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Creative Writing Topic?
I need to write a creative writing piece about a distinct moment in time. I've thought about doing something like surrounding a moment before disaster like before a nuclear explosion but I don't really like that idea, and I can't think of anything else for the life of me. Please help if you have any...
How many schools did you attend?
If i'm writing an essay about myself, am I allowed to write in first person?
People born in the 20th century only: What does the 19 in your year of birth feel like? Does it mean anything special to you?
My 15 year old got a detention today for not doing her homework but I want to punish her further at home to make sure she doesn’t do it again. What should I do
A homeowner estimates that it will take him 6 days to roof his house. A professional roofer estimates...?
Best answer: 6 weeks. The home owner will be in the roofer's way.

For you MATH problem, the home owner completes 1/6 of the roof per day and the roofer completes 1/2 of 3/6t per day. Working together, they theoretically complete 1/6 + 3/6 = 4/6 of 2/3 of the roof per day. That is the same as 1 1/2 days for the full roof.
Wat was the full for titanic as petrol or diesel was not used for it?
Best answer: I assume you mean fuel for the Titanic. I was fuelled by coal and burned in 29 boilers which fed steam to 2 triple expansion engines and the low pressure steam coming out of those engines were then fed into a steam turbine which drove the third central propeller shaft.
What’s the difference between of hurricanes, typhoons, and cyclones?
I'm looking for simple ideas for inventions for making everyday life for everyone just a little easier, ideas would be appreciated?
Why is American history all just a bunch of boring documents and politics?
Can you guys please tell me everything you know about Sorceresses? I am creating a character.?
I need to know.... 1.) How they become a sorceress 2.) How they discover their magical abilities. 3.) Is it a family thing? 4.) What powers do they have?
Tetrabutt needs to know a famous saying: The most foolproof of explanations is the Truth?
Heard some real putdowns of Tertasshole and they fit don't they
Please post here the name of all presidents of all countries in the history?
I really can’t do my homework?
Best answer: well, I hope this helps...but, now that I am retired, my memory is getting worse, and that's because I am not using it like I did in school, sooo that being sad, think of it as keeping your mind from getting alzheimers some day, the saying "don't use it or you will lose is" is true..... studying...
I need a catchy science fair title HELP?
Best answer: I'd call it THE CHILLING EXPERIENCE...
What logical fallacy would this fall under? Because a person supporting A said something racist, then A can only be the result of racism?
What song first coms to mind when hearing the word "come"?
Law students HELP!!! I’m currently doing an assignment for contract law which is due in in 48hours and I haven’t started!?
Can anyone get onto westlaw as it isn’t letting me and find me the Bowerman v Association of British agents Ltd 1995 case, I’ll be very grateful.
How did native born americans respond to the new immigrants?
Are the Police in your part of the World exemplary in their usage of expletives,swearing,cussing and bad language?
Best answer: only among themselves and/or after you fight with them
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