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Is it possible that Meghan Markle is so unbelievably gorgeous that her poop doesn't stink? I bet you her cookie doesn't smell either!?
$10 says the Chinese troll is an atheist?
Pssshhhh typical atheistic activity
Why is female masturbation better than sex?
Best answer: Most women masturbate watching lesbian porn
Why are many atheists fundamentalist and dogmatic these days on the internet?
Fundamentalist atheist is defined as an atheist with a rigid, intolerant, and dogmatic adherence to atheism or an atheistic ideology. They have hate, meanness, nastiness, brutality, ignorance as their dogma. Here is some more of the atheist dogma: Here are a few of the dogmatic beliefs of atheists. Life comes...
Why did Jesus kill a fig tree?
Uncircumcised penis grosses me out?
Best answer: That's because it's very disgusting. It's hygienically unsanitary.
🤸🏽‍♂️Can you date someone without having sex?
Best answer: 100%
Christians wait til marriage and some people are asexual
What age does the body stop changing?
Trump said he "defeated ISIS" so how come they killed over 100 people today w/ a bomb?
Best answer: Because Trump lies - a lot. But since the lies feel true to his base they believe it anyway. That's how propaganda works.
I'm going to kill myself this year?
My anxiety and depression has taken over and I've lost myself because of it I'm like a robot I show no emotion for anything but do breakdown every now and then by myself I've detached myself from family or they have detached themselves from me I'm not sure but it'll be easier for them in the...
My dad caught me masterbating?!? I’m a girl and 14?
Okay so I got home from hanging out with friends and I saw that no cars were in the driveway. So I got my back massager and started to..ya know. I was moaning veryyy loud cause 1. I was extremely horny, and 2. No one was home (so I thought) But then I got a text from my mom saying “I went off to the store, dads in...
What's wrong with me? Is it maybe anxiety?
I tend to be almost constantly scared or nervous, of everything. The smallest things worry me, especially social interaction, I am scared out of my mind and am totally incapable of public speech as I honestly can't speak due to fear.I have barely any friends as I am afraid of speaking to anyone, not even my...
Am I tall?
Best answer: You're taller than the average girl, but you're not massive.

Most women would kill to be your height anyway.

It's"leggy" 😎
Should i sleep naked?
I am a 17 year old male
Why do i have skin that scars so easy?
Best answer: It isn't.
How do i release anger?
I feel no need to scream, shout, fight or cry but i can feel an anger inside of me that's growing at a worryingly rapid pace. I've never been a hugely emotional person but more recently i've been having to do things i dislike and i feel i might snap. Currently my strategy of coping is to envision very...
Why am I so useless?
Best answer: It takes a lot of courage to reach out for help like you did. We are so sorry to hear that you are feeling so much emotional pain that you are contemplating suicide. Know that suicide doesn't solve anything; it will only hurt you and your loved ones beyond repair. We can't stress enough how valuable your...
What is the penalty for skipping leg day?
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