Which person is the smartest: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, or Barack Obama?
Best answer: Your more smarter is there.
My mom was in a car accident and at fault she didnt have insurance at the time now she is being sued by the other drivers insurance company?
My question is if she gets new car insurance can they help her with this?
Do you think the golden state warriors will make it to the NBA finals?
What will Hillary Clinton do for the rest of her life after the presidency was snatched from her hand?
Is it safe to fly on a commercial flight from say New York to Dallas or Atlanta to Denver?
Family members hearing recent planes went down are cancelling trips because what if we die in the air? How safe is it to fly commercially?
Poll: what is your favorite American state?
How would you shake hands with Trump?
What was the last things you bought?
True or false: children are afraid of you?
Do you agree that all religions are false and no gods exist?
What do I do? My boyfriend is going to jail.?
My boyfriend of a year is going to jail for 5 months due to technically child pornography charges due to a 17 year old pretending to be 18 online and sending him nudes. We have been struggling over the last year (in part due to this stress) because he has been really distant and struggles to open up or spend the...
Why are Republicans against legalizing weed?
Best answer: Don't generalize... I know a lot of Republicans who are in favor of legalizing marijuana for adults.
Do most liberals want to ban all guns? Don’t lie and say you don’t.?
It seems the FBI never got a warrant, when they sent a spy in the Trump campaign. Wouldn't this be required?
Can i offer you a milkshake?
Name an accomplishment by Obama, I dare you?
Do you believe science will eventually be able to explain every aspect of the universe?
Best answer: If our species doesn't wipe itself out, yes. Look at the progress from horse and buggy to space shuttles and experimenting with trying to create wormholes in only 100 years time. Think about that. Horse and buggy to space shuttles... In 100 years. Sadly we can't get rid of religion, so the human race is...