Sources say Trump is planning on replacing Pence with Nikki Haley. Shouldn't he planning for prison?
Best answer: Will Haley be his 2020 running mate? That's the only way he can "replace" Pence.
Why do many people want Donald Trump to be impeached, when they'll just be stuck with Mike Pence?
Do they not realize who is next in line? Many argue that Mike Pence is worse than Trump, so why risk getting stuck with him after Trump's impeachment? (I do not mean to be aggressive or rude; I am genuinely curious.)
How black is Kanye West?
Do you think women do a better job governing than men?
The true test is the new congress.
Our president slept with a porn star. The president is supposed to be a good example to kids. How do right wing people feel about this?
How is Donald Trump so rich?
Why do you support Trump?
Why has the United States gone downhill since the 1960s?
Best answer: 1. Sexual Revolution stripped the nation of morals 2. An atheist and the Supreme Court removed prayer from schools 3. Evolution replaced the Bible in the school room 4. Evolution taught man came from a monkey and thence the monkey to man chart of evolution. 5. The lies of evolution produced Lucy, Pilt down man,...
Is President Trump as corrupt as Hillary Clinton??
Is Ms. Ocasio-Cortez being attacked because she won her election or because she is a woman?
Is evolution a fact?
What would it take to keep President Trump our leader indefinitely?
Is the women only area in the gym a bit sexist?
Who influences Yahoo to constantly attack President Trump?
Does healthcare in the U.S. have a gender bias?
If so, how so?
Do you think Donald Trump should be impeached?
If feminists are so concerned about the wage gap, then why do they get low paying degrees like women’s studies?
If feminists want to close the wage gap shouldn’t they get better paying degrees, harder jobs and work more like men do?
Is it misleading for feminists to refer to women doing house chores in their own homes as “unpaid work”?
Especially when they don’t similarly a acknowledge all the work men do to maintain their homes as unpaid work?
Why are people so blinded by the Mainstream Media, and political correctness? can't they think for themselves?