Where would Real Madrid be without Ronaldo?
Best answer: Up sh#t creek without a paddle
Who do you like more? Sean Hannity or Jimmy Kimmel?
How do Progressive Liberals manage to have all of the "classy-chick" professors as Democrats? Randa Jarrar, classy Fresno State tenured?
Best answer: How do Trump-worshiping Conservative manage to have all the "classy" people like Roger Stone, Trump's pal, who said that Barbara Bush was drunk all the time and that if her body were put on fire, it would burn for three days? You don't mention THAT, now do ya, pal? Because you're a HYPOCRITE,...
Puppy almost ate a daffodilflower, should I be worried? She barely chewed on it before I got the whole flower out She’s 4 months and 21 lbs?
What does kendrick lamar mean when he says "when I go hard on a bi*ch I make it look sexy?"?
Do you like Coca-Cola?
Do you think the school walkouts are pointless?
Do you believe racism is still prevalent in America?
Is it disrespectful for a sitting president (e.g., Donald Trump) to not attend an extant First Lady's funeral?
Have you ever walked by a homeless person and said get a job?
I do it all of the time and I find it hilarious how many excuses or dirty looks that I get while doing it. It’s not just from the bums but from liberals who make excuses for them. Try it the next time, even if they are not asking for anything. Just make eye contact and say get a job.
What do you think of feminism?
not here to start anything. i just wanna know people's thoughts about feminism and equality.
Did you see Obama smiling at Barbara Bush's funeral?
The man has no class
Who creates jobs? The "rich" or the "non-rich"?
Lol, I mean seriously. The only other job creator I can think of is the government, if not the rich.
Why did Trump lie about his wealth?
Why do some people actually believe the earth is flat?
I don’t want sex.... am i weird?
i’m a 14 year old girl and everybody at this age watches porn, wants to have sex etc. it’s not like i don’t want it at all i just don’t care much. does it mean i’m asexual or weird?
Do liberals not care about the white Americans struggling every day?
Best answer: No,liberals hate White people they also hate Whites dating their own race.
What would your last words be before death?
Why didn't Donald Trump attend Barbra Bush's funeral?
If Trump came up to you and wanted to shake your hand, what would you say?
Honestly, in any situation. If he walked up to me to shake my hand I'd probably look him in the eye and just say "go fu*ck yourself you piece-of-**** scumbag. You don't deserve my handshake" What do you think you would say?