What do you think of Camila Cabello?
Will the recent increase of sexual assault cases against women, result in more losses for Democrats in November?
Best answer: While I am not sure it will have a direct affect on the results at the ballot box. It will affect the amount of money they can raise to campaign which could affect the results at the ballot box. The Democrats have shown two things with this. One is that the reason so many liberal women think all men are rapist is...
Don’t you think Russia must answer for shooting down flight MH 17 airplane over Ukraine that killed over 200 people?
Three days to go. What do you think the score will be in the Liverpool v Real Madrid Champions League final?
I'm perhaps a tad optimistic and going for Liverpool 4-2 Real Madrid.. Six is getting closer.
Is there a legit site to buy Instagram followers?
Just curious as to if there was actually a LEGIT site that sells active Instagram followers that isn't a scam like most of the sites on the internet. It seems like most of them are scams but ill give it a try.
Poll: what is your favorite American state?
Best answer: Maine or New Hampshire. I love the Northeast. If I had unlimited funds I'd buy a massive cabin there.
How would you shake hands with Trump?
Poll: Are you happy that the NFL is now requiring players to stand for the national anthem?
If players Kneel or do not stand during the national anthem, they will be heavily fined. Are you happy with this new rule? Why or why not?
Has Donald Trump divided your family?
Doctor says I need to eat more meat.... I’m a vegan! What to do?
Do you think that most poverty in America is self inflicted?
My sister stole a one of a kind necklace from my room and sold it. The buyer refuses to return it. What can I do?
My grandmother left me her jewellery in her will. She died a few years ago. I keep it in a locked box when I’m not wearing it. Yesterday, my sister came over. My husband told her the combination when she asked him. She told him I put some of her cash in there because she wanted me to keep it safe. Needless to say,...
What has Donald Trump done to stop all these school massacres?
Do you think the US will become a dictatorship?
Why is the NFL adopting such regressive national anthem policies?
Can I identify as black even though I'm biracial?
So I'm mixed race but I feel uncomfortable claiming my Caucasian heritage because I feel that's not what society sees me like. They don't look at me and think, "oh, he's half white", they just see me as a black person. So can I identify as black even though I have more non-black ancestry?
Can my boss make me shave?
I work for a small machine shop in Northwest Indiana, and my boss came by me this afternoon, and told me that since he felt my facial hair looked unprofessional, and that if I didn t shave it or clean it up, that I could be written up for insubordination. I will shave in order to keep my job, but does my boss...
What do I do? My boyfriend is going to jail.?
My boyfriend of a year is going to jail for 5 months due to technically child pornography charges due to a 17 year old pretending to be 18 online and sending him nudes. We have been struggling over the last year (in part due to this stress) because he has been really distant and struggles to open up or spend the...
Could this be an online romance scam?
I friended a stranger on Facebook thinking it was someone I knew, but I was wrong. So we started talking on Facebook for a while then exchanged phone numbers, then we got closer. I then saw his FB account was deleted (his messages said “identified as abusive or spam”) so we talked via phone/text. He’s been in...
A judge ruled Trump can't block people who disagree with him on Twitter. Will he be impeached for that now?