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Is it okay to destroy a credit card without closing it?
I financed a mattress using my Amex card at the mattress store, but they sent me a new credit card with a limit of $5000 credit line for future use that I did not ask. Now I'm losing few points from my credit score. I don't want to use the card. Can I shred it without closing it? Thanks
Getting out of debt?
I have $11000 invested in stocks. I get a 200 dividend every quarter. I'm trying to eliminate other debt now that adds up to $14000. Would it be a good idea to pull my money from the stocks to pay off two of the three Bill's? Ones a car payment others for braces with no interest and third is a credit card...
How to raise credit score?
I ve never had a credit car or anything before but of course I know i need one so I applied for a credit card and they denied me but said they would tell me later in 10 days. So i applied to another one and they told me I was denied because i have too many inquiries. So if i can t get a credit card how can I build...
How much does apartments cost in flower hill, ny?
How much does it cost for a single room apartment? Studio? or even just a single room? I just received a job offer and IO currently live in Brooklyn. Are there any website to look for apartment in flower hill, NY?
Is it considered taking advantage of your wife's dementia if you constantly engage in heavy PDA with her just to make her caregiver jealous.?
I take care of an elderly woman with dementia who lives with her husband. Unfortunately, for me, her husband is an older attractive man who is in far better shape than her. Her husband occasionally expresses some interest in me. Then a lot of times while I'm at work, he'll engage in PDA with his wife...
How can I cut my roommates power?
So she’s a ***** and refuses to pay me her utilities. I changed the internet password and she’s flipping her ****. But she always leaves all the power on. So how can I shut the power off on her when we’re gone?
Would you be bothered if someone had their washing machine running whilst you were viewing their home when looking to buy?
My boyfriend received an audit from the IRS and he's asking me to help him pay.?
He doesn't receive a w2. He is a self employed construction worker. They are asking for him to pay for the previous 4 years he has not paid his taxes for a total of a little over $36,000 The only problem is he does not have the funds available at the moment. He's asked me if I could pay the bill for him and...
Do i get a parking space when leasing?
How to ask for more hours at work?
I’m a senior is college. I’ve been working at my current minimum wage job for the past 2 years. We get paid $8.25 plus tips which is usually like $2 a shift sometimes more. I work in an ice cream shop in my city and we get pretty busy. I’ve never really ever hit it off with my boss. I can tell I’m not the...
Could I go for a skin cancer screening and, if I have skin cancer, then get medical insurance or would they deny me?
Best answer: No. If you go for the screening and they find skin cancers, that is pre-existing condition. You pay out of pocket for any treatments.
I was living in an apartment with three friends that died in a car accident. The landlord refused to let me out of the lease?
I tried to negotiate with him, but he wouldn't do anything to help. He got a judgement against me that I still can't afford and evicted me. My parents told me to quit my job and focus on school. They now pay my rent directly for a studio apartment that a friend of theirs owns, so I have no income at...
Can I file my taxes with my last pay stub of 2018?
Yea I know about the government shutdown, not important to this question. Just wondering if I can file using my last pay stub of 2018. I have all required info. My total income...fed, social security and medicare withholding and my employers federal tax id number and my state doesn't charge tax. I have been...
Is having a savings worth it?
Best answer: Your BF isn't very mature financially. Having some form of savings is important to having stability in your financial life. It can be for emergencies, unexpected expenses, loss of job, having children, buying a home, paying cash for a car, vacations, or simply for retirement. As much as anything else, a form of...
How do you sell a house if you still have not paid off your mortgage to your bank?
I am only a sophomore in high school but I’m intrested in the real estate business and can’t comprehend this. Lets say you are interested in a 400k house, but only have 185k for down payment, and you go to your bank to receive a loan to pay off the remaining 215k, and your a couple years into paying your mortgage....
If I lie on my tax return and claim head of household instead of single. What are chances of getting caught?
So I want a bigger return and tempted to claim head of household even though I haven't paid over half of expenses for the year. What are the chances I get audited? My income was under $70,000.
Should I deal with house?
My mom passed away two years ago and I now live in her house. I had a mentally ill brother with me until he went to a nursing home a year ago. I have a brother that lives 5 hours away in an apartment and he always tells me to keep the house and I can't get it back. I saw my cousin and she will say what do you...
How can get rent receipts in india? if land lord not provide?
Is there anything wrong with being quiet at work ?
As most people I know , go to work don’t talk to anyone and just do there job . Is there anything wrong with that , I feel it’s the best way to avoid problems , to avoid anything . Silence means you just don’t want the headaches ...another reason is being I feel certain people whom I work with are fake to my face...
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