How will President Obama be remembered as the President of the United States?
What was/is your dogs name?
What is so great about veterans?
One time, a veteran cut the lock off of my locker and stole my gas mask because he lost his and would have had to pay for one when he outprocessed and I was forced to buy a $130 gas mask. Another time, two veterans got in a drunken fight outside my dorm room and got blood all over the floor. What's so great...
Do you feel Obama made the economy better or worse off?
If the Earth was really round, wouldn't all the water fall off?
Are Trump's followers Idiots?
ORANGE JUICE. do you drink often.?
ok do you drink orange juice 1. OFTEN OR NOT 2. LIKE IT WITH pulp or without pulp 3. do you like it extra sweet 4. will you drink orange juice not always the most fresh 5. when you drink orange, do you ever drink more than one cup or glass 6. does drinking orange ever make your stomach churn or teeth hurt 7. is...
Why are dark skinned people so fuсking ugly?????? (PICTURE)!?
I'm going to suck the brains out of your pu$$y?
Do you EAT RED MEATS/SAUSAGE often. can you digest?
What would happen if I report what my cousin has done?
If you think I'm trolling please just move on. I have something private to ask and I can't ask anyone in real life. My much-elder cousin (40) had a job interview in my hometown and my mom offered him to stay with us instead of in a hotel (he's broke). We put a camp bed in my room and the 1st night was...
Do you really believe the election is rigged?
If you do, sorry to break it to you, you're stupid and gullible. Grow up.
How did parents "do it" when they lived in 1 room cabins with their kids?
Best answer: Send every last one of the kids to do something. Frank, go milk the cow. Edward, take your brother for a walk. Andrew, **** off. And when everyone is gone, they'll bang.
Do you agree with Trump that nobody on the entire planet respects women more than he respects them?
Poll: What are you eating tonight?
When Trump loses and he calls for his supporters to grab their guns and head for Washington because the system is rigged, will they do it?
Why do so many women use men for money?
Exspecially now days since more women are graduating college and able to get good jobs like me they still feel the need to take our money, are men not seen as worth anything if we don't have money because that's what it seems
Why do people think I'm being an asshole if I double park my car all the way in the back of a parking lot where no cars are parked?
Best answer: Because they need a reason to whine .