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Fallout 4? Do you prefer to play it or watch it.?
Fallout is such a cool game but Im too P*ssy to play it. I just find the game to be very freaky but I still think its a great game. I love watching gameplay of it
What games did you play when you were 10 and under?
IS it weird that a man wants to learn how to use a sewing machine?
I think I'd like to learn how to sew, on a sewing machine. I like making my own things (bathrobe, cushion coverings for furniture that I make and other home projects). Would it cost more to make it myself?
Is it strange for an adult to like Pokemon?
What is your favorite game?
Best answer: Too many selections to just pick 1.

I guess it’ll have to be final fantasy x (first game I’ve ever spent literally spent and logged in hundreds of hours on it).

But also resident evil 2, silent Hill 3, and the last of us.
Is a Nintendo switch worth getting?
Why should we not hate the player?
Best answer: The game is created by all the players though, not just the one on top. True the objective is to scheme to get what is needed, but we all do that and we all understand that all the other players are in it for the same things. That's why you don''t hate the player, you hate the game.
Should we be able to report level 7s accounts who abuse the system and move questions for no reason ?
Best answer: Yes, people who move questions from Politics to Mental Health, Trying to Conceive and Beer Wine and Spirits are clearly abusing the privilege.
Why do people think video games are bad for kids they develop spatial skills?
Should you raise the bet when your slot machine is on a winning streak winning almost every spin?
How to find out what a penny is worth?
I saw on antique show a penny that sold for a lot of money that was 1943. I found a penny that said 1930. what is it worth?
Does beating up and torturing people with lethal Weapons....for no reason make you cool, strong and gangster?
What’s your favorite gaming console?
What would you buy/do if you won the lottery ?
Best answer: If I won enough to cover all of it, this is how I would spend it: I would buy necessities, so that wouldn't have to work (at least for several years). I would also buy a nice house, and pay off my student loans. ( I am just a college student.) I would donate some to charity. I would also travel the world.
Dave and Busters is so evil?
Yes, it looks like a very fun place, but it's not. You spend money just to play games that you can easily just download from the app store and play anywhere you want! And those games where you win points to claim for prizes are also a huge rip off! They are "rigged" to only let you win after a certain...
Why are most Trump supporters HillBilly?
Is Ninja gay?
When you buy a lottery ticket and the store clerk says "good luck" do you think that he's thinking "good luck SUCKER"?
Best answer: Either that or good luck idiot.
Why is Dreamcast stuff so expensive?
If you won millions in the Lottery would you keep it a secret our tell Everyone in your family?
Best answer: secret
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