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Is Scotland a country? Me and my father are having a big debate about this. I think Scotland isn’t a country. My father thinks it is.?
Is the country of birth where you from? Or the country who have spent whole Entire life in?
Is Dubai part of a country?
Best answer: Yes, it is a city in the United Arab Emirates
Country music turning in to garbag music kinda sounds like rap music?
If you were to change your nationality what country would it be?
not talking about race or skin color, just simply the country your from!
Looking for a title of a country song?!!!?
I recently heard a song on the radio (I think it was country) and all I remember is the story line. Basically a guy is singing saying how excited he is to have a little boy and then he finds out he is having a little girl and how she had him rapped around her finger when right when she was born. The story then...
Whats the song with the cowboy screaming in the sky?
Why did they called Tammy Wynette the first lady of country music?
There was female country singers before her so why do they call her the first lady of country music
What can I say to people that say that they hate country music?
Best answer: Tell them that it’s their opinion, and while they have a right to it, that it’s very childish to go around broadcasting it especially when they purposely do it to try to trigger others.
Does anyone know of any Country songs about girls with hazel or brown eyes? Also Country songs about guy guys with blue eyes?
Does North Korea have country music or something similar?
Please give me a link if they do!
Do people actually listen to country music?
My country, or our country?
Country song about girl choosing another guy?
What’s a country song about a girl choosing another guy?
Do you still look at Alaska The Last Frontier tv show ?
What if there was no Tupac?
Best answer: Then you wouldn't be asking this dang question!
If you were born in a country that you don’t identify with, are you from that country?
On a long and lonesome highway east of Omaha?
Best answer: You can listen to the engine moanin' out its one-note song
Is Garth brooks the biggest rock star of all time?
Best answer: Yes his rock star name is DARTH BROOKS
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