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Boyfriends ex is financed on home loan. Legality?
Okay. My boyfriend has and ex. She s a super *****. Anyway. When they got engaged years ago they financed a house together. Both of them are on it. Well shes not been living here of making a payment on either the house or the home owners insurance for about 2 years. I ve lived her for about a year with my boyfriend...
My landlord took the washing machine that I sold to the next tenant.?
I moved out and I sold the washing machine and dryer that I bought to the next tenant. Before the next tenant confirmed that she would buy them, I already told the landlord that I have plan to sell them to the next tenant, otherwise I would sell them to others when we discuss about the moving with real estate...
How to respond when boss tries to make you come in sick.?
I work at a restaurant. I've been,sick the past few days, my boss even saw me coughing my lungs out. Well today 3 hours before my shift I called in sick. Now my boss is texting me telling me to come in later. And i dont know how to respond cause i cannot stop coughing and snotting everywhere. Plus im going to...
Would it be stupid of me to quit my job because of this?
Best answer: That is correct. Your dad is right. Stick it out. Don't do anything to add to your exhaustion like go to parities or mess around with your mindless buddies. Go to bed immediately and sleep soundly and wake up refreshed and ready to hit it again. Do you know what cutlery is? Do you know the other name for...
Buy to let investors?
Why do buy to let investors do interest only mortgages when they will not own the house at the end of the term? What happens to the house once they have paid the interest off and do not have money to buy the house.
What is a good bank to setup a checking account for the military?
I'm shipping out to Fort Jackson next year and my recruiter gave me this Direct Deposit Sign-Up Form and told me to sign up for a checking account. I'm just wondering what bank would be a good choice.
How much would i get from w2 if i only made $2000?
Best answer: It could be anything, or nothing. What you made is not what determines how much you got. What you make determines how much the government keeps. If you make only $2000, and it was all on a W-2, then they keep all of the social security and medicare tax withheld, but you get back all of the income tax...
Four years ago, my man friend moved into my house, with everything that had been in his much larger home, which had been foreclosed on.?
Best answer: but he resents having to do this. A lot of my belongings are going, too

Have you sat down and gone over finances with him? He should be grateful to have a place where he gets to live rent free. He's lost one house because of poor money management, don't let him do this to you also.
I am an 81 years oldman but I am not conversant with Income Tax issue?
Worried if I pursue my career i'll be too old for kids?
Best answer: Lots of people, women included, are having kids in their 30's-40's nowadays.

Pursue your career. You will be able to have kids any time, science is amazing. Unless you want kids asap.

It's your life, but you CAN have both.
If your income consists of wages and alimony, what is the maximum you can make to not file income tax?
I'm 77. Should I put money in an annuity?
How can I become faster at data entry (feeling nervous)?
I just started a new job and one of the tasks is to put names and addresses, phone numbers and a few other details into Excel. I'm not the fastest typist. Today the office manager who is training me said "you need to pick up the pace with the data entry because we'll be getting lots of orders...
Should I quit my job to focus on my dream job?
I am joing the army and am planning on taking the test in two weeks then leaving sometime next month. So should I quit my job to get the job I want?
Can i receive money on my bank account/debit card if is blocked ?
How do I approach my boss about quitting halfway into a semester? I am a student employee that will be ******* up the schedule.?
Is a full time secretary of a club allowed to hold a directorship outside of the club?
Where to get a food handlers certificate? -Texas?
Ive been trying to get my food handlers certificate online, but every time I try to submit my order it says "The card was declined from the issuing bank".. I have money in my card so I'm not sure why its not working, I even asked to use my partners card in which she has a totally different bank, and...
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