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To all scientist,biologist,of the world I openly declare Darwins Evolution theory is a total mistake,invalid,Please verify My reasons?
We're due for another lunar eclipse this weekend. The moon will be turning red. Is the world going to end again ?
In your opinion, will it be possible to travel in time in some way?
What your opinion on the Grey Aliens from Zeta Reticuli what do you know about them?Are they allegedly benevolent or malevolent?
How can we take pics of planets so far away?
Why would the Chinese build a station on the dark side of the moon? .... as opposed to the light side.?
Best answer: The best reason would be to shield a radio observatory from the very noisy Earth...
And "Dark side" doesn't mean that there's no light - it was referred to as 'dark' in that we had no information about the far side (until the Russians did the first fly-by in 1959).
How come most scientists don't believe in ghosts, when there are anomalies that are captured on audio/video that can't be explained?
Is 1/5 greater than or less than 2/10?
If I travel 20 miles in 14.5 minutes, how fast am I traveling?
I know it’s S=D/T but I’m having such a hard time figuring this out. If someone can explain, I would greatly appreciate it
Is it true the Mars Expedition will only be able to take people with a body weight of less than 100lbs?
They said it would be to difficult to meet the nutritional needs of any person with any real or normal muscle mass. I believe they are planing on living the rest of life eating TV dinners.
Is it possible to emit darkness???? Like a bulb. Instead of emitting light. It emits darkness?
The sum of two even consecutive integers is 46. Find the integers.?
Why the nearer to the equator, the more vertical the solar path is. The nearer to the poles, the more horizontal the solar oath is?
What are some other theories to the start of the universe other than The Big Bang Theory?
Is there going to to be astroid hit earth and end humanity in next 5 year s?
What do you think of the repeating radio signal that is coming out from a space and it has been detected by astronomers?
Best answer: It just might be Alien
Or from the Intergalactic Bionic Barf Bunnies from Zeta Rectulae
Is -2/3 less than -3/4?
This is been getting at me since the sun is technically a star does that mean suns are just overgrown Stars?
Can I ask you a question about the sun & other stars?
Two reasons why the force of gravity between the Earth and Sun is greater than that between Mars and the sun?
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