What do you think about the fact that Glenn Beck`s fear mongering empire is collapsing because he hates TRUMP?
Best answer: That karma is circled around and is now biting his ***.
Toyota RAV4 2004?
Have been offered this car. How’s the fuel? Need something big enough for road trips with mates and my dogs. Also want something higher off the ground than a standard car.
How was the 3rd goal in the Colombia - Poland game a few minutes ago not offside?
Why do stupid people not realize Nicki Minaj is a sell out clone?
Best answer: Cuz they are stupid... they have closed eyes
If you buy real Instagram followers, do they like your pictures?
Best answer: Buy followers that like your photos
Is my dog a Liberal?
Best answer: While those are symptoms of liberalism, the thing that your dog has that liberals do not is the ability to love. Your dog loves you more then he loves himself. So that cancels him out as being a liberal.
Are Trump's haters retarded?
I'm not really into politics or anything but see a lot of exaggerated slander against Trump. I see a lot of hate against him for superficial things. And I just don't see why. I just don't get how anyone can say Trump is a bad president when he has gotten GDP high, unemployment low, return illegals to...
How do we educate atheists?
Are you ashamed at the level of hate coming from the whitehouse?
Would you vote for me?
My plan: 1) Deport ALL Mexicans 2) Build the wall 3) Turn Iran into glass 4) Gas the Palestinians 5) Ban ALL Muslims from entering the US FOREVER
Question for liberals. If your boss asked you to work beyond 40 hours would you scream and call him racist?
Should Obama be tried for treason?
Do liberals care more about hating Trump than about how well the US is actually doing.?
It seems that liberals care more about hate and revenge for a 2016 election, than actually caring about how well the country is doing. If the country does well then shouldn't that be good for all people? Regardless if it's a democrat or republican. 3.4 percent economic growth, highest in 10 years....
Is it ok to yell at someone for being shy and quiet all the time?
Why do liberals want us all to die at the hands of criminals overrunning our border? Dont they have parents, siblings, kids, grandparents to?
think about? I bet if a mexican put a knife to your kid, you would be screaming to kick them all out!!!
Why would liberals want millions of undocumented illegals in USA?
No id, no social security cards? All of a sudden we have mad scrambles for American boarders? Why not enter legally?
Is Trump a retard?
Best answer: No, but he is a great example of a person ruled by his ego. So, his behavior can be a lesson
to all of us of what happens when the ego is in charge of your life.
Feminists, what made you come to dislike or hate men?
What are you doing this weekend?
Best answer: Hopefully something fun.
If the election of 2016 was re done would you still vote for the same person?