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What word is most used in a gamertag?
Is it Sniper or Killer
Why do assasins say shhhhh when killing their opponent?
Best answer: Cuz it looks cool when a bad guy is getting his throat cut and the assassin shushes him as the bad guy slumps to the floor. Saying don't beg for your life, nothing will change my mind. You're already dead... just 'Shhhhhhh.'
What is steam and why do you use it (explain in simple language pls)?
PS4 vs Xbox vs PC?
Now I know this will have a big debate but I am asking as I want to know which one to get: I am a person who likes the quality as in resolution of a game and one that has a good fps with it. which one is the best
Did Adam and Eve go to a burning hell to be tormented forever?
Helmet and box of crayons?
When someone says “they were special so i got them a helmet and a box of crayons” WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?
Why Did Toys R Us To Start Closing Down The Stores?
Does anyone else feel like Pokémon Sun and Moon ruined Pokémon?
Help, so i went down making a sandwich but then a penguin goat in a UFO Stole my baking soda and my credit card. Pls gimme Your creditcard?
Could playing video games help me to beat anxiety?
Best answer: Sure. They can help take your mind off your present problems, like your anxiety. You may need to try some different games to find out which ones work for you. For instance, a sports game might cause more anxiety as you'll feel under pressure to win the match. On the other hand, focusing on an intense game...
Can you name any hobbies for me?
I m getting bored out of my brain being stuck in the house all day so I need some suggestions of hobbies. It can be absolutely anything, leaving the house or staying in, just please list as many as you think i would enjoy. (I m a 15 year old female, and I will try anything)
I play roblox and I’m so embarrassed?
I’m so embarrassed I play roblox because it’s a little kids game and people make fun of the game. My sister told her guy friend who’s in my sports team and I’m so nervous he’s going to tell everyone in my team and I’ll get bullied.
Do you blame me for not liking Trump since he used government force to bulldoze my house for a casino?
And he only gave me a fourth of what the house was worth to me.
If I put my face in a fire ant hill will I become antman?
Was the look on Trump's face over Compromising Info Putin might have worthy of the saying "it's priceless".?
Best answer: he's a flailing drowning man
Been thinking of getting ps1'n64 or saturn What do you guys think and please no fanboying?
Whats the treatment for hoarding?
Best answer: Check out some of these links for getting help for hoarding (in your area, including groups, counselors, online and more). It can be almost impossible for many hoarders to deal with the problem on their own: (...but IGNORE the first few links on that page which...
Why do people remain annonymous after winning the lottery?
Best answer: it makes them a target for moochers, scammers, and robbers. while it feels good to gloat, it can often cause more trouble than just remaining quiet and enjoying your money
Are England still just as sh*te as they have always been?
I thought we were lucky and just got an easy ride playing crap teams.
How do I get my drone to fly into other countries?
I have a drone but has limited range. So how can I get it to fly to like Russia or something and spy on them?
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