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What would you do if an old person was hitting on you?
Have you ever did drugs?
What is something you would recommend without reservation?
Best answer: The raptor show at Keukenhof Garden in the Netherlands every Easter. They fly owls, hawks, eagles and other birds.
Have you ever played Wii?
Are you a strong person?
If you could bring back any dead musician(s), who would it/they be?
Personally, I'd want to bring back either Paul Gray (the original bassist for Slipknot), Kurt Cobain, John Lennon, or Dave Williams (the original lead singer for Drowning Pool). What about you guys?
How short is too short for a dress?
Best answer: If you show your underwear when you bend over ,then your dress is far too short . Just wear whatever you feel comfortable in .
Have you had a good day or a not so good one?
🙊 🙉 Do you ever tell people more than they need to know?
Best answer: yes.

does this look like a rash ?
Do you smoke cigarettes?
Best answer: No , I don't :)
Which word best describes a person who is neither a smartaѕs nor a dumbaѕѕ?
Do you appreciate what others do for you?
Best answer: I absolutely appreciate what others do for me. It shows their going out of their way to please you and help you when you're in need. Especially when it's random acts of kindness, I mean we definitely need more people like that in society today.
Anyone here?
What would happen if all the users of polls & surveys were gathered in the same house?
Can you save the last dance for me?
Do you have dirt under your nails?
What smarthphone do you have?
P&S: What was the last thing that put a smile on your face?
Survey : Do you prefer no tv in the morning?
I do. I don't watch tv in the first hour of the day
P&S: Why are people allowed to spread hate on here?
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