Was Donald Trump right about firing Rex Tillerson?
Will Rex Tillerson go down as the greatest or worst SOS in American history?
Is Rex Tillerson correct in saying that Donald Trump is a "moron"?
Best answer: 100% correct.
What is the reason why Vanessa Trump filed for a divorce?
Best answer: Vanessa Trump has filed for divorce from her husband of nearly 13 years, Donald Trump Jr. Per Page Six, Vanessa filed late Thursday in Manhattan Supreme Court. On Wednesday, Page Six reported that Donald Jr. and Vanessa were headed toward divorce for myriad reasons, one of which is that Donald ...
Vanessa Trump filed for divorce from Donald Jr. How long until Trump Sr says he never liked her and always knew she was a bad person?
Should Donald Trump be considered a hero for saying he would go into a school to confront an armed shooter?
Why was Barack Obama considered a weak president?
Is trump doing a good job in yout opinion?
Why does Hillary Clinton always says "you know" when she speaks?
Polls: last song you listened to?
Why do black teens have to pre pay for their meals in America?
https://www.cnn.com/2018/03/15/us/maine-ihop-race-trnd/index.html “(CNN) — An IHOP restaurant in Maine retrained its employees after a waitress asked a group of black teens to prepay for a meal. The eatery in Auburn, about 40 miles north of Portland, closed on Thursday for employee training and the waitress was...
Can someone help me find my white privilege? I can't seem to find it?
Best answer: I know, right? Kinda like how my White Privilege reduced the chance I would get a scholarship when I graduated from college. Two of my good friends then got full rides to the same university I graduated from. One was Asian American while the others was Mexican American. By the end of our sophomore year, they both...
Why do feminists like to scream rape and sexual harassment when a guy tries to engage in a conversation with her?
Best answer: There are several YouTube videos that document feminists claiming harassment simply because a man says hello to them. It’s certainly a minority of women who will claim well meaning conversation to be harassment, but it only takes that one to turn your life upside down. I personally know of a couple men who went...
Recently while in India giving a speech, she stated that the women who voted for Trump were told to do so either by their husbands, sons,?
bosses. Was she in fact stating that women can not think on their own?
Do you drink DIET COKE?
Best answer: Yes, the regular has too many calories.
Agree or Disagree: 1st degree murder is a crime, even if it's murdering a rapist?
Best answer: Agree
Is this President Trump a liar?
Best answer: Absolutely.

Do men have the right to have a paternity test conducted to ensure that the child they are supporting is theirs, or must the mother consent?