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Republicans: Do you think it should be legal for a PUBLIC university to limit admissions to a single gender?
How do you write in the third person about yourself?
Flat earth believers, how come oil drilling rigs never break through to the underside of the flat earth?
Best answer: Research shows that those people who rate highly on the narcissism scale and who have low self-esteem tend to be conspiracy believers. People who doubt the moon landings or are flat Earther’s are most likely to be selfish and attention-seeking
Need student loan. No cosigner. Bad credit.?
Basically my mom left me on my own when I was 18. She followed her addiction to New Mexico and left me here in NJ. I m 23 and I m picking up the pieces. I need 45k to go to school. I have a 625 credit score. I work full time as a bartender and part time in real estate. And I have no cosigner. Point me where to go...
Abortionists are monsters, truly wicked people, makes lose faith to humanity - T or F? Why?
Math Algebra Help?
If ab + 2c = c, then c = 1. 2ab + c 2. 4abc 3. 3abc + 4c 4. c + 2ab I need assistance with this math problem and would like to understand it so that I may show the work.
To add 1/2 and 3/4, the fractions must first be changed to the least common denominator of...what?
I want to dropout of college?
I've never been a school kind of person. I struggled through grade school and barely graduated. I have absolutely no major in mind, I am doing mindless gen ed requirements and I F**KING CANT STAND IT ANYMORE. I hate school with a goddamn burning passion. I told my parents i was burned out after HS and wanted to...
What effect does Romeo and Juliet have on the reader?
Is their any meaning of weight of the earth?
Why is colonel spelled the way it is, yet pronounced kernel?
Should I attend my high school graduation?
My last year of high school has been terrible and I’m not attending any year 12 events (formal, muck up day etc) and I was just going to go to graduation, but now I’m startung to re think that decison. Should I go to graduation? Will I regret not going?
What are some things to put in a college roommate agreement?
Best answer: No over night guests-male or female Food trash out every day No sharing of food, items or clothes (if you don’t want to share) Common areas of the dorm room must stay clean. (I realize this may not be much) The dorm room is for studying. If one of you wants to party do it elsewhere. Use earphones for...
What careers can I have by studying biology and environmental science?
I especially am interested in ecology and conservation, so I was thinking about double majoring or major/minoring in bio and environmental science, but are there a lot of jobs in this kind of field? I would love to go to grad school and do field research, but is there a high demand for this? I want to help the...
Who is the biggest pig in sport?
Best answer: One of the few sports where being overweight is an advantage is sumo wrestling, and the current world champion is a Mongolian gentleman called Hakuho.
What are the 5 countries with the largest populations?
What should I do in regards to moving out and with college?
I am early 30's guy who finally has the ability to go a 4 year college (recently finished my last requirement for UC/CSU). I currently live with my dad, who means well but is a hoarder and our house has mice running around it and mice running outside. It's dirty and it has neglect. I have a good job and a...
I moved out at 16 and I instantly regret it?
Over the past year i got in to an excellent music school located near London and to study there I had to move. i have recently moved in to halls which permits 16+. i was really excited to move but now ive been here about two weeks and i honestly dont know what it is but ive found im now crying at night time, i kind...
Do government schools produce people with critical thinking skills ???
Best answer: Umm. No?
Why do liberals always state the current year as justification for whatever they want?
Me: "Why do you think youre entitled to free healthcare?" Liberal: "Come on man. Its 2018. Get with the times". Me: "Why do you want to commit genocide against the jews and take over the world?" Hitler: "Come on man. Its 1936. Get with the times." Me: "Why do you...
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