Why does Ann Coulter have so much power over Trump?
How does a savings account work?
Best answer: Most probably it can. The point of a savings account is that you leave money in there to build up interest. You will notice that they are all advertised with an interest rate - this is how much you will get each year just for leaving the money there. The bank can use your money to invest, lend out, one way or...
Can we keep Nancy pelosi but deport Chuck Schumer?
Chuck Schumer said welcome illegals
Am I the only one who don't find angelina Jolie attractive?
She's not ugly but she's OK. She's too masculine to be attractive... And she seems weird. I don't get what's so stunning about her... Who else feels the same? I'm a girl BTW haha and yes i do find some women very beautiful like Megan markle, Kylie jenner(after plastic), Kim K, Aaliyah the...
Are the Razzies a good indication of bad movies?
Best answer: Not necessarily. But a brief look over the past 20 years or so indicates they do a pretty good job most of the time, it's a long list of crappy films nominated. You can't always let "good" or "bad" dictate your movie watching. Some films that are objectively bad are also entertaining,...
What political party is brainwashed the most ?
Best answer: All of them
Michelle Obama would be a good president?
what. do. you. think. ?
Who can give me the BEST reason to hate president Trump?
I know a lot of us hate Trump, but what's YOUR #1 reason?
Do you support or oppose the wall?
True or False: You wish you can re-live the ‘90s?
Why do women have so much trouble with maintaining their weight and being slim and sexy?
Best answer: Once they snag a man, they don't care anymore. Lazy, fat and just don't care.
How long will Trump hold our government hostage?
Do Women deserve equal pay?
if women are doing the same work, should they pay the same as men?
Why is it so hard for racists to admit they are racist?
same goes with xenophobes, homophobes, islamaphobes, etc
Why did the baby boomers destroy america?
The United States had a decade of Prosperity. these people were the greatest generation. They managed To follow their dreams, Innovated, and created the next big thing. They boosted the economy for themselves plus their future generation kids. They created New homes, cars, small business, Factories.. You name it!...
Why is Obama black?
I overate by 1200 calories today, I feel like crap. Will I put on any weight if I go straight back to normal tomorrow?
I had too much today, it just happened. I had too many snacks and alcohol. Will I put on any weight? I’m trying to lose weight and my daily calorie intake is around 1200-1300 cals.
Was JFK's death a murder? Or a suicide???
What is the best thing America has ever done?