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How many times have you watched the whole series of "breaking bad"?
Best answer: Just once. But I may restart it someday.
What TV shows have there been that focus/focused on suicide?
Should Star Trek: The Next Generation be the first Star Trek show I watch?
Best answer: You can watch any Star Trek series by itself and be fine. I'd definitely recommend TNG, because it's a great Star Trek series and a genuinely good show, but TOS is good too and you kinda have to watch it if you wanna get into Star Trek, since it started the whole thing.
What's a Good Netflix Series to Binge Watch Right Now?
I'm tired of filtering through terrible shows on Netflix. I need some helpful suggestions.
In Riverdale which one is Betty?
Best answer: Lily Reinhardt. Betty is dating Jughead, the one with the hat.
Any good tv shows someone can recommend ?
TV shows like Game of thrones, breaking bad, Shooter, Boardwalk Empire, Narcos, Wormwood, is what i like to watch. Any recommendations ? Old or new is fine.
People who have seen the show: What do you think about American Horror Story?
What's your review on Daredevil season 3?
Best answer: I agree with Zeke, Season 2 was better but season 3 was still awesome. I love how Matthew had to rediscover himself and his convictions. And Wilson Fisk earned the title of kingpin this season. But its Foggy Nelson I respect the most because despite how badly they treated him, he was always there for his friends....
Anyone ever watch hemlock grove? Was it a good show?
Was The Bionic Woman a good show?
Best answer: Lindsay Wagner as the Bionic Woman was far, far better than Majors in the 6 Million Dollar Man.

I have very recently watched the whole series of the Bionic Woman and still enjoyed it.
Will season will supernatural end on?
i knows it currentily on season 13 but im just wondering how many more seasons it will have til it ends pls let me know cuz i love supernatural
How come on the walking dead the zombies in Atlanta aren't black?
Poll watch TV show is the best?
Just finished watching vampire diaries and i absolutely loved it but now I need something new to watch, do I watch.. 1. The orginals 2. Teen wolf 3. Handmaids tail Also I'm up for suggestions :) Thankyouu
Does anyone remember a show on NBC called "Quantum Leap?"?
Best answer: I remember it. It was similar to The Time Tunnel
The X Files vs Supernatural?
On riverdale why the main cast played their parents young in a flashback episode instead of guest young actors?
its strange seeing the main cast portraying their young parents. it would been better if they hire guest young actors to play their young parents? why would the main cast play their young versions of their parents?
Has doctor who got a space ship?
Best answer: No, he has a space-time ship.
My mom was on an episode of The Price is Right about 8 years ago, is there anyway to find that episode? I never got to watch it.?
Will you watch House Of Cards Season 6?
Best answer: I haven't watched the first 5 seasons. It's on my To Be Watched list, but there are a lot of shows in front of it. I'll get to it eventually.
Is "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" a show safe to watch or is it merely promoting worship towards Satanism?
I am very confused by the critics and people's reactions. People praise the strong feminist and individualistic themes, but I am not sure if this show's purpose is to practice witchcraft or just to entertain.
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