Who is a dallas cowboy fan?
Best answer: My uncle is only cuz they got good hot cheerleaders tho lol
Amateur photographer in need of family photo advice?
2 families have asked me to take their Christmas card photos. They are family of my boyfriends. I need advice on anything. What should I bring and what lens I should use. I have a canon 50mm 1.8 and canon kit lens 18-55mm but I have no problem picking up a better lens. I was thinks 85mm. My biggest concern is the...
How to avoid paying the Obamacare tax penalty?
Why do Liberals in the USA brag about the "popular vote" when most of that came from California?
Best answer: The Alleged 3 million votes came from California. Northern areas. Los Angeles.
Surprising the very very few from San Diego area. All Military. They would not
have voted for that old hag no matter what lies she told. Or what she promised
to give away.
What do you think of Paige, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville coming to Raw?
Best answer: Yeah awesome
Im glad to see Paige
Will Jameis Winston get a six + game suspension now?
Best answer: Maybe he thought the drive-thru had crab legs. The NFL's suspension protocol seems to be something along the lines of "spin the wheel".
Did it snow yet where you live?
Would you say that Donald Trump is honest, or not?
Poll/survey: you are wearing jeans right now - true or false?
Your favorite drink at morning ?
SHOULD CALIFORNIA BECOME an independent nation?
What color is your shirt right now?
Do men even care about women?
Poll do you act your age?
Best answer: no....i act much younger than i really am....
Do you support the Trump/GOP tax proposal you probably won't benefit from?
Name a Fish that starts with the letter H?
Why would anyone be against veganism?
Have you ever peed in a public pool?
Is there someone for everyone?
Best answer: Even if there is - there is no guarantee that we'll ever find them. That said... whenever I hear about a car accident where someone died or hear a story about someone committing suicide - I wonder - would THEY have been my 'someone' IF we only met? [Did that cheer you up?! lol Sorry]
POLL: do you like mcdonalds food?