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Why do do many people defend illegal immigrants?
Best answer: misguided goody two shoes
of course they are humans and they need to organize in the own country and demand better living conditions there, the people in the US already did that generations ago, these illegals should not be allowed to benefit from the efforts that they did not put forth
Would you feel comfortable hiring a gay or transgender babysitter?
Best answer: Hell no.. And to be honest they wouldn't even make it to the front door because if you are going to trust a stranger with your kids you need to do your research on them, and I will never have a f*ggot anywhere near children. Reason being... 1) I don't need a homo educating them on how gay & tranny...
Will I own all my Boyfriends things if he moves in with me?
Best answer: There is NO thing called "COMMON LAW MARRIAGE" Citizens...
There is someone I know who is looking for a job that is stress-free, require no degrees. Plz provide me a list. tnx?
I am in NJ and owns a condo. My tenants won't move after lease ends. What can I do legally to get them leave?
Best answer: do NOT call the sheriff without a court order. NJ has a tenant handbook online. In NJ, you CANNOT ask them to leave simply because the lease ends. there needs to be a specific reason (out of about 14 legal reasons) to terminate the tenancy. It would include things like lease violations or owner wanting to move...
Who owns the driveway?
when I bought my house 10 years ago I was told the driveway was shared. now a new owner claims she owns 100 pecent of it. I did some research and found a warranty deed about the driveway. but I'm not sure what all the legal terminology is saying.
Can you get evicted if you don t tell the landlord that there is somebody else living with you?
A friend of mine is asking me to invest in their business. I've never invested before so i don't know what questions to ask.?
How can you live on $11/hr when rent in the area is $1000+ per month?
What do you think my chances are of getting approved for a mortgage?
I turn 21 in June. My boyfriend is also 21, we are not married yet but are to be. We both have had the same jobs for over 2 years. In the Summer I will be graduating with an associates degree, & he will be graduating from a tech center to be a certified electrician. With these degrees & having consistent...
For real though. (no fake news) is Senator John McCain going to be sentenced to prison? What do you think?
Tax return on donation? do i get it all back?
i was told i would get the full money back next year for taxes if i donate my car to a charity (that being a credited charity for youth) But I also know the IRS likes money and idk if i get the full amount back that I can prove it's worth or if i get only a portion of it. I only make $6-8k a year because im a...
Do you find anything wrong with this?
Do you find anything wrong with having two credit credits with the same credit limit
Selling home. Had agent come over and bring comps, etc. At the time was unaware that agents charge different commissions, and told her that?
We would use her as our agent. Although we did not sign a listing agreement, I feel a sense of responsibility to keep her as our agent, but What if I don't agree with the commission she asks for? Should I tell her that I need to interview other agents? This is my first time selling, so I'm a little naive...
Can I still claim a apartment after requesting a refund on my security deposit?
To make a long story short- I applied for an apartment, got approved and was majorly excited! However, the next day I found out that I would have to start paying for my car insurance. So, after redoing my budget I felt like I would be struggling to make ends meet so of course I cancelled my move in date for the...
Is it legal for my boss to ask for my DOB and drivers license information?
My boss, not HR, is asking for my DOB and drivers license information since I occasionally drive for business purposes. Is it legal for my boss to ask and am I obliged to answer the question? Shouldn't HR be asking me and shouldn't HR be able to provide some of that info to my boss.
Why are renters so stupid a renter moved in my house yesterday so I stopped in to check on him all the windows were open and the furnace?
Best answer: It should not bother you unless you are paying the furnace bill. Welcome to the world or being a landlord. Fascinating career field. I have left situations shaking my head with the same thoughts, this person can not be that ignorant or stupid. Have you witness the tenant that tied his dog to the pole outside...
I want a credit card but got 0 credit?
got 0 credit and need one with credit line of 500 or more. i'm 19 old in united states
Is becoming millionaire just as easy as they say in quotes, inspirational stories, books and all?
Looking for some real facts. There are millions of people reading the book “How to become a millionaire” but almost none of them succeeding. Should I just cut out all this being successful crap and just look for a job to feed my gut first?
Is the liberal media our country's biggest enemy, causing far more damage by their manipulation of the ill informed than any outside force?
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