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Do you think that lipgloss is ugly?
Best answer: Not if you use it wisely/sparingly so as not to make your lips flooded
Do anybody sell Mary Kay?
My friend does it and said it would be good for me. I guess she gets some type of bonus points? I was really just wondering if you can make enough to cover your own cost of buying good lipsticks. Like just selling a few boxes would be better than buying at the store. Anyone do this?
Can you use baby wipes as a makeup remover?
Best answer: " I found the baby-wipe-as-face-wipe idea intriguing for a few reasons. One, I have lazy phases when it comes to p.m. face-washing, and wipes encourage me to at least remove my makeup. Two, wipes designed specifically for the face can be somewhat pricey and often disappoint me, either by burning my sensitive...
Help my long hair makes me itchy when I try to sleep ?
Best answer: I loosely gather mine on top of my head w/ a claw clip as I can't stand it either (yeah weird for someone w/ such long hair) It also makes for easier brushing in the morning. If you want a little body you can also roll it on top of your head with a sock- just google how to roll hair on a sock) As long as you...
Why is it ok for women to walk around bra less (I really don’t mind) but not ok for a guy to wear shorts with no underwear?
Best answer: It doesn’t bother everyone
Can I wear hoodie if I have a rectangular body shape?
Hello I have straight/ rectangular body shape. I hate dresses, pomplets, etc. I am 21 and wearing straight cigarette pants with a blouse and waistband I look 40+ Skinny jeans are on my side, but what about hoodies? I hate that girly look, I prefer more urban style. I am not sure .. information said I should avoid...
Tattooing someone's flash art?
I'm a bit confused when it comes to flash tattoos. I've come across a lot of flash art that I like and would love to get tattooed on me. Now if I buy their flash sheets I'm assuming I'm free to get it on me?
Rips in ripped jeans curling?
I have some ripped jeans that j put in the washer and the parts that have the rips are curling? I tried ironing and it didn t do anything. I also tried going in with a straightener but that didn t work. I just don t know what to do.
How long for to respond to email?
So my mom got a Lolita dress from their website for me for Halloween, and the hood it came with was a darker shade than the dress. On the pictures on the website they’re the same color. How long does it take for them to reply to emails?
What, exactly, is a tea dress?
Why do so many young women get these tattoos?
How old is too old for wearing Victoria Secret PINK?
Are flare jeans ok?
I was wondering what type of fur this coat is. Please refer to the photo. Thank you for your help!!?
Is it safe to clean belly button with dishsoap?
Best answer: I assume you have your belly button pierced. No, you should never clean your piercing with soap, especially scented soap. It gets in the way of how your body heals, and causes tons if irritation. Just do sea sat soaks. Get a premade bottle of saline solution, you can get this at any drugstore, and use that to...
Is your style more casual or classy?
Best answer: Sloppy retired. Shorts, sandals, T-shirt...that sort of thing.
Thoughts on men with canvas rucksack backpacks?
I just bought a rucksack backpack to use for my junior year of high school. I started to regret my decision more and more because I ve started to notice that mostly girls use rucksack bags. What do you guys think when a guy wears one of those bags? Would I look gay? Would it look stupid for a guy to wear it?
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