Email from Nancy Pelosi: The end of Social security?
Best answer: Um, isn't this the person that said that Trump's tax bill was Crumbs, and the one that said they had to pass the healthcare bill, so they could open it up and see what is in it?
Which Premier League clubs will qualify for the Champions League this year?
I personally think the title race will be between Man City and Liverpool, both have great squads. I feel like Chelsea will come third, they played well under Sarri’s new playing style and have brought in a couple good players too. I think either one of United, Tottenham and Arsenal could finish fourth, but if I...
Does Kourtney Kardashian look like an Arab or no?
Best answer: No. She resembles an African.
For those opposed to president Trump, which policy of his are you against, and why?
I was fairly resistant to the idea of Donald Trump being president, however, while far from perfect, I see him having done some common sense good things. Please explain your objections to certain policies he's implemented. I don't understand the extreme hatred based on policy. If anyone can intelligently...
Donald Trump on Aretha Franklin: She is dead and she worked for me. On a scale of 1-10, how respectful is that?
Was Aretha Franklin a liberal?
Are you scared of muslims?
Will science one day be able to answer the question "why do we exist?"?
Would you support the government in shutting down CNN?
Dear libs, please stop trying to destroy America. Why do you hate the President so much?
Conservatives: Would you be convinced that Trump is a racist if turns out he said the n-word?
If it was up to liberals, would only New York and California get to vote for President?
Can you drink rain?
Cons, why in your opinion do most black people vote democrat?
This will be entertaining.
Do Democrats think supporting ANTIFA's violence will cause people to vote for Democrats?
HAS DONALD TRUMP showed any RACISM during his presidency?
What are some of the most feminist cities men should avoid?
And what are some more normal, less feminist cities recommended for men?
If a "big bang" can create life why can't man repeat it?