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How do I permanently get rid of unwanted hair?
Mostly leg hair and arm hair
How to be popular if you're ugly?
I'm in 6th grade and I really want to be popular but I'm pretty shy but I've improved. Things that are trending at my school are converse, addias,, ripped jeans, chokers, and cold shoulder shorts. How can I be popular? Ps I'm not a troll I really want answers
Is piercing my own nose edgy?
Ok, so I m 13 and ive seen so many articles/ videos about women shaving their heads and I really want to. Should I?
I m in middle school and am very afraid of getting judged by everyone
Guys, what is the most attractive hair?
What's the most attractive hair on a girl? Long, short, blonde, brunette, curly etc.
My son tried dying, and he was succesful. Yay!!!?
So the other day, my son tried dying. It was a success!😃 He dyed his hair blue, and it looks great. Is blue a good color?
Is this weird?
Best answer: Some people might find it weird but it honestly sounds pretty cute to me and creative. You might get a few comments when you wear it but don't take them personally because at the end of the day, their comments won't matter. I hope you go with your heart
Do fast food places allow you to work if you have colored hair?
Is it possible to get multiple piercings in one sitting?
I m planning to get a few piercings and I wanted to get them all done at one but I m not sure if that s possible. I wanna get a second ear piercing above the one I already have in both ears and I want the industrial piercing. I also want snake eyes on my tongue and the vertical labret piercing for my lip. Oh and I...
What shampoo does Donald Trump use?
Best answer: Source: an interview with Rolling Stone magazine (couldn't find much on shampoo brands) "OK, what I do is, wash it with Head and Shoulders. I don’t dry it, though. I let it dry by itself,” Trump said. “It takes about an hour. Then I read papers and things... I also watch TV. I love Fox, I like Morning...
Are my eyes more hazel or brown?
I'm currently working on a passport. I know it's not a big deal for a passport but I'm curious what color my eyes really are. Here's a photo: I'm pretty sure that they're dark brown in the middle with green/brown on the outside.
I bleached my hair. Should I lighten my eyebrows too?
Best answer: I actually really love the dark-brown-eyebrows-white-blonde-hair look. You have to really know how to make it look good though… i.e. Make sure ur brows r nicely shaped and make sure you use a pencil if u need it and brow brush. Hair: straight with victorias secret angel style curls at the end look really good with...
Who's prettier and tell me why? And who would you date? NO THEY ARE NOT 12 !?
Best answer: the girl in the back looks hotter than all hell. Perky, tight, sweeeeeet! Lucky boy that gets that cherry!!!!!
Has anyone tried the papaya/turmeric mixture for hair removal? I've heard it either removes hair temporarily or permanently...?
I'm a size 8 and the shoe says it runs narrow should I get an 8 1/2 instead ?
How could I improve my looks?
Best answer: You look Irish, about hmmm, 17. You have lovely features. You should do something with them. Try some light make-up and get your hair styled. You don't need much.
Gold wrist watch too big?
Bought this gold watch, it's too big when I put together the clamps or whatever. I bought it from amazon, so I can't take it back to them to do anything about it. What can I do?
Extremely Uncomfortable Situation During Victoria s Secret Bra Fitting?
Best answer: Honestly, I think she was just doing her job, which was to convince you to buy a bra. She complimented your eyes in an effort to make you want her product. Its just salesmanship tactics, but she might have went to far.
What are these lines?
Im a 15 year old male and i have these darkish red lines kinda halfway between my knee and private area close to the private area. What are these?
Should I buy a pair of Uggs or buy a clarinet. I found a clarinet online that s cheap and have great reviews, I have wanted uggs for a while?
Best answer: Clarinet!! I'm a clarinet and I can tell you the experience is going to be so much more valuable. If you learn to play you will have a really awesome talent, not just a pair of boots that will eventually be worn anyways. Good luck!! Remember to get some reeds :)
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