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If we Americans are not from England. Then why do we speak English?
I need ANY ENGLISH word that has two meanings... thxs!?
What was one important thing that Abraham Lincoln did?
Is President Trump responsible for the United States losing the Vietnam War???
Best answer: No, That was the North Vietnamese. They just didn't want yanks in their country.
Father will be 55 when daughter is 20. How old is daughter now?
The Lord’s prayer that Paul taught his churches to recite could be considered to be the central prayer of Christianity.?
True False Question 16 Most religious sacred texts are composed of a variety of literary genres True False Question 17 All religious texts are interpreted texts and subject to rules of interpretation. True False Question 18 In Islam, Qur’anic Arabic is not considered a heavenly language. True...
You have two coins for a total of $.30 one of the coins is not a quarter how is it possible ?
What were reasons europeans married Indian/native women during colonial times? what did Indian women gain from marrying European men?
Best answer: Most men in European colonies took native wives due to a lack of European women in the colonies. Europeans had guns. The native tribes had enemies and could always use powerful allies like the Europeans. Often the women were traded away to the Europeans for weapons or luxury items. The native women had little...
Marlo dug a ditch in 30 minutes Maricris, can dig same size ditch in 1 hour. Working together, how long will it take them to dig the ditch?
What can you say about gender inequality?
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Simplify 3√18 - 16/√2 + 50?
I got 3 different answers. 50 + √2, 3√18 + 34 and 3√18 - 66. What do I do?! I m so confused!
Discuss the changing relationship between Roman rulers and Christians.?
Scientists tested on mice the deadly impacts of alcohol, cigarette smoke, and marijuana smoke. What did they find?
Is mother a verb?
What is it called when a book has multiple essay from different people???
A film started at 3:35. It lasted 2 hours 46 minutes. At what time did the film end?
Best answer: 3:35 plus 2:46 simple matter of addition.
First you add the minutes: 35 + 46 = 81 minutes
Since there are 60 minutes in one hour, you subtract 81 - 60 = 21 Minutes
How you add 3 + 2 + 1 = 6 (the One is the 60 Minutes you carried over)
The answer 6:21
I need help with a history question?
Best answer: Because The Royal Navy defeated the Spanish and French Navies at The Battle of Trafalgar thus establishing England as The dominant Sea Power in the World. The U.S. Navy was still relatively small and woefully underfunded. Case in point the RN Stiles up the Potomac and British forces burnt down the WH.
My 11 year old daughter has a question in science. Can an ant be an offspring to a fly? Are they or no and why not or how?
Why did it take so long for U.S. troops to enter combat?
Is the purpose of life to have sex and die?
Natural selection relies on two things: 1) the fit reproducing 2) the unfit dying so...?
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