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Where do all these people get the notion that Bangkok is "cheap"?
I just came across another blog today with a whole paragraph ranting and raving about how "cheap" Bangkok is. I mean, seriously? Just today I had no choice but to have a $10 hamburger because I was starving and there was nowhere else nearby that was inexpensive...I can find hamburgers for far less...
If you love the sentinelese for killing an invader than why do you hate trump for stopping illegal immigration?
Afraid of being drugs tested in Thailand?
I smoke weed and although I want to smoke in Thailand I do not want to go to jail so I will probably avoid it. However I am afraid of them drugs testing me as there is no way I'll pass. Is this a legit fear?
Why isnt Obama in jail for all his TREASON AND CRIMES against America?
Best answer: He is a liberal and liberals do not care about the misbehavior of one of their own.
Where did jesus say that we are not required to keep the torah?
Best answer: He didn't.

He said the exact opposite. Obviously.
Trump pissed the liberals off again, I'll ready the play-dough and coloring books. How will you help the liberals cope?
Best answer: I'll give them pacifiers, it will help us as well as we wont have to hear all the crying.
Why doesn't President Donald Trump take the bricks and stones from all his failed casinos and build the wall, he has enough for 1,000 miles?
Best answer: He wants to add us to his list of bankruptcies and failures.
What are good alcohol beverages to have in my vacation to Thailand?
So Im going to Thailand, and I want some advice regarding drinking alcohol there... the thing is that I don't drink , never had a sip before so I don't know what I should have or even how to order in bars. can anyone give me a like a starter guide on how to drink and what to drink? what are some popular...
Why does yahoo take so long to respond?
I am in the L.A. Teacher's Union. And have FANTASTIC Healthcare. Isn't it funny that all the white trailer trash will lose their Obamacare?
Best answer: I love how you outed yourself as a troll through your ridiculous comments.
How does it reflect on christianity when all white christians are racist trump worshiping NAZI trash?
Why doesn't God send clothes to us through the womb of mother?
Some Religions emphasize on wearing full clothes but God send us naked. If clothes are necessary then Why doesn't God send clothes to us through the womb of mother?
How do you think Jesus felt when the Romans sodomized him in front of people?
Best answer: Shut your NlGGER *** up
Should users under 13 be reported?
I HATE being 11 years old?
Best answer: I felt the exact same way at your age. My advice is don't wish away that youth. I wanted so bad to be older and poof, now I'm 35. Pretty soon, poof I'll be 70. I want time to stand still or run backwards for a while. Enjoy your youth. Savor as long as you can.
Professor MUST be an expert on homosexuality, right?
Best answer: The Professor must have got his PhD from Trump University. That makes him a fraud doesn't it?
Why do some countries want to fight on US soil when an international agreement was made to which that is illegal?
There is an international agreement made by 185 countries that agreed that fighting on US soil would not happen.
Should the legal age for voting be raised to 44 years 1 month and 16 days?
Best answer: Absolutely. I've been saying that for years.
Food and travelling expenses in bangkok?
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