What are the best looking japanese performance tires for a 16 inch radial on a 2005 nissan altima?
Best answer: Kumho and Ventus (Hankook). Inexpensive, worth the money.
Are you glad that Trump's medical exam 'went exceptionally well' according to Dr. Ronny Jackson ... who misspelled his own name?
Best answer: I'm sure Trump's medical results are as phony as his IQ.
Jeep Library vs Wrangler advice?
I've been searching for a Toyota Tacoma for awhile now and everytime I find one it's either too far or they just sold it. The only other vehicle I would consider buying is a Jeep. I've researched the Tacoma and know why it's a great truck but idk anything about Jeeps, other than I think they're...
When will liberaltards learn that news is fake, here is a link proving it?
http://www.independent.co.uk/news/trump-... FAKE
How do I wash my car?
I have a 2016 honda accord that I got from my parents and I don't know how to wash it? I'm in college and my parents live 300 miles away
How long can an car insurance company take to pay you in virginia?
Its been almost 3 months since i filed my claim. My car was stolen and totaled and they are doing an investigation on me which is confusing to me. But i had to get my credit report phone records and the whole 9 yards. But knowing i had nothing to do with this is pissing me off. Is it legal to take this freakin long
Is italian the best food?
Was Trump wrong to make this statement?
Best answer: Absolutely. He's spoken out against Mexicans, Mexican-Americans and and Hispanics in general, Blacks, Haitians, Africans, people from the Caribbean, etc. Curious, all those people he's spoken against were people of color, yet he praised the KKK as "good people" perhaps because they're the...
Are you in the USA right now? Poll?
Why is Forrest Gump considered the best movie ever?
I think it's kinda overrated
Do men need to accept that women are just the superior gender?
1. We don't believe in war 2. We want to protect the climate 3. We are more beautiful 4. We are able to carry billions of kids with just the sperm of one or two guys.
My favorite food is mashed potatoes. What do you think?
Are you brainwashed by the mainstream media?
Will Trump ever stop embarrassing the United States?
What would you do if you knew you'll die in 30days?
Is Africa a sh!t hole?
Poll: would you rather have a juicy steak with a baked potato, or pizza?
What was the best movie of 1994?
Maybe one of the best years for movies. Forrest Gump, Pulp Fiction, Interview with the Vampire, Lion King...
What good came out of 8 years of Obama?
Best answer: He is solely responsible for the Trump phenomenon, and subsequent presidency. Obama candidate of deep state and corporate U.S. Seems Obama forgot to reveal before the election, his associations with.... http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article45692.htm "Citigroup Chose Obama’s 2008 Cabinet, WikiLeaks...