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Ladies and gents, I am Vince MacMahon and I call the shots here, agreed?
Best answer: lol bull crap...
Jesus was NOT a "Jew", He was an Israelite. He did NOT follow the Judaism religion. He started a new religion called Christianity......?
Why can't you people get it right for once?
Should sodomy be compulsory in schools to ensure the eradication of homophobia? Once adults they can decide whether to become heterosexual?
What is a liberal?
I like Trump, does that make me a liberal?
Why do people still call it "Tin Foil" when actual foil made from tin has not been made since the 1940s?
Best answer: Just like most people call cans 'tins'. They have never been made of tin, they were called 'tinned cans' as they were made of tin-plated steel. This got abbreviated to 'tin cans' and then to 'tins'. Here are a few things we say which are no longer descriptive of the action they...
Why do people become teachers if they know the pay is bad?
Can you give me definitions for "liberal" and for "conservative"?
I'm a kid at summer school right now...?
I submitted my final research paper 3 days after it's due and I got a zero. My grade dropped from A+ to B. Is this fear? Is it my fault?
I took the class in summer. I have to admit that the professor announced that no late work will be accepted due to the short time (5 weeks). All the work was done to the last day of the semester. I submitted all the work except for the final paper which worth 500/3700. I got A in all the assignments and I noticed...
If I dropout of college, do I have to put that on a future resume?
I am 19 years old and I’ve been in college for two semesters and I feel like it just isn’t for me. Long story short I’ve been going through some things in my personal life and all I want to be is happy. My happiness is my success and I don’t feel that college is my path, Luckily I’m attending junior college for...
What is something that in life when you learn it the faster the better?
You people need to stop mentioning Fireball. Why give the witch so much attention?
Best answer: I avoid personally attacking people in questions and answers as a courtesy

...until they block me, at which point I stop extending that courtesy.

Fireball blocked me. It's that simple.
When will Trump do something about the deep state?
Does anyone know what this statue means or who the person is ? What religion is it ?
Why is god so stupid and retarded?
Best answer: How can a non existent entity be retarded?
Which word is correct?
Best answer: Both forms could be used, neither seems more "correct" than the other in normal everyday British English.. But it is a silly idea, since apples can be green, or yellow, or brown, or red, depending on variety and stage of ripeness. I have seen somebody's face turn green (truly) when confronted with a...
Can Schools Stop Anti-White, White-Privilege "Only White People Have Power To Be Racist" Garbage That's Driving Millennials to the Alt-right?
I am telling you as White person I am sickened about the garbage they are dumping on White boys mostly. Now my kids are talking in their own language, with words like "cuck" "soy-boy" and a distain for all things brown are starting to show.
Why are the HINDU so Gud at Math, Science AND Arts?
Best answer: bc their brains are different.
Which is the best website to get my homework done ?
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