Do Women like Chocolates or Flowers more?
What are your thoughts on the alleged coup currently underway in Zimbabwe to remove Robert Mugabe from presidency?
Who will win? New England Patriots or Oakland Raiders?
Best answer: Pats by 20
Does anyone find it creepy and feel extrmely lied to and betrayed fidning out britney spears had made a fake baby voice in her early career?
Best answer: lmao?? im pree sure her label made her do that to fit the cutesty image
Kyrie Irving has turned the Boston Celtics into an invincible Eastern Conference team, will LeBron be able to stop them?
Why are people so upset that Gabby Douglas said women who dress will attract the wrong attention?
Is everyone really that mad at her because she thinks a woman should conduct herself with class? This in no way means a man has the right to abuse a woman no matter what she wears. Gabby didn't say that. She said women have a responsibility to conduct themselves with class and this includes dressing modestly IF...
Did it snow yet where you live?
What do you think of McDonalds food?
Poll do you act your age?
What's your favorite food?
Best answer: Whatever I get to eat, because some people don't even get to eat.
Do you want Trump to attack North Korea?
Best answer: No not unless North Korea attacks the US first
Do men even care about women?
Poll: If you were at a bar right now, what would you have?
How come 3 million more people supported Hillary than trump?
Have you accepted the fact that you're going to die?
Best answer: Yes, and sometimes that doesn't seem so terrible. The part that bothers me is the journey leading up to my death, ideally as pain free and dignified as possible. I'd like to leave as small a ripple behind as possible and for the world to be kind towards those I care about who will be left behind.
Would you say that Donald Trump is honest, or not?
Is being gay a choice?
Poll how different is your life now compared to 10 years ago ?
Why would anyone be against veganism?