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How did the UK get so powerful for such a small place?
Why do you write?
Explain to me why you write. And why writing is important.
What are the side effects of opium?
What was the worst decade to live in America?
How is Hubi withdrawing token?
Why are people so worried about gun violence in America?
Best answer: So you are so desensitised by it as it is so frequent you look at it as part of your country and 'normal life' and I am amazed so many people try to justify it, deflecting it when in reality It is horrific
What historical movies are - in your opinion- the most accurate ones that you know?
How long would it take for america to recover if the major USA Cities were hit with Nuclear missiles?
Best answer: that would depend on how many people are left and how bad the damage was.
What started the first world war in 1914?
Do young people inside Britain ever wonder why their American colony attempt backfired?
Is Modern -art a Hoax. yes or no . can any homeless -man /woman be an artist ?
Hunting: We are having Thanksgiving at our house this year. How can I stop my nephews from bringing dangerous Nerf?
Best answer: Gary, I do not care about BA, however, will suggest a way to handle the Nerf thing. Nerf toys carry germs so require all Nerf toys to be dipped in "anti-bacterial wash" under the guise of preventing flu germs to spread. Do this outdoors away from open flame; Fill the metal tub with Acetone, MEK, Methylene...
What was the first president you remember living under?
Mine was bush, I remember him and I remember Obama, I don't really remember bill clinton
Who is the most famous vegetarian who ever lived?
Since darkness is just absence of light, what there be eternal darkness if there was absolutely Nothing?
Best answer: If there was absolutely nothing there would be no darkness as there would be no space in which darkness could be.
Which one is correct?
"I'm telling the teachers of you" Or "I'm telling the teachers off you"
Do you think there were vikings that were cannibals?
Why exactly did Hitler do what he did? & why did he kill himself?
Best answer: He, and many high ranking officers with him, rather choose suicide than falling into the hands of the enemy.

In Hitler's case I think it's also because he finally realized how completely and utterly he failed at the end.
How old am I according to my writing?
last night I watched a movie on hbo. this movie got an interesting storyline. A man lives alone by himself in an apartment and he sees a female ghost who keeps bothering him. The man talks and talks to this woman ghost in public. People may think this guy is a lunatic. But it turns out the woman is still in a...
Why is World War 1, also called The Great War?
Often wondered this, my only guess is that it was the first such conflict which directly or indirectly affected almost everyone alive at the time?
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