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Is there any actual evidence that galaxies exist?
My question is, is there actual evidence that galaxies exists, including the planets and starts it contains. Any evidence please add source. (NASA not included)
Evolutionarily, why are human-beings the ONLY evil species among ALL animals?
ONLY humans are the animals who're VERY evil, and can do EXTREMELY HORRIBLE stuff to each other as well as other animals, for NO reason (all other animals only hurt each other if there's a valid reason). Humans are the worst among all living things. Every other animal species is LESS WICKED than us. Why...
Are we alone in this universe?
If the Earth was a sphere wouldn't we spin around and fly off?
Best answer: Frisbee.
What is perihelion?
I see that word a lot around here..
Hey does anyone have a picture of the moon (not a full moon) that they took on their cell phone that they can send me? I need it for school.?
Isn't it lucky we live here on earth and not somewhere else?
If space is endless how is it endless if it has an end how does it have an end?
What is the farthest back in time that one could travel for the earth to still be livable for modern humans?
Is Jupiter too big to be a planet? Maybe we should call it a jumbo planet instead?
Is galactic cannibalism real?
Since the Earth is flat, are other planets flat, is the Moon cheese?
How far away is the the the the the the planet Pluto?
Why are Toasters open on top?
Best answer: cause you need thenn open to put the toast in
Would I become rich if my house was destroyed by a meteor?
because meteors are supposedly worth a lot of I would think as I sit on the rubble?
Are there other universes aside ours?
Just because we can't travel faster than the speed of light....?
Does it mean that other civilizations in outer space tens of thousands of years older than us also can't?? Just because our understanding of Physics and engineering say that we can't travel faster than the speed of light in vacuum, does it mean it doesn't have a loophole?
Does the UK government monitor ufo/alien sightings?
Best answer: They used to, and recently released pretty well all of the archived files for public viewing. I don't know if there is still an official monitoring of such things, or if there is only a secret one, or there is none at all at this time. It is typically seen as a Defense issue (Ministry of Defence would somehow...
If atoms cannot be created or destroyed, how did the universe start?
What is the purpose of the moon?
Best answer: You are a lunatic.
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