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Is it too early to worried of parents dying naturally when they are barely 60?
Best answer: Average life expectancy is around 80 - 85.
If you do not believe you will cope alone you need to start looking into assisted living options and making the transition.
Why do liberals ignore Hillary Clinton's racism?
Hillary Clinton has a long, documented history of racism. She referred to Blacks a superpredators in the 90's and most recently contended in a recent interview that "all Blacks look alike".
What to do if I don't like to work?
Why does my anger make me wanna cut myself?
Plz no hate I’m depressed enough... so I want to tell my mom I am self harming and suicidal, should I.?
So I am cutting my self as self harm and I am suicidal I don’t know what to do I tell my mom everything but I’m scared if I tell her this she will think lower of me and think I’m crazy which I guess i am.
Am i worthless? Dead beat? Good for nothing?
I'm 19 years old. And my daily life is waking up, be on the internet, eat, go back and shut myself in my room, eat, sometimes clean the house. I only go outside to get the dog out, i only get out of my room to get food. nothing more. Thats my daily life Why am i still living with my dad and in his house? i...
My therapist dosen't like me?
He doesn't show it but his feet always point away from me and I've read that people do that when they dislike you. Should I get a new therapist?
Should a girl lose weight for a guy?
Poor people don't deserve health care?
Best answer: Poor people only deserve a WALL!!!! I will pay ANYTHING for a wall because Jesus commands border walls. Healing the sick is what SATAN commands!!!!
Can I take a nap now?
Is it true that after 30 a woman is old?And men prefer the 20-25 women?
Best answer: Nope there is no cut off date for anyone remember you are not getting older you are getting better!
Are electric tooth brushes really better than manual ones ?
Best answer: I bought my first one recently and love it. Wish I had bought one years ago.
Does My stepmom have a right to read my diary? I can't sleep?
Last week I caught my stepmom reading my diary. so I bought another diary and wrote bunch made up stories. Because upset me that she was reading my personal throughts. I hid my real diary and put the fake diary in my dresser drawer. I made up stories about doing drugs and having sex with multiple guys because I...
I am 24 and need to lose 50 pounds . How can I do it in a semi quick pace but also not gain it back?
Life is a load of crap and is just a joke. I'm going to kill myself. Life needs to end?
Best answer: well, I'm afraid it's a REALLY lousy idea -in general.... I suppose you're young enough to be my son/ daughter- to begin with... if so, you're at the utmost age of flourishing in every way on one hand- and a difficult age, too, on the other hand. until/ unless proven otherwise you might...
Wait... do boys get periods?
Is this a suicide note?
My dad sent me a message saying “life is full of surprises... I love you all.” And messaged my sister saying “I wish I could’ve been a better dad, I love you both” and also posted a status saying he loves everyone. He won’t answer my calls, does anyone know what this means?
Fact or False - You can not die from old age?
Best answer: True, technically. To die of old age just means that you died from a naturally occurring ailment. associated with old age.
I should be skinner than I am?
I’m female, 5’2 and weigh 100-102 lbs. At my weight, I should have a thigh gap, wrists and arms that I should be able to wrap my hand around, and more potruding rib bones and hip bones, but I don’t and I’m really upset about it. My thighs still rub and touch each other and I can wrap my hand around my wrist but I...
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