Why don't conservatives realize that less funding for schools creates more retards which is bad for America?
Are dogs, pets or family members?
Best answer: They are personal property same as a car, microwave or bed. It's pretty clear in the bible that God made humans to rule over other animals and not to be our equal. Also pets are replaceable, if your dog dies you can get another one and forget about the old one. Now if your mother or father dies can you...
4 dead, including police officer, in London terrorist attack http://www.cnbc.com/2017/03/22/shots-rep...
SHOULD DONALD TRUMP PASS RESTAURANT REGULATIONS that limit fat, salt, sugar, calories, greasiness, etc?
Are White girls in Australia open to dating Australian and Inter-nation Indian guys?
Best answer: It's so common. My friend Pren-eel Patel from the India in the Mumbai slum 5.6" is dating a Lil voluptuous booty White girl 5.0" from Sydney Australia named Sarah. There are at least 63 web page where there is unlimited pics/videos of white girls deep tongue french kissing Indian men, sucking...
Why is the GOP really, REALLY stupid when it comes to science?
How do you take a guy seriously when he tells you that man made climate change is a fairy tale, but then tells you that an old man put all two million animals in a wooden ark because of a middle eastern desert god. Science, the GOP needs it. Bad.
What do you enjoy best about spring days?
Do you prefer to go shopping by yourself or with others?
Is it wrong to not want kids?
I'm 19 and I've decided that I don't want kids. Why do people keep telling me I'll change my mind later on down the road?
What comes to mind when I say "You Cant Touch This" ?
DID OBAMA MAKE THE US ECONOMY better off or not?
IS YOU ANGRY WITH YOUR COUNTRY ''current political and economic condition''?
What was the last food you ate?
I had a delicious meal. I ate eggs avocados and some orange juice. What about you?
Does Hillary Clinton's lack of charisma (cold, brittle, and unpersuasive from the podium) cause her to lose elections?
How can I prove to a ateist that God is real?
Poll:Who do you vote for as the coolest Yahoo User?
Best answer: Aizen SHAMe Dr Death <3 Ken Bone LITTLE BIG MAN Tommy Mandi Jugram Haschwalth Warrior of Weddzz Jess C Llewlyn <3 Sugar lips ♥ ♦ choco ♦ ♥ Dori forte88eng KEVY and everyone else in yahoo who will answer.........except Ernesto and Stroker. ;D until these ninjas fess up that they luh Misa, i cant...
I can see my inbox mails on my mobile but cant able to acess on my computer device?
Best answer: http://bit.ly/2mqrrqT
What is your hair color?
HAVE YOU EVER BEEN IN JAIL or have any criminal convictions?