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Is it bad that I've never seen Titanic?
Everybody's talking about that movie but I've never seen it, is that bad?
Are you enjoying the government shutdown as much as I am ?
Best answer: Of course I'm enjoying Trump squander his political capital.

Feed him some MORE rope, I say!
My school is requiring that we write letters to inmates at the state prison. Is this bad?
I don't want to do this but I don't want to flunk. I am scared to do this. Aren't they in prison because they are bad?
Shouldn't they have printed Michelle Obama's book on Toilet paper to save the environment?
Best answer: Of course, it should not have been printed at all, but toilet paper would be the proper material if it happens. And she could have changed the name of the book to "What Happened? Sh!t Happened."
Why are liberals mad that Trump fed football players McDonalds and Wendy’s?
Is it because it wasn’t liberal vegan crap
Should I change my last name?
I have a last name that many people don't know how to pronounce and I am sick and tired of feeling embarrassed whenever my name gets called for attendance, awards, etc because people don't know how to pronounce it and Im tired of correcting them. I just want a normal last name like Johnson, Stevens,...
Friend gave birth and teacher is not giving her extension for final. Is this legal?
Best answer: There wouldn't be any laws about this...that I can guarantee. Appeal to the school's administration, they might be able to speak with this teacher to convince them to change their mind. I would expect most places would give some leniency here...but there might be other restrictions over which they may...
Which is better to say : i have errands to do or i got errands to run. Are they both equal?
Best answer: I HAVE Errands to run is better English.
Is it savont or savant?
Why did Mike Pence insist in lying to the American people by saying ISIS was defeated?
Isn't he a "God Loving Christian"?
Wat was the full for titanic as petrol or diesel was not used for it?
Why are teachers so angry and entitled all the time?
Do you like my niece's name ?
Annabell Nicole
Complete the sentence: cold weather makes me______________?
How do I get tested for autism as an adult?
Best answer: Make an appointment to see your Doctor. If they decide you need to be tested, they will give you a referral to a Specialist.
Stepdad has a really embarassing car?
hi im 13 and my stepdad has a 2007 silver honda civic. he has to take me to school at least twice a week and its really emarassing. can someone please help me feel better about it?
Do you ever watch old home movies from when you were younger?
I need a catchy science fair title HELP?
Best answer: I'd call it THE CHILLING EXPERIENCE...
I really can’t do my homework?
I know this sounds lazy but you just don’t understand. I really really need a way to convince my siblings or parents to do my homework for me because I’m so so tired and busy and depressed and I just CANT. And please don’t go telling me that I should stop complaining you don’t understand just please help.
When planning for a child in London, should people anticipate the school pupils there are mostly black?
either 3rd generation Jamaican Christian black, whose families are now British Londoners, or Somali new Muslim blacks given priority schooling, and many other pupils who hold classes back as they cannot speak English
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