Orrin Hatch said, "I don't care if Trump broke the law.". Is that how the GOP feels? No more Rule of Law for Republicans?
Is visible light more special than other spectrums of electromagnetic radiation(except for being able to be seen by human eyes)?
Why didn't Trump replace Obamacare with something better, like he promised?
Best answer: Trump's word is no good. That's why his lawyers only meet with him in pairs so there's a witness. Poor cohen didn't have any friends and had to tape him instead.
Should all Trump supporters heed the words of Michael Cohen as he spoke to the judges today about the criminal he worked for, Donald Trump?
"Your Honor, this may seem hard to believe, but today is one of the most meaningful days of my life. The irony is today is the day I am getting my freedom back as you sit at the bench and you contemplate my fate. I have been living in a personal and mental incarceration ever since the fateful day that I...
Ariana Grande or Nicki Minaj?
What would you do if Russia invaded America?
Men: Has the #MeToo movement shifted your attitudes towards women?
What would happen if Donald Trump joined Yahoo Answers?
What was the worst problem Barack H. Obama caused as President?
Is shutting down the government a good idea by Donald Trump?
Should the US just invade Central America, wipe out the gangs and cartels and make it safe for people to live there?
Do Trumpsters realize that even if you didn't physically do an illegal act, that if you conspired with someone to do it, you're also guilty?
Libs, if Trump doesn't hire the best people, then can you name even one of his hired people that is going to prison?
Why is the Democrat part leaning towards socialism? When did this happen?
What is the number one problem in todays world?
Do you think Donald Trump’s wall is a good idea?
Why do old people vote for Trump?
Is there any evidence to prove that Hitler did commit suicide?
Knowing that Hitler was an ultra totalitarian psychopath and that those with that type of personality seldom take their own lives. Can it be assume that he left Berlin becasue there is no evidence to prove that he didn't.
Is there any politician who behaves more creepy than Joe Biden?