For Republicans: Are you happy that Trump endorsed Mitt Romney’s candidacy for the Senate seat of Utah. Mitt Romney was defeated by?
Best answer: Look, I'm no Republican, but Romney is running in Utah which is a Highly Republican state. He is also a Moderate who has criticized Trump repeatedly. If Trump wants to endorse him, fine. I think Trump simply wants to back a winning horse, because I'm pretty sure Romney will win the race.
It's just me that I don't see Jennifer Aniston attractive at all !!?
She is so masculine , I think cameron diaz much better
If most actors can pick up singing because their contract demands it, does that mean anyone can sing with enough training?
I've read how people like Meryl Streep, Hugh Grant and Keira Knightley never sang before they had to do moveis (can't remember which was Streep's first musical film, Music and Lyrics; Begin Again) that required it, so does that mean that anyone can sing with enough training?
Is Meghan Markle the revenge on the royal family for the african slave trade?
What show should I watch?
I've watched: The Mick The Good Place Superstore Black Mirror Brooklyn Nine-Nine The Walking Dead American Horror Story Stranger Things The End of the F***ing World Bob's Burgers The 100 Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 13 Reasons Why The Amazing World of Gumball Teen Titans Go! Parks and Recreation BoJack...
Do you think Donald Trump is already one of the best presidents in U.S. History?
out of all 45 presidents, do you think he is already in the top 5?
Poll: in your heart of hearts, if you could ban guns, would you?
Will children be safe, when teachers carry guns?
Is there overwhelming evidence for evolution and for the earth being 4.5 billion years old?
Should the United States consider conducting a national referendum on changing the Second Amendment?
Before you say no, think about this. The status quo is unacceptable and a significant portion of Americans are urging action, including the next group of adults, so some form of action must be taken. I'm not offering a comprehensive solution. I have always supported the right to own a gun and will do so until...
Are tigers beautiful?
Have you ever had surgery?
Best answer: I’ve had my wisdom teeth out (if that even counts as surgery) but that’s it.

I’m lucky enough to have good health.

If I ever had surgery again, it would probably be to correct my vision.
Why don't liberals understand that if guns are outlawed then only outlaws will have guns?
Best answer: Why don't far righties understand that no one is talking about 'banning all guns'. That is merely a far right talking point for fear mongering conservative rubes. What is being talked about are tighter gun regulations. Such as a more secure national background check, waiting periods when purchasing,...
Do you wash your hands before or after using the bathroom?
In the movie the Shape of the Water they said you suppose to wash your hands before you pee, not after. I've been doing it wrong, what do you do?
I'm 22 years old and made $81,000 under the table last year. Will the IRS find out?
I have not paid taxes on any of it. I made it all myself, I worked very hard for my money and don't feel like I should pay the IRS and the state anything since I made it all on my own and they did not help me make a single penny of it. All of the money I made was under the table meaning that I am self employed...
Do you put cereal or milk first?
Liberals: Did you know that Hillary Clinton is white and Christian?
Those are both something you hate in a person. How come you wanted her to win so bad since she is both of those things?
Does Obama really hate our country?