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Rate me 1-10?
Best answer: Very cute, at least an 8/10. Love the cut off jeans too, I can tell you have a nice butt.
Whos prettier, left or right?
What is your eye color?
Dont you think its unfair we girls have to remove body hairs and guys can be hairy?
its just not fair
Why can't a boy wear a dress?
Does this dress look too revealing for work?
Why are civilizations with "fairer" skinned people more advanced than "darker" ones?
Best answer: Perhaps it is because the "fairer" peoples' ancestors became more intelligent to find food and survive in their colder homelands, while the easier access to food in tropical lands reduced the necessity to develop more intelligence.

That was how people developed traits to adapt to their climates.
Thoughts on her?
What is your hair color?
Male or female?
Best answer: I always assume they're male, just to be on the safe side.

I'd have to see if I could grab a handful or not.

Either way that doesn't look like a real person. I think that's a mannequin or doll
Are these boobs s good size?
Can a guy wear leggings like this?
I am a guy, straight and androgynous so anything will look good on me. I really like these leggings. Are people allowed to wear what they want?? I wear stuff from fire section sometimes.
My ex wife aged terribly?
I can't believe it. She looks 60 and she's barely 40. She used to be so beautiful in the past. What happened?
How old does she look?
Are my eye pretty or 💩?
I am the only one in my family is brown I feel left out
Liberals are you willing to kill those who disagree with you?
You have already proved the willingness to lie, hurt, destroy property, slander and libel to get your just how far are you willing to go to shut the right up?
Is it bad that I dont wear make up usually ?
My sister always tells me that I have to wear make up to show my beauty as Im a 23years old . I dont wear make up usually and when I wear it , I only wear mascara and lipstick .
Does this shirt style look manly?
What is the average number of bras girls own/ recomended amount?
i have about 25 bras and was wandering how many peopke actually own. as im told i have to many
How do I grow my hair faster and thick?
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