What was your reaction to Obama leaving the White House?
What's your favorite cereal?
How many of you Trumpsters actually believe the blatant BS that comes out of his mouth (or his twitter)?
I mean really. You Trumptards cannot be that stupid to actually believe that his inauguration was the largest in history, right?
Liberals: Which pilot would you trust more to fly you safely on a commercial flight?
A 25 year old Syrian refugee named Rahim. Or a 50 year old Trump supporter named Bob. Assuming they both have flying experience
Why is pu_ssy boy Brad always whinging about things?
Can't he grow a pair?
Does life begin at the moment of ejaculation?
What issue most divides liberals and conservatives?
Help Rating Names?
Having a baby. Gender is unknown. We have three names picked out for each gender. Please rate them first, second and third, etc. for each gender. No harsh comments on the names please. Boy: Beckham, Maddox, Jace, Dawson, Maverick or Bentley Girl: Isla, Hadley, Paisley, Lexi, Sienna or Kailia
Why are liberal men such pansies?
Best answer: Loving equality makes you a pussy?
Does trump have worst cabinet ever.?
Best answer: mos def!
Did you vote for president Trump?
I proudly did and he's making me proud
Was Barack Obama one of the greatest presidents of all time?
Best answer: history will show that he was one of the best Presidents
If my girlfriend is pregnant, do I have to propose?
Unique Dog Names for Female Border Collie?
Hello! A few days ago, my family adopted a sweet little border collie girl and we haven't yet decided on a name. She's black with silky, floppy ears, amber eyes, a black nose, and patches of white on her belly, chest, paws, and snout. I need some UNIQUE names, but nothing odd. I'm not looking for...
Parents won't let us bring 3 small dogs to their house to visit?
Hi. My wife, 1 year old son and I were going to visit my parents in May for 2 weeks. We have 3 small Chihuahua terrier dogs. Well behaved and parents have met one of them before. They changed their mind and said if we don't get rid of the 3rd dog that we aren't welcome to visit. Is that normal? I would...
Obama saved the economy that Bush destroyed. Now Trump will destroy it, just like Bush did after inheriting Clinton's economy?
Don't you hate it when you're trolling in Politics, and Yahoo glitches and you can't hit Make Anonymous in time?
Best answer: i REALLY hate when that happens. i cant agree with you enough! or it says under review then i cant change it in time and have to keep checking back over and over and refreshing the page like mad in hope to go blue before anyone sees!
Does anyone have any ideas where I could go?
A triangle is a ______ with three sides?
Is Yahoo dying?