What do you think about Alexa Bliss's career being up in the air due to several concussions?
Best answer: It's not good news for someone who is amazing on the mic and is trying in the ring. I don't want Bliss to end up just like Paige because she still has that wrestling potential in her and has yet to wrestle at her very best. She keeps on improving in the ring and that's a good thing for her. Bliss...
What do you think about Becky Lynch missing Survivor Series after possibly suffering a broken nose and concussion?
https://www.fightful.com/wrestling/exclu... Apparently, Nia Jax stiffed Becky causing her to be cut open during the brawl on Raw. What's your opinion on this?
What are your thoughts on Hillary Clinton to run for President again in 2020?
Why hasn’t Hillary Clinton been “locked up” but several of Trump’s associates have?
Best answer: Cuz she did nothing wrong and they did. Donnie will soon join them!
What style is your engagement ring and how much did it cost?
Best answer: I don't know how much it cost. Its a yellow gold Tiffany style solitaire with 2.2 carats.
Trump Supporters: Like Mississippi Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith, would you, also, want to be in the front row for a public hanging?
Describe Donald Trump in three words?
What's wrong with gun control?
Why do people still cook?
Seems so antiquated to me. Why would you ever buy food and cook it yourself, when you can order it and have it delivered to your door already prepared? I haven’t cooked a thing in years. Drive thus have been a thing for decades yet I can’t see why cooking wouldn’t become obsolete. So to all the cookers out...
What's your sign?
Are you happy with it or wish you were another sign?
If the Democrats had it their way, what would happen to the United States?
Should Trump declare war on France?
Should there be universal income?
Best answer: Nothing is free and somebody will foot the bill. As a working taxpayer, it'll probably be me..... HEY! NO WAY!
What is wrong with socialism?
How did the UK get so powerful for such a small place?
Why is Maxine Waters so rich?
Members of Congress only make 175k a year. I didn't know you could afford a 4.5 million dollar mansion with that salary. Maxi-Pad is living in the lap of luxury by cashing in on those campaign donations!
Why do you write?
Explain to me why you write. And why writing is important.
Does anybody even actually like 💩 signs like Aquarius?
Best answer: Very few.
Why do older people loose interest in current music and fashion trends?