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Are you wearing black?
Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?
I was wondering if after completing your laser sessions for your brazilian hair removal, is the area very smooth and clear?
Whats your favourite type of pants to wear?
Am I ugly or pretty?
Best answer: Sort of like a drowned rat.
Do you agree with President Trump? Would another world war be good for the United States economy ??
Best answer: It's sad to read the answers here. The answerers treat the question as a joke or have absolutely no clue how WWIII would play out. First of all it's not a joke. WWIII could very well break out today. Probably won't, but it could. Wars more often than not start by accident. Some nation takes some...
What clothes do you like to wear?
What is your favorite eye color and why?
Best answer: My favorite eye color is green, because I don't see it very often.
Do guys find it hotter when girls wear makeup, or when they don't wear any?
What looks more intimidating? Goatee or full beard?
Best answer: Full beard
Is he handsome or ugly and why?
Will removing my facial hair make me look younger?
Is it cool for a boy to wear pink socks?
Best answer: I know several popular boys at my school would occasionally wear pink golf shirts with khakis, or other color shirts, khakis, and pink socks. No one really questioned them, or if they did it was a friendly tease and promptly forgotten.
Why do I look weird?
Best answer: Dude you do not look weird. All I see is another fellow human, just like me, with eyes, a nose, ears, and a mouth. Love yourself man, outside and especially inside!
Thinking of modeling? need advice?
Best answer: Probably not without some changes. He appears lean enough in the face, although his body's build will be a huge factor. He needs to be slender but not skinny, with broad shoulders, but not especially muscular. He has to have a full head of hair, no thin areas. The biggest drawback might be the natural teeth,...
Are these good shoes for a man to wear to work?
Do you agree with the statement “There’s no such thing as wearing too much makeup, only poor application”?
Why are so many white girls obessed with tanning?
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