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Large Chest - What to wear to Trampoline Park?
For my friend's birthday next month we are going bowling and to a trampoline park which is pretty self explanatory - it's a room full of trampolines and other fun stuff (Yeah, we're big kids!). Basically, I am really struggling to figure out what to wear as I am a female with a large chest (36DD to be...
How attractive does this guy look?
Minor wanting nipple piercings... help?
So I'm 15 and want nipple piercings really badly. Live in Columbus Ohio and I'm looking for someone to do it... will pay and everything
How do I fix my babyface? I'm 16 and male.?
I m 16 and male with a babyface. I have a jawline and chiseled jaw, but huge eyes, dainty nose, and fat non-wide lips. People mistake me for 12, and some people have thought I m gay. It s harder to get girls with this burden. I also have slight pidgeon chest. How do I fix this?
Eyelash extensions?
I want to start getting eyelash extensions because my natural eyelashes are extremely short and I don't feel comfortable, getting the extensions would make me feel better. I was just wondering if I were to do wudu and pray whilst wearing eyelash extensions would my prayer still count or be invalid? No negative...
If dressing nicely (in a no-shoes house), would you rather wear mismatched socks or have bare feet?
Best answer: Bare foot as I wouldn't want to be the butt joke of the party. You did the right thing!
Can I have Rapunzel like hair if i am 25 year old?
right now i am 25 year old and my hair are shoulder length( its just because of cutting every time) so now i m just fed up of my short hair and wanna get long hair just like rapunzel.Is it possible ?? let me tell u another thing i have started proper treatment as well like applying aloe vera gel on my scalp and...
I need help removing a n!pple piercing?
I got my nipples pierced a few months ago and decided I didn't want them anymore. The first one came out great (3 months ago) but the second one doesn't want to come out at all. I'm on vacation with my family and there's no piercer around to help. The bar is absolutely stuck and there's the...
Why do some girls only get attention when wearing making?
Best answer: wearing making? makeup? Because there is no hope in all the media advertising these false displays of beauty. So wearing a full face of makeup and pretty much drastically changing your look to represent something completely false is now what people want these days. -_-. Thats why i love aleshia keys, shes all about...
Should i cut my hair?
Best answer: If you really like it, then I think you should keep your Hair. Because you don't want to regret it if you cut your hair you know? But if you can handle the fact how you look aftermath of getting a hair cut, then go for it. Good luck on either decision you make :)
Is the following breast cup size are correct?if not then please give me an accurate and correct sizes of all these cup sizes?
AA=small A=small B=medium C=large D=large DD/E=large DDD/F=large G=large
Hi, im 16 years old. Is this hair style ok for me wear?
Best answer: yip, looks cute
I want this haircut, what do I ask the barber ?
Are these VS pink sweatpants OK for a guy to wear?
Best answer: a guy is wearing them and nothing looks wrong with him. he looks ok to me
Does she have a big butt?
Does she?
How do girls feel about boys liking them for just their bodies?
I've been listening to boys talking about girls in our grade, "And when she wears makeup, she looks Hot." "She has a big aS$." How how do those girls feel about it?
My dad won t let me wear shorts. Not even the midi ones. My mom is ok with the midis but not the super short ones, but that is ok because I feel uncomfortable in the super short ones. I have asked him why and all he says is no. He never explains even when I ask him why. I am 14 years old and honestly I m not cute...
Male, slightly built, pretty high pain toleracnce. Getting a tattoo on my chest of text, slightly small, about an inch above the nipple?
How much do you think it'll hurt, how much do you think it'll cost? How long will it take?
Is this an innie or an outie belly button?
Best answer: That is an innie. It curves in like a circle form.
How to get the front hairs of my eyebrows to stick up.?
Best answer: There's a ton of helpful youtube videos on this, but the effect you're wanting can be achieved by trimming the hairs with small eyebrow scissors. Use a eyebrow spooly to brush the hairs upwards. Trim them to whatever length matches the height of the rest of your brow. Then use a clear gel to set them and...
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