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IPhone or Android?
Why don't Black people contribute anything except for in music and sports?
I try to not believe in the studies that say race and IQ are connected by the evidence for it is just overwhelming
How do you break from a phone contract before end with no charges?
How do sound travel through headphones/earplugs from a music device pc or phone?
My stepmom won't buy me a new phone even though she KNOWS the one i have now is horrible and outdated?
Best answer: What can you do? Very simple. Get your parents together and ASK them, what it is that you can do, to get the phone you want. Then do exactly what they say will get you an iPhone. If you already know the things that will get you grounded, then that means you are smart enough to repeatedly to do those things....
How can I view the pictures I took on my Atipix LS300 Minicam Digital Camera?
I tried connecting it to my computer via USB and while it recognised it and began charging it, I can't access the pictures as it doesn't show as a drive. I suspected that I may have to download a driver or require a CD to install but cannot find a driver for Windows 10 and no longer have the CD. Any advice...
Would completely reseting the iPhone unlock it from the current carrier?
Will anyone send me a broken iphone?
How to connect cell phone via usb to smart tv?
Can I activate an existing alarm in my apartment myself?
So I moved to this new apartment a year ago and it has a napco gt alarm installed, but the landlord never mentioned anything about it. I was wondering if there’s a way of just buying a subscription online from napco to activate it, without bothering my landlord.
How do I know what batteries my vibrat*r needs?
I’ve had it a while and the thing is I haven’t used it for a while nor do I remember where I got it from. How do I figure out what batteries it needs? I have no idea as I can’t remember
Accidentally dropped my nokia. how much will it cost to fix the sidewalk?
Best answer: It should be covered under Nokia's "Sidewalk Breakage Coverage".
Did Apple invent the smartphone?
What should I buy, Samsung S8 or LG V30?
Best PC games?
How to find out if you are being sold a stolen iphone 8?
I am going to be buying an iphone 8 on craigslist and it is in supposedly like new condition. What caught my is that the seller is selling the phone for only $250 compared to the $400 that I am seeing everywhere else. My question is, what steps should I take in finding out it is a genuine iphone 8 and if it was...
What do you do when your phone rings and you're not expecting any calls?
Best answer: You can always pick up the phone and listen without speaking. This incurs a charge for nuisance callers.
Even better when a caller asks if he is speaking to you, say, 'No, but I'll go and get him'. Then just leave the phone off the hook and carry on doing what you were doing.
Samsung tv remote won’t work?
I changed the batteries and it still won’t work. I had to turn the tv on and off from the tv itself. On the bottom right hand corner there is a red light that’s flashing uncontrollably for about a minute and then stops and when I press any button on the remote it starts to flash uncontrollably again. Anybody know...
What can I do to get my iPhone battery to last longer?
I close everything running. But if I listen to music or look at videos, it drains very fast. Like 30 minutes.
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