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How to remove iCloud on a phone I found.?
Vintage TV Help?
Hello friends, I have recently purchased a vintage Zenith TV set but I have come across a couple issues. First off there is a blank space at the bottom of the screen that shows no picture, second off the entire thing creates a LOT of static. If I touch the antenna contacts or ANYTHING metal on the back I get...
Best place to get normal ringtones for free?
What part of "TREASON" do Trump supporters not understand?
Best answer: I used to think liberals were hysterical about Trump/Russia but when I saw Trump publicly side with Putin and blame the USA for the attack, I think it's clear that Donald Trump is in fact a Traitor.
Can a 15 year old go to a store and buy a tv no questions asked?
Me and my dad's tv has really been messing up so I wanted to surprise him with a brand new smart tv. But I don't know of I am going to need a adult with me for something.
I have a fear of batteries leaking?
I have older electronics that I buy refurbished cuz they're cheaper then new ones and I'm worried the battery might be leaking in my iPad or phone and it gets on my hands so now I'm scared of touching my iPad or my phone cuz of this. They both are lithium ion these type of batteries leak...
Headset wire is frayed how can i fix it? Photo included?
My headset wire. Please explain how to fix or show video that where it looks like mine
Woiuld you consider playstation 3 still a new console?
Wired or wireless headphones? And why?
I got shocked by a 240v vacuum. HOW?!?
Hello yahoo. I was ripping some wood on my table saw which is hooked on to a 220v 5hp vacuum. Ive never had this incident before but when i went to turn off the vacumm, i got shock. I could feel my muscles vibrate. Anyone knows what caused it? There are no esposed wires or anything. Thanks
Does tv box and computer need to be close to work? I want to install my modem in a separate rooom away from tv. I have xfinity. Any issues?
Best answer: No, but they both have to be attached to coax, at the first point you install a splitter, then extend a coax to each box.

If you have a smart TV you then need to run ethernet cable from router back to the TV if you want smart capabilities.
I never used this for 8 months because of babysitters.?
Please help about my tv service!?
Ok I just moved into the house I just a week ago. I currently don t have tv service of course so I called to get cable. They were supposed to come install early this morning but never did. So I called them and they said it s on hold because there s a tv service still activated here and that I need to disconnect it....
Am I using less power with my window air conditioner on low then I would use on high, or is it the same amount electricity no matter what?
In what ways does the modern GOP resemble the 1930s Nazi Gestapo?
Can headphones cause a dent in your skull?
Hi, I am 19 years old, I have been wearing headphones for the past 5 years now, recently I discovered that at the top of my head, it seems to be a bit dented, and it's exactly where my headphones rest on the top of my head. This was never there before and even my mother remembers it not being there...
Alarm clock that’s not on your phone that you can personalize the sound?
I’ve had a heart condition for my entire life where I can’t be startled. Because of this, I’ve avoided alarm clocks nearly my entire life. When I have needed one, I used a phone one that has a very mild sound (ie Silk on iPhone). But I’m sick of sleeping with my phone nearby, and I know it’s not healthy. I’ve grown...
Technical specifications for a whirlpool W10200828B?
Does anyone know the technical specs for this top load washer? I'm about to buy a used one from a friend, but want to know what the capacity is before I purchase it.
Will England and Belgium play their reserves in the meaningless 3rd place game?
Should I get an iPhone X or iPhone 8+?
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