have you ever got dressed up and had no one notice you?
I spent like 3 hours getting ready to day did my hair nails makeup heels.... it was really uncomfortable. no one noticed. not one compliment or stare or anything from a cute guy. I smiled and tried talking and still no one really cared. what should I do?
How beautiful is she in your opinion?
Why does my friend like shaving her arms and legs when she is Muslim?
She is practically covered everyday in those areas. What's the point
Can I force my son to pierce his ears?
My son is 10 and I want him to get his ears pierced. His father has them as does his 3 sisters. He doesn't want them pierced though. How can I make him?
1-10 how pretty is she?
Best answer: 7. probably a 9 or 10 if she would've smiled
Roast me!?
Give me ur worst!
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