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How can I get rid of a snail trail at home?
I'm a 13 year old girl and I have what people would call a 'snail trail' so basically just that line of hair from my belly button downwards. I also have some other light hairs on my stomach but the snail trail is very dark and thick. I feel like a freak with it. I have tried shaving but it just grew...
Why do white peoples braid they hair? That's a black hairstyle not a white one. Stop stealing and coping our culture and heritage.?
Do I look better without lashes & lipstick?
When I put my makeup on for the day, you'll very rarely see me without my lashes & lipstick. But, do I look better without it? I'm trying to gain confidence because I'm so used to wearing lashes & lipstick daily.
Which sounds more impressive: working at Bank of America or working at London exchange place?
Best answer: London exchange place. No explanation needed.
I need hair color ideas; what color should i dye my hair?
Girls: When you do your makeup, do you do the while "baking", highlighting and contour thing ?
Best answer: I don't bake, mostly because I don't wear super heavy makeup every day. If I'm wearing a medium or full coverage foundation I always do at least a natural looking contour just to add some dimension to my face, and I highlight because that also adds dimension. If I'm wearing something more sheer I...
Which bikini?
Is my hair color ok on me?
Best answer: perfect
Where can I buy a homecoming dress?
Something sparkly and cute but not super basic
Does belly piercing hurt? Will the piercer use anesthesia?
Nipple piercing pregnant and wants to breastfeed but they have an odor normal?
I'm currently 38 weeks pregnant and have my nip piercings in still I plan on taking them out like now lol but... I don't think there infected because I have no puss hot to touch redness or nothing but when I clean them they kind of have a smell and sometimes crusties is that normal? I do get them caught...
What makeup should I where to school?
I don't want to much makeup just a little bit because when I wake up in the morning I look so tired. Could you please tell me what makeup I should where at the age of 12(: thanks
Can you steal bathing suits and hair products from walmart?
my friends been wanting some bathing suit, i told her not to take it cuz she'll probably get caught, she said if you just rip off the tag the alarm wont go off, is that true? and can you steal hair products like Chi, and other stuff, if theres a sticky bar code on it that you peel off, but then theres another...
Isn't this dress beautiful?
I'm so thin my bikini bottom falls down, what am I to do? booHoo?
Extremely dead damaged to help? hair is extremely dead and damaged full of split ends and stuff because i blow dry and iron my hair everyday. i dont want people telling me to stop doing this..but is there any treatment i can use to significantly change the way my hair looks? to make it a little healthier looking? literally half the length...
Do you have to be completely shirtless when getting your nipples pierced?
Shaving your pubic hair?
I'm 17 and all my friends say that pubic hair is gross or that they all keep it completely bare down there and that guys like it better that way and I personally keep my bikini line clean but I keep the rest just trimmed to a short nice length not completely bare and I was wondering if it really is better to...
Is asos safe to buy from?
Why do people tell me I'm plain cause I don't wear makeup?
Best answer: You sound like the kind of woman I would be attracted too. Don't listen to what others say about your lack of makeup or what you like to wear and just be yourself. They are just jealous of your style.
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