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Two things atheists/science can't seem to answer.?
Best answer: Science is capable of explaining everything, we just aren't at the stage where we are capable of doing that due to lack of technology and inability to test beyond the realms of our solar system. I would want to talk about the "origins of god" before the origins of the universe or the origins of...
What's the biggest universe on earth?
Could an exotic form of life have existed in the first seconds after the big bang?
Best answer: Well, fast forward a few minutes. By about three minutes, even though very hot, the necleus of atoms began to form. It was still another 300,000 years before the universe cooled that electrons could stabilize themselves into orbits. The first few seconds wouldl have seen the creation of quarks. We don't have...
Could you drive a car in space?
Do we have aliens from other galaxies already here on earth? Walking amongst us????
Does the past vanish or is it stored somewhere?
How can we stop the black hole from further deepening in Antarctica?
How can an atmosphere exist next to a vacuum?
If Robots eventually annihilate all species on Earth including humans, would other planets see Planet Earth as containing life?
Technically robots aren't alive... Yet they would be able to function, build, create, and develop. They are a trace of former life. But... Would that matter to other planets? I suppose it would if the robots start to threaten them, but how would textbooks refer to the robots?
In scientific method, isn't it OK to question anything? Like if religion is right or if evolution is right?
Black holes as cellular automata?
I know what's inside black holes. They're filled with tori stacked on top of each other pointing to the singularity. What happens is a string of light enters the BH and flows through the tori lighting the toruses that it flows through and the other ones remain dark. If the light flows in a plane it forms...
Earth is flat, why can't people accept it?
I mean evidence is everywhere. We're. Trapped in a dome controlled by a higher power or being. Look at airplanes, is it a coeincindence that southern hemisphere trips only have to fly into the northern hemisphere of the "globe" to get to their southern hemisphere desinstion? No. Its because it makes...
Evolutionists, why haven't any animals evolved to fly around in space?
Best answer: ahhh, because it provides no advantage to surviving ON the planet. In many ways, evolution by natural selections takes the path of least is incredibly hostile to life as we know it...better alternatives have always existed.
What could the shrinking of Jupiter's giant red spot mean to the rest of our solar system?
Best answer: It won't mean much, other than a familiar structure we've known for 300 years may no longer be there... there would be no physical effect, any more than how Earth's storms affect the other planets.
Is evolution real?
Best answer: Is magic real?
Maths help?
Here are the first five terms of a number sequence 3, 7, 11, 15, 19 (a) Work out the 8th term of the number sequence
How many miles up is the sun?
The product of an even number of odd numbers is always...?
Best answer: The product of two odd numbers is odd: (2a+1)(2b+1) = 4ab + 2a + 2b + 1, which is the sum of 3 even numbers and 1 odd number. If the product of n odd numbers is odd, then the product of (n+1) odd numbers is also odd, because the product of two odd numbers is odd. Therefore any product of two or more odd numbers...
Do circles exist?
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