With all the registered sex offenders out there these days, isn't Halloween a dangerous night for children?
This may sound like I'm simply stating irony or rehashing an urban legend of sorts, but I am dead serious. It's actually ironic on it's face. We always tell our children not to talk to strangers or take candy from them, but on one night, we forget about all that and encourage our kids to dress up in...
Is my engine damaged?
Best answer: If your light just flickered in a turn it was because you were low on oil as you stated. If the light stays on solid red then yes you are taking a chance you will seize up a main bearing on the crankshaft and its a complete tear down to repair the damage. You did not say if it did not stay on red so most likely you...
What caused carrie fishers death?
Level 5 and up: Do even check which question gave you Best Answer?
Or do you just delete it without giving a hoot?
How to deal with a bully boss in a restaurant?
So I'm a server at a nice restaurant and our manager bullies me. For example I had just checked on all my tables, everyone had food, everyone was good on drinks, nobody needed anything. I walked past the server line and stopped and filled a drink for myself and took a drink. My manager then says,...
Did you know that Donald Trump has an IQ of 158?
Only 2 points shy of being as smart as Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawkings. Now that's Bigly.
What is the biggest problem with the Trump administration so far?
Please be specific.
Why is Trump getting a lot of hate?
Poll are you going to stay single for the rest of your life?
Do you own a guitar 🎸?
Why don't atheists realize that evolution is a THEORY, not a fact?
POLL: Do you curse a lot?
Is Trump mentally fit to be the U.S. President ?
POLL: Will you make it to age 70?
Do you find Amy Schumer funny?
Do you know anyone who died and was cremated?
Will science ever figure out of how life came to be from non-living matter?