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If we could travel at light speed, would our bodies be able to tolerate such velocity?
Even the vehicle itself?
One number is equal to the square of another. Find the numbers if their sum is 72.?
What're your thoughts on terraforming Mars or other planets?
Favorite constellation?
I need help did people go to mars like 2 years ago I swear I saw like interviews about it and it was a huge deal and now I can’t find anythi?
Do you want to go to the Moon?
Round earthers when will you guys and gals stop beliving the lies, and open your eyes and see that the earth is flat?
Did Carl Sagan say there were billions and billions of stars; does that mean we have no doubt of life on other planets?
In a study of 240 people who are chefs, 200 of them are men and the rest are women. What percentage of the chefs are women?
A\rrange the numbers in order of size 1/2, 2/3. 5/8?
What if there are multiple universes and were only just seeing one of them?
How many square feet in a lot 99 x 150 feet?
Is this a real species or a made-up species?
I came across this picture of a cow-bull mix. Is it real or photoshopped?
Is this right?
12 people can dig a pond in 8 days. How many people can dig it in 6 days? Answer: 15
Is time travel possible?
Do you think we will ever be able to do this?
Where we're humans before they were born on planet earth?
Is the sun actually glitching out?
There’s 3 videos that I would like explanations for and I’ll leave links to them. The ones that I want clear explanations on is the first one and third one. In the first one the person later...
What's up with all these people that think the Earth's flat and there are no satellites and why can't I seem to be able to explain the truth?
You'd think an adult would be educated enough to be able to handle having to explain that the Earth is round and that satellites are real, but I just can't seem to. How do I explain this?
Does a black hole have a center?
If you shoot a bullet into the air, does it come back down?
Best answer: Yes; of course and people do get killed from this sometimes. That's why it's not smart to shoot off guns in the air like you see sometimes in movies and television or sometimes will see at wedding celebrations in some of your countries in SWA.
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