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Do you ever talk to yourself?
Are you a dude or a chick ?
Do you like simple breakfast like toast and coffee?
What is your favorite decade of music?
What do you think the 10 best US states to live in are?
I'll choose. California New Jersey Vermont New York Colorado Illnois Maryland Delaware Oregon Washington
Poll: How attractive do you think you are?
Best answer: extremely
Survey: Is there one country you would never live in? Why is that?
Do you like Mexicans?
Poll are your teeth yellow?
Best answer: no people always tell me how white and straight they r
🐈 Poll: Are you allergic to cats?
What car do you drive?
Atheists: Is John Lennon's "Imagine" a good atheist song?
Best answer: It's a good song. That's it. All atheism says is that there is not enough evidence to believe in any gods. It is not an organized movement, there is no liturgy, doctrine, ceremony or anything else. John Lennon was an atheist but he doesn't speak for all of them. In fact, and this might surprise...
Do you have a dark past that you have never revealed to anyone anywhere at anytime?
I'll reveal one. I was sexually molested for a few years and have not said a word to a soul. It's probably why I am the way I am today. I trust no one.
You just won $1 billion dollars in Mega Millions. What would be your first gift given and to whom?
True or false: You eat on your bed?
Do you like men or women?
Survey: Do you like to drive at night or do you have trouble driving at night?
What do you hate dealing with the most?
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