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Who paid off Brett Kavanaugh's debts?
Why is it so hard to find a job?
Been applying to jobs vacancies through online, it's even harder to land an interview.
Inheritance of mother's home.?
My sister and I have inherited my mother's home. My sister had been living with my mother and still is living in the house since my mom has passed. The estate has not been settled yet so our names are not on the Deed (there is no mortgage). I want to move in but might want to buy something bigger in the...
If a person dies has no will just life insurance put somebody else on life insurance are they liable to pay his bills?
POLLS: Would you inherit money from a deceased family member if you didn't like them?
our grandfather died recently but everyone in my family hated him because he was rude and said horrible things about his childrena nd grandchildren that is why we put him in a Nursing home and never vissited him now he died he has lots of money from pension and savings but my cousin is so disgusted of him he...
My 91 year old stepmother is inheriting our whole family estate.?
Best answer: It's nothing to do with your stepmother. How your dad leaves his money is up to him.
Any Lawyers out there, with any insight on Home Insurance?
My mother had a brain hemorrhage, she was left mentally incapacitated, she is long term care due to both her mental and physical incapacitate, during this time her home was vandalized and squatters moved in, they destroyed her home, I was unable to have the squatters removed for 7 months due to the legal system,...
My parents took out a mortgage loan for my husband and I.?
It is for 80,000 condo. They are obviously not going to live there. The condo is going to be under their name. We are paying the down payment and monthly mortgage. Are there any legal consequences?
Child's father will not move out of my apartment.?
My child's father refuses to move out of my family's house. He is on a month to month lease. We are broken up but he says he cannot afford to move to other places. I have sent him some affordable apartment listings but he is not budging. My mom, although she owns the house, is scared about kicking him...
Will a late payment on credit card hurt my credit score?
Ive had my credit card for a year and I’ve never missed a payment. I’m trying to build my credit by paying my credit card, phone bill, car note and car insurance. This past month I missed my credit card payment which was my first time missing any of my bills. My minimum payment due was always $25 in which i always...
If i have roughly $300 for savings every month, am I still considered living from-paycehck-to-paycheck?
Can the landlord kick me out of the apartment?
I live with my mother who is battling breast cancer. It is just me and mother and she put me on the lease. I m just worried about the future. I don t make enough money to get a new apartment and my salary doesn t live up to the requirements of $1400 a month. I feel I can pay up $1400 a month but will have to make...
Can my wife take out a personal loan to gift me as a down payment on a house?
I am taking out a loan in just my name because my wife won t qualify. Trying to get down payment together and I am curious if since she isn t on the laon if she can take out a personal loan to gift me as down payment.
I need help with calling in sick??????
My name is Thomas, and I start at work tomorrow at 12pm, but I want to call in sick because I'm going out of town tomorrow. But I dont want to speak to my supervisor or secretary, would it be a good idea to call in sick at midnight??????
Do black home owners and renters feel comfortable living in a predominantly white neighborhood?
In areas of the United states where one percent or less of the population is Black or African-American. Are they generally welcomed and respected . Or have there been reports of incidences?
I've had a house audit/inspection. Most rooms were passed. They want to come & take photos of my home inside. Due to privacy, can I refuse?
If you had no job and needed money would you work at a fast food restaurant for $11.35 an hour?
Can i put in an ad single woman preferred to rent room in my house?
Do reeal estate agents profit on your home while or if its not sold yet?
I heard they have buyers who might not like your home and tell and call them later to sell them a home or list their home..while yours is not being sold. Also I heard that during OPEN houses agents have a great chance to get more listings and sell using your own home as adverstiement.
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