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My teacher said the earth is probably flat and nothing can disprove it....what should I do?
Im afraid to get in trouble or hurt my grade. I think the earth is a circle.
If someone make you angry Who would you call on to solve that problem?
Can I become a Navy officer with an online degree? Should I enlist first to increase my chances?
As an atheist, sometimes I get so angry at God that I have to take it out on Christians. What should I do when I feel like that?
Best answer: This is typical of the atheist mindset, but I'm glad you at least admit it. Many atheists are in denial of their hatred.

Admitting it is only the first step. Now, you have to figure out why you hate God so much, and come to terms with the fact that He made you because He loves you.
Is it possible to write a decent high school 4000 word history essay in 10 hours?
Can someone pleasee answeerr?
Does a college -degree guarantee a job ? yes or no .?
Does repent mean to turn from sins or to just change your mind?
Best answer: Repent is metanoia in Greek. It always means to change your mind. A person can change their mind about unbelief, and believe in Jesus. That is the repentance that saves. A person could change their mind about sin and turn from it. But that is not part of salvation. They should for other reasons, obviously. ...
What does 'bud' mean in this sentence?
'What's up bud?'
Is teaching really a skill?
Best answer: Yes, it's a skill. I've seen professionals with no teaching experience teach and it isn't always pretty. On a simple level - we ran an umpire training program and finally decided to let the umpires , who were teachers - present the material - much improved results. Also, teachers have to deal...
What are the benefits of having open borders?
For my debate class, Im debating a guy against open borders. I need help for my class. So far I have. 1. More economic oppurtunities for Mexicans. 2. Mexicans can go in and out between USA and Mexico 3. It will help make imports and exports more affordable. 4. More Mexicans can get better wages and more...
My school dean keeps trying to make me go to school even though I am 17?
So, this started back when I was 16 and I was missing literally almost every single day of school. The dean took notice and met with me, and told me I would get truancy if I continued. That obviously motivated me to keep going to school the rest of the year because I didn't want to drag my parents to court just...
Why doesn t the Mexican government try to make Mexico a better place to be?
My Spanish teacher showed us a documentary about Mexicans illegally traveling across the border. In it, they said that the Mexican government has an entire program dedicated to helping them cross illegally. Why wouldn t they try to make the country a better place to live so people don t have to risk their lives and...
Is there one word to describe someone who is always covering up for someone else and making excuses for someone else?
What does the word Tithe mean?
When you went to PE in middle and high school, were you still required to dress out for PE even if you were on a medical?
Why are people born in years starting with 19 so old and unedgecated?
What is LITERALLY the opposite or like Reverse of "a needle in a haystack"? Like litteraly.?
What is LITTERALLY the opposite of "a needle in a haystack"? Like a reverse would be of "a needle in a haystack". An example would be "a needlestack in a _______ ". Or something along those lines, the question is... What would fill up the blank?
Can you write a short story according to this picture?
If yes, please do.
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