Nowadays, is it possible for business and politics to be separate?
What about personal relationships and politics? Most recently, Natalie Portman announced she's no longer friends with Jared Kushner because of his politics? Is this the new normal? Ivanka Trump's products are boycotted by Democrats. Trump's businesses are targeted both domestically and by foreign...
Smash or pass: 1. Ariana Grande 2. Peyton List 3. Mariah Carey 4. Kylie Jenner 5. Rihanna?
Who is the most overrated power in hitter in MLB in 2018 between Bryce Harper and Giancarlo Stanton?
Best answer: Neither one is overrated in my book. But so far in 2018 Harper has 19 HR's in 245 at bats, that's averaging a HR every 12.8 times at bat. Stanton has 16 HR's in 266 at bats, that's averaging a HR every 16.6 times at bats. But in their career Stanton has 283 HR's in 3843 at bats, that's...
Do you support feminism? If not, why?
Coke or pepsi?
What do you drink before bed time?
White Americans, why are you terrified of the changing demographics of the united states?
by 2042 Americans of European descent will make up less then half of the population. it is already to late to stop this trend as more then half of all babies born today are minorities. why would anyone be opposed to this though? I'm a white american myself and can't wait for america to become a...
Do you eat fast food?
Best answer: Yes, I do eat fast food 2-3 times a weak, despite knowing that it's harmful for health, I can't help out.
Is it illegal to rob a dead body?
Let’s say that there was a shootout in my neighborhood between two rival gangs, and I happened to stumble upon a corpse before police arrive and it’s very clear that he’s dead. No pulse, brains splattered across the street and all that. Would it be illegal for me to run in his pockets and take his phone and money...
It true Rachel Maddow from MSNBC broke into tears last night on camera when covering a story on aborted babies separated from their mother?
Was Hitler a brilliant man?
True or False, Trump is one of the worst presidents ever?
Why don't most women look like this?
Best answer: Well I look pretty close to that lol and I’m vanilla
Who is the most notorious leftist in history; KimJong, Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Che Guevara, other?
Why don't we just get rid of government assistance programs?
Best answer: YES! Reduce them 5% per year and after 20 years they will be gone for good.
Why do liberals hate Catholicism & Christianity yet liberals will defend islam all day long?
Best answer: Because Catholics and Christians worship the true God and liberals know it.
Which country has the most fat people?
How do Liberals explain why African Americans have such low IQs?
It's not like this group is malnourished. They're vastly over represented in athletic sports. They're over 80 percent of the NBA & the NFL, and that is despite being 12 percent the population. Say all populations or "races" were the same. In a perfect distribution, in a room there'd be...
How old will you be in 10 years?