Why did someone call my work and ask for me by first and last name?
Hello, the other day I received a text message from my boss telling me that, on my off day, someone who sounded like a "businessman" called for me asking if I were still employed there and if they had a good contact for me. My boss asked who they were and they immediately hung up the line! Now this is...
Why cant we just leave bill cosby alone he makes mistakes all we all do whey did the women wait so long are they in for money?
How to stop a family friend from always trying to sell us life insurance?
She's always bringing out her materials with her pyramid scheme life insurance policies. We keep telling her all the time that we're not interested but the woman just doesn't relent! I love her but....man this is getting tiring
Was it a mistake for the United States to start using the useless terms "Hispanic" and "Latino"?
Hispanic: People from Spanish-speaking countries. The Spanish language is a European language. Latino: People from countries in the Americas the have Latin-based languages as the official language. Latin was the official language of the Roman empire. Both Hispanics and Latinos come in different races and...
Can you decide where on the political spectrum I am? I really can't figure it out?
I am not sure who exactly to identify with. Each party has their own flaws and I just can't decide where exactly I am. If you could give a diagnosis, it would be greatly appreciated. Ok here goes: I believe in freedom of speech, pro-second amendment (except I also believe that there should be psych evals as...
Is 33 to old to play video games?
Do all Americans own a gun?
Can you be without internet for one day?
I doubt I can... I'm so weak!
Is Trump misunderstood by liberals?
Is it cold where you live?
Agree or disagree: Trump made ppl fall in love with him?
In the 50s an average middle class family could afford a home, car, vacation, kids, school, and retirement on a single income. What happened?
Why do democrats care more for Illegal immigrants than OUR own people?
Iv been reading both sides of the argument to keep DACA, but I don't understand why democrats want to spend millions on illegal immigrants on government benefits when there are children in our own nation that is starving and need assistance, I guess the real question is who do you value more your own people or...
Do you prefer mustard or ketchup on your hotdog?
I pick ketchup!
From your point of view who is right, Republicans or Democrats and why?
The Republicans want funding for border security - including the border wall - and immigration reforms, as well as increased military spending. The Democrats have demanded protection from deportation of more than 700,000 undocumented immigrants who entered the US as children. Trump accused the Democrats of being...
Poll: Do you like meat loaf?
Do all Trinitarians believe the Bible teaches that Jesus got to be the Christ because he is the Only angel that never sinned in Heaven?
Is the person who said this lead by the holy ghost? If you do not believe as this person, why does your ghost not teach all trinitarians the same thing?
What type of best dessert, do you like?
Poll & Survey: Do you like watching (American) Football?