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Do you consider Led Zeppelin a heavy metal band?
Best answer: More like Hard Rock
Do you play any instruments?
R&P- what is a song you always feel good after having listened to?
Rock & Pop:Would you be willing to post the picture you use as a wallpaper?
Rock fans, do you condemn metal or celebrate it?
Is the song American Pie really about the breakup of the Beatles, not just the death of Buddy Holly?
American pie = apple pie, and Apple was the record label of the Beatles. The day the music died is the day the Beatles broke up.
Name a band you wish would reunite?
So my son is 25 and he still lives with us at home and he has no job. Should I play the song "why don't you get a job" while he sleeps?
I want to blast that song on repeat whenever he sleeps so he gets the message.
Why did John Lennon quit The Archie's!?
I personally liked them better than his solo work.
Whats the best music genre in terms of quality this decade?
What is the most overrated hip hop album?
Is kanye Mexican?
Best answer: From what I have just read, he is all black.
Why do Nirvana fans hate Courtney Love?
Does Music Genre Matter?
Best answer: Not as far as I'm concerned. Music is to be enjoyed no matter what "genre" it is.
What would you say to a metal fan that is looking to get into straight-up rock? Best places to start?
Few bands I've considered: The Beatles Led Zeppelin The Doors Radiohead Green Day U2 Journey Pearl Jam Queen The Damned Nine Inch Nails
Will President Donald J Trump become ruler of us for life? Would be cool to have a dictator for once, you think?
Best answer: No, in the beginning, this country was ruled by a King, people didn't like it and had a revolution.
What are some of the best songs from 1985?
How come African Americans are the only individuals with a phrase nobody else can say?
I am of course referring to the 'N-Word', in all other languages and/or dialects there are no words that are 'sacred' to one specific ethnicity, gender/gender identity, handicap, race and/or sexual orientation outside of the 'N-Word'. African Americans also have a history of using the...
Is rock music basically aggressive pop?
Will Pop Music Ever Die?
Best answer: Things are constantly evolving. I hope it will change but I cannot say it will be for the better.
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