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I want to buy a 50 inches TV. Should I buy a full HD or a 4K TV?
Phone was microwaved for 1 second now Wi-Fi will not connect to any networks ?
So my boyfriend jokingly put my phone in the microwave and started it but instantly turned it off. Well later I noticed when I turn on the Wi-Fi, it stays on "searching for networks" and will not connect to anything. I just wanted to see if anyone had a simular situation so I can confirm that it was in...
How long will a iPhone 8+ last?
How do I change my cell number?
Are you charged to send messages (texts?) on Samsung mobiles?
I am so clueless when it comes to phones, honestly. I don't know how they work these days. I bought a Galaxy S9 a few months ago and only put $30 on it. Somehow, I'm still able to make calls.... Anyway, if I reply to messages/texts in the 'messages' box, does that cost me anything? Or is it more...
Is Wi-Fi bad for you?
We've had Wi-Fi in our house since I was 12 and im nervous it might be bad especially since im still young. Is it?
I am shooting my first wedding, what lenses?
I am shooting my first wedding with a friend, it s just a small casual wedding, what lenses do y all reccomend me to have, and please if you can, tell what that lens would be good for! Please and thanks!
Why do democrats only like America if they are the ones in power?
Best answer: democrats do not like America...if they did they would not be pushing legislation that would destroy Her...unless they are just that un informed.....which most likely IS the case..
Does it matter if a body of a camera weights less than the lens I want to buy? Camera = 357g, lens = 405g?
Are landlines still more reliable than cellular service? (If my question gets misplaced than I'll answer yes.)?
What is the best problems in the digital world ?
What color iphone 6 should I get?
Which color: Gold, silver or space grey?
If I dont use any data on a phone, do I still have to pay monthly for the phone?
Why are Americans so angry?
Best answer: It's because of attitudes like Suzie's (above) that Americans are so hostile towards each other. All the finger pointing, accusing, twisting things around to blame the other side for things one's own party is doing and saying. I can't even figure out who the "left" and "right"...
Is it ok to mount tvs on top of the fireplace?
We’re thinking about changing the setting of our living room and are deciding on whether or not we should mount the tv above the fireplace. We have never used the fireplace so I don’t really think it would be an issue but I could be wrong. What do you guys think? Also the tv is quite big maybe around a 65 inch or so.
Which TV is better, a full HD or a 4k?
IPhone home button not working?
I have an iPhone 6s Plus and just out of the blue the home button stopped working. The strangest part is that the Touch ID still works but when I click the button nothing happens I’ve tried taking it apart and cleaning the ports and restarting it but it still won’t work. Is there any way I can fix it
Does iphone 7 register the places he visits? If so, how to retrieve it?
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