Are Republicans filled with fear and anxiety everyday?
-that the 2020 election is around the corner and the Dems are highly favored to win thanks to the reaction to Trump's presidency? -that the next president could be a liberal woman like Kamala Harris or Kirsten Gillibrand? -that Mueller could release his report at any time and charge Trump with several...
Why doesn't MTV play music videos anymore?
I remember back in the 90s and the early 00s they would play music videos, even in the late 00s they played SOME music vidoes but now all they show is stupid reality shows like ridiculousness, jersey shore, catfish, the challenge, teen mom, and other dumb stuff. What's up with that? doesn't MTV stand for...
Was Donald Trump in the right to postpone Nancy Pelosi's vacation?
Are unpaid government workers outraged that Nancy Pelosi was abandoning them by attempting to leave the country for 8 days?
What would happen if I throw a brick through Nancy Pelosi's window?
Best answer: Because of the wall around her house, you cannot get close enough. Walls are effective.
How do flat earthers explain the lunar eclipse this weekend Jan 20, 2019?
Why is it so hard for racists to admit they are racist?
same goes with xenophobes, homophobes, islamaphobes, etc
Are the vast majority of republicans racist rednecks?
Michelle Obama would be a good president?
what. do. you. think. ?
Who can give me the BEST reason to hate president Trump?
I know a lot of us hate Trump, but what's YOUR #1 reason?
Do you support or oppose the wall?
Do you perfer to pay with cash, Debit or credit?
Is Donald Trump the Reason the Government is shutting down?
Best answer: Yes he is
Why is Obama black?
My step father told me if I don't get a job in 3 weeks he is going to kick me out.?
Is he bluffing? I'm still in highschool and don't think it's even legal to be kicked out at this time.
Where is the best place to get an oil change?
Do you think Trump gives a damn about America or anyone in it?
Does Hillary Clinton think Liberals are stupid?
How angry must Nancy Pelosi be now that her vacation got postponed for her and she actually has to do her job?
Best answer: President Trump made a very serious mistake in not allowing Pelosi and her Democrat Delegation to go to Afghanistan.
He should have allowed them to go and then ordered the plane to return home just as soon as they had disembarked and were inside the terminal in Afghanistan.