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Sherlock Holmes books?
Are they good ? If so where do I begin to read ?
What was Uranus called before it was discovered?
I am a human no matter if I think about it or not?
Is it possible Newton was descended from the vikings?
England had been invaded by the vikings before?
Do you have an account on goodreads?
Is Woodward going to provide all of the tapes he claims he has to back up the claims in his book or is he all talk?
Were Italian soldiers during the Second World War really such losers as they are described or are they just propaganda?
Best answer: Yes they were. They were poorly equipped, poorly supplied, poorly motivated and poorly led and this last one is the most significant. Italy never had the economy to compete with the highly industrialised British and their allies in North Africa. Its navy on the other hand were better resourced and much more...
Was there ever someone who could have believed they were ruler of all humans?
If this happened it would have had to occur on some island or island group that lost contact with and forgot about, or disbelieved legends of others people, as well as, having had a single ruler.
Why is it very hard to find the history of things?
Logistics behind child protective services, abusive parents, and runaway situation.?
I'm writing a book in which the protagonist, a 14 year old boy, is present when his 16 year old step brother is running away from Brooklyn, NY to go to Washington, DC where his abusive father is. The protagonist follows him if only because he can't stop him. The question is, when they arrive and the step...
If you were to write a book what would it be about?
After the rapes in wwII were the comfort women stayed single all their lives or leave their family\hansbandsIchildren/ and live alone?
so did the women in world war II after they got raped feel ashamed they r not virgins anymore or the same women to their husbands? when they r not virgins anymore do they stay/remain single for the rest of their lives unmarried, never gonna have virgin man to fall in love with them when they aren't and never...
What is a polital reason that the Boston Massacre caused the US to want to rebel?
Best answer: Propaganda. It wasn't a massacre, it was a violent disturbance (too small to be a riot) put down with excessive force. The soldiers weren't ordered to fire and stood trial. They were acquitted after being defended by John Quincy Adams. Shipping interests in Northern port cities such as Boston, NYC,...
Beowulf asks his friends to stay “close by”. Why does he ask this of them in lines 624-627?
Could you tell my some philosophical concepts that are really strange and interesting?
From Ancient Greece or from other time periods like Kierkegaards for example.
What transportation existed in 1492-1776?
I already said caravels, horses, and caravans but I need 20 and I can t find any.
Who's death were people more upset about Princess Diana's, Or John F Kennedy's?
Best answer: It's Princess Diana and it's not even close. Nobody outside the USA even cared about The John F Kennedy one much. no offense to The US President. But it's the truth. They might have heard of it though. In fairness to John F Kennedy.
Why would Kant or other deontologists label bullying wrong?
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