Do you see Donald Trump as a tough president like Reagan or Theodore Roosevelt?
Best answer: Nope. Trump is really fragile and has an inferiority complex. He takes criticism as if it is a death threat and doesn't think through. It is going to be a while before we find a president like Reagan or Roosevelt. All we have these days are whiny bitches coming from both sides of the political scale.
WHAT evidence, has Trump shown in his entire LIFE, that he has shown compassion for the average American before running for President?
Why is Hillary not being investigated for obstruction of justice?
Why did James Comey refuse to investigate Hillary but was more than happy to investigate Trump? Does that make him a stooge?
Best answer: Comey is untrustworthy and bumbling. He investigated Hillary, and refused to arrest her.
Should the Democrat Party be banned and allow the Republican Party to take complete power?
Best answer: No, that's a terrible idea.

If you want to live in a one-party state, move to China or North Korea.
Why are made up crimes (by leftist media) of Trump being investigated but the PROVEN crimes of Hillary are not investigated?
Best answer: This just reeks of desperation. Hillary WAS investigated. They just didn t result in any charges.
If there has been such undeniable evidence about Trumps guilt for what ever Libs are accusing him of this week..?
Then why hasnt he even been charged with anything yet?
So president Trump is supposed to just sit there in silence as the Democrats and MSM fabricate a story about how he colluded?
with the Russians to rig the election and if he objects that's "Obstruction of Justice"? How messed up is that?
I suffer from ptsd and severe depression after a traumatic experience and always think suicidal thoughts. Would I be punished if I did it?
The only thing really stopping me is my fear of the afterlife and judgement
When will the impeachment proceedings for Trump take place?