Hello everyone ,I lost my all the email and facing problem longing in. i was not able to send and receive emails from so many days. help?
Who are the happiest people on earth?
Best answer: There are no specific answers for this question. But I can say, based on research people who live in the moment, meaning they are think about the thing they are doing right now and not thing about anything else, are happier than those who wonder and multitask. IF you want to be happier, live in the moment....
Who's side are you on: US or North Korea ?
Metallica or Megadeth?
Do you smoke cannabis?
why or why not?
What's your favourite dessert?
I don't know what mine is, but one of my favourites is apple strudel... I made some today 😊
Are you a female or male?
What's the dumbest thing you heard a Republican say?
I think "Obama is a Muslim or America is a Christian country!" are the Top 2
Why, in America, is the customers responsibility to tip wait staff to help make up their hourly wage that their employer refuses to pay them?
Is 32 too old to be a first-time dad?
Why wasn't guns allowed into the NRA building where Trump spoke? Isn't like, more guns, what keeps people safe, Conservatives?
Smh. How do you people not see the hypocrisy.
Should the U.S. government become nationalized instead of privately owned?
Should citizens have a say in the U.S. government, or should we just a few corporate oligarchs continue to own it?
What color is Salma Hayek?
There is not going to be a Border Wall of Mexico. Do Trumptards care that he, once again, broke another promise....or are they this stupid?