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Is Trump the most powerful president in modern history?
The native Americans practiced slavery, where is your outrage?
It was well known that the Native Americans enslaved the people of the tribes they conquered. However, I have never seen any liberal outraged because of this
What is the meaning of life?
Did Hitler bomb UK cities in World War 2?
Even if there were children in them? Isn't that pretty much the evilest thing a person could do?
What is the proof that "I am"?
What is the proof that "I am"? If I say "I am not" how to convince me otherwise? "I think therefore I am" does not seem to work since you can reply to that "I am not" and "Thoughts are not".
How did Donald Trump win against Hillary Clinton last election?
It's already been a year and a half that Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton, and I'm still wondering is how? Hillary Clinton was a much better and more qualified candidate than Donald Trump was.
Philosophy question, shouldn't people have the right to decide if they want to live or die?
Best answer: There is a question in ethics as to whether or not a right to die can coexist with a right to life. If, it is argued, the right to life is inalienable, it cannot be surrendered, and therefore may be incompatible with a right to die.[4] A second debate exists within bioethics over whether the right to die is...
Could Germany have won WW2, if Hitler had not been so focused on Moscow?
Why is India still poor when it was colonised by the British ?
Suggestions for a character s name?
Character is a 25 year old female, former military engineer, and the story is about the zombie apocalypse. She is short, and has dark hair, olive skin, and hazel eyes. She is highly intelligent, brave, a good leader, mentally and emotionally strong. She is also fiercely protective of her family and friends. All...
Why is George Washington being honored as a freedom figter?
when he practiced slavery,racism,and genocide
I have to do a book report lolita or 1984?
How did america get involved in WW2?
Best answer: I'm not going to answer all your question, because it's far to large a question and too complex, but I will correct you on a point or two. The US didn't declare war on Germany until after Germany had declared war on the US (December 11th). The US was aiding our ally, Britain, in some ways, and was...
Where did all the different coloured races come from?
Best answer: There is only one human race. It originated in Africa about 500,000 years ago. As people migrated north, they got less sunlight, which favored lighter color skin.
Why do people deny the fact that slavery was the main cause of the civil war?
I feel like it’s pretty obvious that the confederates fought for their right to own slavery so why do people deny it? Also the confederate flag, why wave it if it also symbolizes slavery?
Why do the Allies keep talking about the Holocaust, but ignore the horror bombing of Dresden?
How do I come up with a book title without having any type of "copyright" issues or problems?
Best answer: Mayble you can try to find synonyms for the words you wish to use in the title of your book.
Until now,why don't japan apologize for the heinous crime that they committed during the second war,whether it is comfort women,or?
i feel that japanese has yet to show true contrition for its invasion,until now,their leader wil still visit yasukuni shrine, at the major anniversary,,it show that it don't give up their resolve to seek expansion. ,why don't japan properly handle the history issue with a responsible attitude,like the...
When did Roman society become hedonistic and corrupt?
Everybody was spilling in their drinks in the parties of Lucullus, Piso, Catiline, etc... The banquets of Sulla who had a tranny actor lover, the feasts of Lucullus, the pool parties of Tiberius, the spectacles set up by Caesar, etc... "Men played the woman, women offered their chastity for sale;.... they did...
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