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Why cant people accept that Cardi B is the best musician of all time?
What are some good country songs?
What is the best rendition of the Tennessee Waltz?
Is country music for white people?
Best answer: Seems so
Randy Travis sing meaning....Three wooden crosses?
Who were the three that died??Howw was the singer(person telling story not Rams Travis)related??Trying to settle a dispute!!
Happy Birthday Merle Haggard! What is your favorite song of his?
Who s your favorite country singer?
Mine is probably Chris Young right now.
What are some country songs about women killing their abusive husbands?
I read a post somewhere that said something to the effect of "half of country music is women singing about killing their abusive husbands." Now obviously this is a joke and a massive exaggeration, but it got me curious. Being a weirdo I am, I want to make a playlist of these kind of songs. *Goodbye Earl...
Why is modern country music so terrible?
Best answer: Probably something to do with it becoming extremely commercialized at a time when commercial pop music in general is terrible.
Do Trump supporters realize he's playing you like a fiddle?
Why do people not like country music anymore?
Best country to retired too?
Best answer: Thailand or Cambodia.
Did Kenny Rogers sing with Blood, Sweat & tears?
Classic Country Fans What Are Your Favorite Dwight Yoakam and George Strait Songs?
Best answer: Guitars, Cadillacs by Dwight Yoakam
Write It Down by George Strait.
What are some of your favorite Country music songs?
Best answer: Stoney Edwards, Merle Haggard and Waylon Jennings. Just about anything by them is good.

Merle did a great version of Frankie and Johnny.

WC McCall is also good. Wolfcreek Pass, Convoy
Set default country?
Is West Virginia really almost heaven like the song "Country Roads, Take Me Home" describes?
List names of Classic Country songs, with the title of a woman’s name..(ex. Elvira, Norma Jean Riley..) thanks!?
Best answer: Here are a few, off the top of my head: Margie s At The Lincoln Park Inn (Tom T. Hall) Marie Laveau (Bobby Bare) Judy (Wynn Stewart) Sweet Rosie Jones (Buck Owens) Rita Ballou (Guy Clark) Ruby (Don t Take Your Love To Town) (Johnny Darrell) Anita, You re Dreaming (Waylon Jennings) Clear Isabel (Aaron Watson) Leona...
Best songs by Johnny Cash?
This question is for people who like Johnny Cash... obviously lol... so no hate or trolling from those that don't please!
Are you a boy named Sue?
Best answer: No
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