Would you consider this $1200 worth of damage?
I had an accident the other day and I was told it would cost $1200 to fix. The plastic came off the left blinker but it still works, the left headlight is dented in but not broken, the grill is also dented inwards but it’s nothing that can’t be fixed with duct tape, and finally the hood of the car is slightly...
Subaru Forester, Subaru Outback, or Toyota Tacoma?
Best answer: I own a forester & a Tacoma and they are both excellent. I couldn't say anything bad about either of them. I would probably take the Tacoma only because you can use it for hauling & picking up things easier.
2000 honda cr-v b202z engine .i replaced timing belt and now it wont idle . i set the timing . i did all the steps?
Best answer: Back to fitting the timing belt. At least one cam is a tooth off - I guarantee it. The cams hate to sit in the TDC position so they take a lot of fussing to get right. My son and I worked together for hours to get his Acura engine right this last time. Set it up looking good, pull it though two revolutions, and one...
Did Russia meddle in the US 2016 elections or not?
Trump and Vlad say no. Everyone else says yes https://www.yahoo.com/news/kirstjen-niel...
Can i get a credit card with no credit?
Im 18 and not moving out of my parents until im 20. I want to start building my credit and i also want a guitar amp that costs $3000. Am i able to get a credit card without having any credit? If so will i be able to spend as much as $3000 on it?
Why is Donald Trump silent about the Russian spy Maria Butina?
Why do liberals think a $15 minimum wage is good for the economy?
How do you feel knowing that the President of the United States lied when he took his Oath of Office?
Who are more abusive males or females ?
If you're old, can you give me some life-related advice? (Read full).?
See, i know this is going to sound rude so if you're easily offended just don't read, duhh. I am 20 & a Black woman. I do my best to look good.. You do get the idea. I try to look my best. Thankfully I'm not bad-looking so i do get asked out too When i was growing up, i always noticed how...
Do you consider $15,000 to be a lot of money?
My dad wont give me back my ipod back?
Why can't liberals come to grips with the fact they lost the last election and Trump is the president?
Best answer: Because most Democratic/Liberals are unreasonable and believe everything they see on their Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Youtube, and whatever crazy media is out there now a days.
Trump paid a Playboy playmate to keep quiet about an affair while he was on the campaign trail. How can cons keep defending him?
If this kind of dirt would have been revealed on Obama they would be up in arms calling for his removal from office on moral grounds. And don't pretend for 2 seconds like they wouldn't. You know damn well they would.
Why do libs call Trump worthless with a four percent GDP Growth Rate BEST IN DECADES! Possible peace in Korea! ISIS, term rarely used?
Obama left foreign policy and economy a mess.
Why can't liberals admit Trump is growing the economy?
Do you think Trump will be impeached before the midterms?
Best answer: By this Congress? Before November? Not a chance. Despite all the evidence of fraud and collusion Paul Ryan and the other unindicted co conspirators will do nothing to stop the Russian interference. After all, Putin is supporting Republicans. If he was backing the Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton...
Will humanity survive indefinitely?