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Who is th best singer?
Do you know of any songs about ducks?
Best answer: Got any grapes?
What do you think Kurt Cobain would've thought about the Foo Fighters?
Is the quality of music objective or subjective?
Best Album By The Beatles?
Best answer: It's really too hard to pick. My personal favorites are the American (Capitol Records) version of Rubber Soul. A Hard Days Night, Revolver, With The Beatles, Sgt Pepper, Beatles for Sale and the English (Parlaphone) version of Help.
An answer I provided was reported and I'm not at all clear how it violated guidelines.?
Best answer: Join the (ever growing) club. You can take some comfort from knowing that you're not alone in your experience or confusion. You may also notice that strange things are happening to points these days. Just put it down to all being part of the Yahoo experience !
Rock & Pop: What's a song you like that mentions a job or occupation in the title or lyrics?
Best answer: Hi Nez! Cóck Sparrer - Working Dead Kennedys - At My Job Primus - John The Fisherman The Monkees - Salesman
Who is your favorite musician and what year were you born?
Geezer Butler or Tony Iommi?
Better Guitarist: Kurt Cobain or Mark Tremonti?
Best answer: Mark Tremonti. Kurt Cobain was not that good at playing the guitar. He could play simply rhythms while singing but that's about it. It wasn't anything special and nothing that should regard him as amazing. Just average
What are good bands for a 14 year old boy to listen to?
Best answer: Coldplay is considered cool (by 35-year-old soccer moms; they can't listen to Ed Sheeran ALL the time). Green Day is considered cool (by 30 year old millennials who eke out a living streaming on Twitch in their parent's basement) Muse is considered cool (by 28-year-old female elementary school...
Will there be a mosh pit at an Ariana Grande concert?
What is the best music decade?
Best answer: 1970's for rock music, 1980's for pop music
What's your favorite Nirvana song?
What is the best green day album?
Best answer: Basket Case!
Name a singer whose voice never aged?
Rock & Pop.. What's your favourite song from the following bands?
Muse Kaiser Chiefs Foo Fighters Pearl Jam
Which 1993 album is better: Nirvana's In Utero or The Smashing Pumpkins' Siamese Dream?
Is it weird if I’m a girl and I listen to gangsta rap?
I’m white too lol is it weird for a white girl to like gangsta rap?
Rock & Pop: What effect if any is the popularity of "classic rock" having on the evolution of popular music?
Best answer: Wow, that's like four questions... Heavy, 'Dude... But fun. Main Q: Certainly some, as so many musicians cut their teeth on it, or in turn did so upon other players that had. Like it's hard to cook without salt, pepper, onions, and garlic in there somewhere... Ain't no substitute for the real...
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