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Who would you say is the best drummer of all time?
Why do 80's songs played on the radio now sound different, not the original?
on many mainstream corporate radio stations now, when they play an 80's song, it doesn't sound as i remembered it, but instead sounds ''revised'' or remixed, and not the original 80's song or sound. why?
Who is your favorite rapper?
Best answer: DMX.....
Who is the best white rapper?
Best answer: drake
What album could you listen to several times in a row.?
Would you say John Lennon and Paul McCartney were a better sounding duo than Don and Phil Everly?
Best answer: I read somewhere that when the Beatles were first looking for a recording contract one company turned them down because they thought they sounded too much like the Everly Bros.! Certainly the Everlieys had an influence on them. But the Beatles took harmony further than the Everly Bros. The EB had a particular...
What is the worst songs of the 2000s?
Songs that came out between 2000 and 2009 where the lyrics are **** Dumbest song lyrics for me that I remember I think Who let the dogs out Thong song It wasn't me I see you baby shaking that **** Do you really like it Fast food song Cheeky song touch my bum My humps Oh my gosh Dry your eyes mate **** it I...
POLL: Aerosmith vs Led Zeppelin?
Best answer: Led Zeppelin overall, however Aerosmith's made some really great music over the decades.
Black Sabbath or Aerosmith?
Which band is better?
Did Global Warming cause Aretha Franklin's death?
Best answer: Nope, cancer did.
Who are some Rappers you would recommend?
Best answer: andy mineo nf
What was the best decade for country music?
Hey now R&P- Can you name one or two pop acts from the past decade who are really talented in your opinion?
Please share a song as an example?
What is your favorite The 1975 song?
True or False: You like 80’s music?
Why is The 1975 a billion times better than the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, and Metallica combined?
What was the best decade for Hip Hop?
Who do you hate more nicki minaj or cardi b?
Best answer: I hate Nicki's music more, but Cardi has a much more annoying ratchet personality.
How would you compare John Bonham to Keith Moon as drummers?
HOW do i eat LAGANGNA?
my lasga fresh out the microwave is too hot i burned my tonge what do i do i want my losgnaa
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