Is Trump less scary because he watches at least four hours of television everyday?
President Donald Trump, who just last month said he’s too busy “reading documents” to watch much television, spends up to 8 hours in front of the TV each day, according to a new report. Television serves as the “ammunition” for his outbursts on Twitter, according to the Times. No one is allowed to touch the...
Are the Washington Redskins NFL Team so bad because of their team name (Redskins)?
I live in Atlanta so am not affected but just curious as I remember them being competitive when I was a kid.
Jared Goff or Jameis Winston? Delanie Walker or Evan Engram? Pick one - Golden Tate, Sterling Shepard, Amari Cooper?
Jared Goff vs Carson Wentz this Sunday, who you got and why?
Best answer: Look for Carson Wentz to bounce back in a big way. The loss to the Seahawks is not going to stick with him and he's going to come out confident.
What is the cheapest car insurance i can get in New York state?
Best answer: Contact an Independent insurance agent. I was insured with Adirondack Exchange, and it didn't cost much.
Where are the mass riots and protests of the Daniel Shaver shooting, and the acquittal?
Best answer: Liberals do not care because he is White, if he was a black then there would be riots. Liberals only care about something if it fits their agenda.
I'm 23. Am I considered old?
Cuz I will hit 30 in about 7 years.
How do liberals feel knowing that Donald Trump IS their president?
Who was worse? Hillary or Obama?
Should fat people be required to buy more seats on planes?
What are your politics?
Do you believe Trump will be re-elected?
Poll: What movie can you watch over and over without ever getting tired of?
Do liberals exaggerate the Roy Moore claims?
I feel like they always leave out the fact that the Judge would ask the mother of someone who was 14 to get permission. If she said no, he would move to a different 14 year old girl. Also Mohammad was a great prophet who had sex with a 13 year old and no one attacks him. Roy, although is not a prophet is...
Was Donald Trump sent by God to clean up Barack Obama's mess?
Why am I so nice?
Yes, I know this sounds weird, but hear me out. I have an extreme social anxiety disorder and suffer from other mental disorders. I've been treated like crap from people and still am. Yet for some reason, my natural instinct is to be incredibly nice to people. I've been able to talk to famous people, the...
Do you still wish Obama was president?
Why can't most black people speak english very well?
Aren't you glad to hear Trump say "Merry Christmas" instead of Obama saying "Happy Holidays" as if 'Christmas' were a swear-word?
Were we promised collusion, serious crimes that bordered on treason and now, after nearly $7 million in costs what are we getting?