Would you watch my documentary Legions of Leather: The Mike Pence Story?
Did Obama find out what was in the Obamacare bill before or after he signed it?
When Bill Cosby gets out of jail, will he be appointed to the Supreme Court to sit beside Kavanaugh?
Is Ariana Grande 16 yrs old?
Would Ivanka be Great as UN Ambassador, Nikki Haley says yes?
Best answer: Absolutely. She is great. I also think Peggy Noonan would be great, (she has a way with words) she is President Ronald Reagan's former speech writer, and is credited with some of his most iconic speeches, like, when the Challenger disaster occurred. When I was a child, I remember seeing the president on...
Whose a better singer Whitney Houston, Barbara Streisand or Mariah carey?
or do u have another favourite
Describe Trump with one word?
They say the Rothschild owns the world bank. The 4 largest banks are in China, do the Rothschild even own any of that?
Best answer: People who say they own the world are clearly stupid with no proof. The 4 largest banks in the world are own by the Communist Party and these guys will crap on any Rothschild if they ever tries to control them. I would say you are correct, besides JPmorgan and other American/Isreal banks at best i just dont see...
I LITERALLY despise Trump and In my heart, I reject him as my president. Thoughts?
Describe Obama in three words?
What is the meaning of life?
Donald Trump... Clown or politician? Opinions....?
Why do Democrats hate a booming economy?
They keep saying his tarrifs are going to lead to another recession. LOL! They find anything to slate Trump. It's annoying. Are we going to have to hear this for the next six years?
How come some people find delight in other peoples pain/Grief?
Is it because then they don’t seem as bad by Comparison
Why can’t most Americans be bothered to learn big major European languages such as French, German, Dutch & Italian?
They can always use them when on business or pleasure in the EU.
Why do people compare Trump with Hitler?
Who’s the biggest douchebag in here?
Why do "some" people think that Hillary Clinton is a bad person?
Hillary would've been a great president (unlike Trump). She is respected by other past presidents like George W. Bush and Barack Obama (unlike Trump). She was invited to John McCain's funeral (unlike Trump). Here's what Hillary Clinton said about John McCain after he died in this YouTube video:...
I'm annoying, racist, opinionated, sexist and most of all, I'm orange. What am I?
So now Trump refused to donate the $1 million dollars to charity after Elizabeth Warren has proven that she carries native American blood.?
Are you surprised by him welching out on this? I'm sure small businesses that have been refused payments for services with the Trump construction projects aren't surprised since over and over he's a proven deadbeat.