Is katy Perry's hairstyle weird or cool?
Why are there so few photos of CIA New Chief Gina Haspel?
Best answer: Torturers don't like their pictures taken.
Is Playing A Real Life Person Difficult For Actors?
Best answer: There is some difficulty, especially if the real-life figure has a distinct accent.
Who Ndamukong Suh sign with?
Best answer: The jerk has already talked to Tennessee and the Seathugs, Dolts, Saints, Jets and Browns are all said to be interested, as well. Suh doesn't care about playing for a winner. He'll go with the team that offers him the most money. How much is a mindless animal whose sack total has dropped in each of the last...
Why do all girls love Justin Bieber and guys who look like him?
Why does Vanessa Trump need a criminal lawyer for her divorce proceedings? Why is the divorce uncontested?
If DT fires MueIIer, he shouId be Impeached immediately?
Should Donald Trump be considered a hero for saying he would go into a school to confront an armed shooter?
Why was Barack Obama considered a weak president?
Survey : Is it cold where you live?
It's freaking hot here. 31 Celsius but feels like 38
Why does Hillary Clinton always says "you know" when she speaks?
Why do Trump supporters think Mueller works for Hillary Clinton?
How can liberals say the big bang happened if none of them seen it?
Will this be a black eye?
I bumped my eyebrow on car door and it looks like this right away
Do you still read the Newspaper?
Is it wrong to say Cons are always living in the past? I mean, all they talk about is how great things were in the 1950s & Bill Clinton, huh?
Why is crime rate higher in african american communities than any other communities in the usa?
Why do black teens have to pre pay for their meals in America? “(CNN) — An IHOP restaurant in Maine retrained its employees after a waitress asked a group of black teens to prepay for a meal. The eatery in Auburn, about 40 miles north of Portland, closed on Thursday for employee training and the waitress was...
What will liberals say / do when Mueller admits there was NO COLLUSION? Will we get an apology from a single one of these douchebags?