Are you embarrassed that Donald Trump is your president?
How do I talk to a real person about my Yahoo email account?
Best answer: YAHOO MAIL SUPPORT @ +1^800^941^7590

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Is it important for my pet dog to have sex?
Forgive me my knowledge of pets in limited. Anyway we just got a family pet female dog for the kids. And I was wondering if she needs male companionship & do dogs need to have sex regularly ? Or will she be fine alone. Sorry this is an awkward question, but this is my first pet.
I'm useless and would be better off dead?
I can't do anything right and am going to commit suicide tomorrow. No one will care and I won't care either
BLACKS CRIME is too high. CAN DONALD TRUMP reduce it?
Are you currently listening to music?
How can I stop Yahoo from moving my inbox mail to unread before I can read it.?
Best answer: Yahoo Customer Support @+1^800^941^7590

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I never drink water will I die?
I drink little to no water everyday is that bad? I hate the taste of water it's disgusting.
Describe Donald Trump in one verb?
If dinosaurs really existed why aren't they mentioned in the bible?
Isn't rape the woman's fault?
If the woman did not dress slutty/in revealing clothes she would not have been raped. I think most would agree that women are mostly to blame for getting raped
Do you like hugs or kisses more?
Science vs. religion - which one wins?
Best answer: Science is based on logic and evidence - selfless people have devoted years of their lives to find cures and treatments that have helped humans (including the self-same religionists who oppose scientific advancements) to live their lives with better health and in much less pain and agony compared to previous...
Will democrats ever get over their hatred of Trump and support our President?
Or will it be 8 years of their blatant lies and ridiculous comparisons to Hitler
What should happen to men who hit women?
Should there be a punishment if you hit a woman in any circumstance? or should they be allowed to?
What do you drink the most?
1) soda (soft drink) what kind? 2) coffee 3) juice 4) beer 5) wine 6) water 7) something else
Can eggs go in salad?
Me and my friend have been having this argument for months, and I want to know, can eggs go in salads? I personally think eggs should not be in salads, my friend thinks otherwise. Please respond asap.
Can a 6 year old consent to marriage and a 9 year old consent to sex, and yes, in case you are wondering, I do mean Aisha?
Best answer: Aisha stayed silent when asked to marry mohammed. As a result, mohammed made up the nonsense that 'a virgin's silence means her consent'. A 6-year-old - any 6-year-old - wouldn't know what he was talking about. What an abhorrent b@stard he was ! Muslim pedophiles can now (and do) use this...