How excited are you at the prospect of a Manchester United vs Real Madrid supercup?
We can announce ourselves back on the CL scene and in the big time by crushing overrated Real Madrid, which I'm sure won't be that difficult.
Are there any products that can prevent perishable foods and drinks going bad on long road trips?
That hopefully wouldn't be too expensive if you're just using it once or twice on an interstate holiday with car rental. Certainly for a road trip between 30 minutes and up to either around 2 and a half hours, or 4 hours. Items such as dairy products - milk, margarine, butter or cheese. I'm not sure...
Should i uninstall mcafee if i already have kaspersky, and how to uninstall properly?
Which defunct NFL team do you wish was still playing?
Akron Pros (1920–26) Brooklyn Lions (1926) Buffalo All-Stars (1920–27, 1929) Canton Bulldogs (1920–23, 1925–26) Chicago Tigers (1920) Cincinnati Celts (1921) Cleveland Tigers/Indians (1920–21) Cleveland Indians/Bulldogs (1923–25, 1927) Columbus Panhandles/Tigers (1920–26) Dayton Triangles (1920–29) Detroit Heralds...
Left cubed steaks out over night to thaw?
I took the out around 830 last night put them in the sink. Checked them at 2am they were still frozen. I forgot about them and went to sleep and remembered them at 730 this morning they were thawed and a little cool. Is it safe to still cook them
Do you feel lonely ever?
I do
Do you drink sodas everyday?
Which actor/actress makes you sick to your stomach?
What age is not a child anymore?
Who are you people?
Who is the bigger star: Jennifer Lopez or Beyonce?
Who has made the bigger global impact?
Why does pain hurt?
Do you think masturbation is bad?
Are aliens real?