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Should I tell my boyfriend I'm a virgin before we have sex?
I am a 24 year old woman.I am engineer and came to Germany for a business.I met a German guy ,he is 33 years old.I am so interested in him. I have flirted with a lot of men but never feel ready and comfortable to have sex with any of them but i really want to have sex with this guy.Should i tell him that i'm...
I wantvto commit suicide at 20. my life jist feels empty and i feel like theres no other way oit.?
Can I smoke and still be healthy?
I smoke between 7 and 9 cigarettes a day (quitting isn't an option right now). I'm trying to eat more protein and more vegetables, does smoking inhibit nutrition? I'm a very active person and I'm underweight.
Can someone ever drink once in a while after they are cured from mild alcoholic hepatitis? Even if they take a year break from drinking?
Best answer: An alcoholic should never ever drink again! There is no such thing as drinking once in awhile if you are an alcoholic.
What do you do to stay healthy?
Best answer: Avoid junk food, avoid negative people,
Eat healthy , excerise, get a good nights sleep . Follow my doctors advice
Did you know Doctors and their staff are known liars in the United States?
Should i do work when i'm feeling depressed?
Doesn't being on medication ruin your kidneys?
Could sleeping on my back with dumbbell on my stomach help me lose weight in my sleep?
What's a good way to loose weight fast?
Is there any way to make eating less painful?
Best answer: Yes. Eating will be a lot less painful when you are ACTUALLY recovering. You are grossly mistaken if you think two slices of toast and a cereal bar is anywhere close to recovery. Anorexia recovery involves THERAPY. It also involves eating three meals a day made up of foods from ALL food groups. You are not...
What happens if u don't masturbate for a week, days, month's, years? Because I feel destisnized?
Does Xanax treat social anxiety?
Do you worship her because she looks perfect in makeup?
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