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Do you think that rock is dead?
Best answer: The Freddie Mercury movie kinda proved that rock is alive and well. You hear Young kids still talking about Queen. Will anyone remember Justin what's his face, 5 years from now? Hell no.
So what's your favorite Ensiferum album and song? And why?
🇫🇮Petri Lindroos 🤘🏻
What Was The First Led Zeppelin Song You Ever Heard?
Would you say The Doors are one of the most overrated acts of all time?
Of any artist I can think of, The Doors are up there as being the most overrated. With the exception of a few select songs, like Soul Kitchen, Break On Through (uncensored version) and Light My Fire, most of their music is quite shockingly boring. Jim Morrison's act is boring too, and the band had zero stage...
What are some good songs to have a nervous breakdown/psychotic episode to?
Are you a fan of Punk Rock?
I'm not a fan at all but I respect it
What is your favorite pop genre?
What are some songs to have a good cry to?
Is Scotland a country? Me and my father are having a big debate about this. I think Scotland isn’t a country. My father thinks it is.?
Did MTV begin to go down hill in the early 90's when the Real World show was aired?
Best answer: yes it did, that was the true beginning of the end for MTV, I consider 1991 to be the last truly great year of MTV.
What Are Your Favorite Classic Rock Songs From Dire Straits And Genesis?
Was Atomic Rooster a good band?
Best answer: they sure were, "Death Walk Behinds You" is one of my all time favorite progressive rock tunes.
Is it a weird thing that I am 22 years old and Im going to 4 concerts alone this year?
What makes Jimi Hendrix the greatest guitar player of all time?
What is your favorite genres of music?
Best answer: My jams to listen to and produce in the studio is Rock, Hip-Hop/Rap, Trance/Techno.
Your thoughts. On twenty one pilots?
How do you increase your vocal range?
Saddest song?
What's your favorite Bob Dylan song?
Best answer: I love Everything's Broken. I also like Times They Are A'Changin'.
List of your favorite songs by Thin Lizzy and Van Halen?
Best answer: Thin Lizzy "Cowboy Song" "Dancing in the Moonlight (It's Caught Me in It's Spotlight)" "Bad Reputation" "The Rocker" Van Halen "And the Cradle Will Rock" "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love" "Everybody Wants Some" "Bottoms...
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